Introduction: UHC Annual Conference Debuts With Ideas and Inspiration
Aligning Quality, Safety, and Cost-effectiveness: Comprehensive Integration for Improved Outcomes
A Defined Path to Academic Medical Center Greatness
Health Care Reform, the Triple Aim, and the Quality and Safety Agenda: Opportunities and Challenges for AMCs
Multifaceted Approach to the Prevention and Management of Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia
Improving Patient Outcomes With Daily Team Rounding
Initial Efforts to Improve the Value Equation in Cardiac Surgery
Implementing a Blood Management Program
Streamlining Access to Quality Breast Cancer Care
Meeting the Challenge of Value-Based Purchasing in the Outpatient Setting
Physician-Led Initiative Significantly Elevates Patient Satisfaction Through Hospital Care Quality Information From the Consumer Perspective (HCAHPS) Scores
Introducing the Toyota Production System to Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan: A Single System to Improve Quality, Safety, Patient and Staff Satisfaction, and Operational Results
Whole-Patient Measure of Safety: Using Administrative Data to Assess the Probability of Highly Undesirable Events During Hospitalization
Effectively Utilizing Data to Drive Quality Improvement and Cost Reduction
Journey Toward Accountable Care: Innovations in Performance Measurements and Sharing Best Practices
Insourcing Supplemental Nurse Staffing in Ambulatory Care
Adult Critical Care: Reducing Catheter-Associated Bloodstream Infections and Achieving Zero
Preventing Infections Is in Our Hands: A Systems-Level Approach to Eliminating Health Care-Associated Infections
Clinical Effectiveness: Preparing for the Future—the Expansion of Quality to Include the Concept of Value
Engaging Your Physicians in Supply Chain Management: How University Center Modeled Ideal Process Into a $5 000 000 Cost Reduction
Utilization of Electronic Health Record (EHR)-Based Tools to Aid in the Prevention of Venous Thromboembolism in Hospitalized Patients
Improving Emergency Department Throughput by Process Redesign
Promoting Surgical and Procedural Safety at North Shore-LIJ Health System
Improving ICU Outcomes by Training Physicians in Quality Improvement: A Strategic Integration of Projects to Improve Patient Flow by Improving Quality of Care
The Utilization of an Emergency Department Intake Model to Improve Patient Flow, Quality, Safety, and Practice Finances
Operations Quality Committee at UCMC
Improving Phone Response Time in Ambulatory Care
Improving Safety While Decreasing 1:1 Sitter Expenses Using Centralized Camera Monitoring
Using a Multiprofessional Team to Create a Higher-Quality Sustainable System of Care for Children With Complex and Chronic Conditions
Flipping the Frame on Leadership Development: Strategic Clinical Initiatives in the Foreground
Identifying and Controlling Exorbitant Costs in the Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit (NSICU)
Formation of a New Clinical Practice Council to Champion ACO Development
Ambulatory CAHPS Is Coming! UHC Pilot Study Helps Members Get a Jump Start on the CAHPS Clinician and Group Survey (CG-CAHPS)
Managing Outlier Lengths of Stay: A Partnership to Reduce Barriers to Discharge for the Chronically Acute Patient
System Versus Silo: An Efficient Approach to Developing Leaders
Closing the Budget Gap Using the ODB: How to Manage Expense Variance and FTE Levels
The Use of Sentiment Analysis (SA) to Analyze Written Responses on HCAHPS Patient Satisfaction Surveys
Full Plate? A Model for Prioritizing and Managing Enterprise Projects
Creating a Center for Advanced Practice: A Professional Home for Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Other Advanced Providers
Sow's Ear to Silk Purse: Transforming Hospital-Acquired Conditions (HACs) Into Organizational Learning
Physician Coaching to Enhance Physician-Patient Communication Skills and Improve Patient Satisfaction
Improving Teamwork: Impact of Structured Interdisciplinary Rounds and Unit Coleadership on Medicine Units
Bending the Cost Curve: Medical Home Implementation Success in an AMC Environment
An Evidence-Based Model: Real-Time Capacity Demand Management to Improve Patient Flow in an Academic Medical Center
Dedicated Orthopedic Operating Room Unit (Closed Unit) Improves Operating Room Efficiency
Applications of Lean Principles to Facility Design: A Case Study of Ambulatory Departments at Barnes-Jewish Hospital