When Is a “Never Should Occur” a “Never Event”: Or Do We Really Need a Burning Platform?
An Ethical Framework for the Responsible Leadership of Accountable Care Organizations
Evaluating Metrics for Quality: Death on the Same Day of Elective Pediatric Surgery
Toward Improving Patient Safety Through Voluntary Peer-to-Peer Assessment
Can a Patient-Centered Medical Home Lead to Better Patient Outcomes? The Quality Implications of Geisinger's ProvenHealth Navigator
A Comprehensive Evaluation of a Diabetes Quality Improvement Project in Privately Owned Primary Care Practices That Serve Minority Patients
VHA Blueprints: Redefining the Way Clinical Knowledge Is Transferred
Improving Outpatient Diabetes Care
United States Registered Nurse Workforce Report Card and Shortage Forecast
Medical Necessity in Emergency Medical Services Transports
Applying Blue Ocean Strategy to the Foundation of Accountable Care
Disruptive Physicians
“Randomized Controlled Trial of Health Maintenance Reminders Provided Directly to Patients Through an Electronic PHR”
“Making Electronic Prescribing Alerts More Effective: Scenario-Based Experimental Study in Junior Doctors”
“Evaluation of a Wireless Handheld Medication Management Device in the Prevention of Drug-Drug Interactions in a Medicaid Population”
“The Effectiveness of a New Generation of Computerized Drug Alerts in Reducing the Risk of Injury From Drug Side Effects: a Cluster Randomized Trial”
Disruptive Physicians
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