Academic Medical Centers Tap Into Innovative Pulse of Change
Transforming Innovation Into Results
Radically Transforming Health Care Through Technology
Unlocking Creativity Through Empathy and Risk Taking
Unique Competition Showcases Innovative Health Care Solutions
Smart Anesthesia Monitor: A Real-Time Rules-Based Decision Support Tool for Anesthesia and Surgical Care
Reengineering Patient Flow at a Busy Academic Emergency Department
Emergency Department Community Placement Project (EDCPP): ED Recidivism Reduction Project
Actively Managing Care Transitions: A Post-Acute Care Model to Optimize Quality and Cost
Implementation of a Patient Blood Management Program in an Academic Medical Center
Cost and Value Positioning at Yale-New Haven Health System
Safety in Numbers: PSN Analysis Across 8 Inpatient Surgical Units Drives Change in Medication System
Bundled Payment as a Driver for Change: Redesigning Care and Aligning Incentives Across the Continuum
A New Creative Organization of Advanced Practice Providers (APPs): A Solution for Academic Institutions to Meet Future Health Care Demands
Naming Conventions for Trauma Activation: Unidentified and Mass-Casualty Incident Patients
Mobile Pharmacy: Prescription Bedside Delivery
Automating and Streamlining the Labor Management Plan to Strengthen the Clinical Enterprise
Achieving a Quality “BHAG”: Mobilizing an Academic Medical Center to Achieve Greatness on the Quality and Accountability Scorecard
From the Boardroom to the Bedside: Preventing Hospital-Acquired Pressure Ulcers
Improving Transparency of Our Medication Errors by Telling Stories
Training Transformation: Preparing a Workforce for a Move to a New Health Care Facility
Bridging the Gap at a Vulnerable Time: Primary Care Connector Nursing
Evaluating the Impact of Pharmacy Interactions and Direct Patient Care Services on Satisfaction Scores
A Clinical and Financial Analysis of Reduced Incidence of Acute Hospital-Associated (HA) Deep-Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism (DVT/PE) at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Acquisition of a New Hospital Into a Magnet Organization: A Strategic Nursing Plan for Cultural and Clinical Integration
Transfusion-Free Joint Replacement: A Successful Transfusion Reduction Program
It's OK to Be Different: Using Harris CareFx and the UHC Clinical Data Base/Resource ManagerTM to Improve Physician Documentation
Continuous Observation Process Reduced Fall Rates and Sitter Utilization
Supercharging the Sourcing Process With eSourcing Tools
Development of a Multidisciplinary Case Review Committee to Reduce Readmissions, Mortality, and Sepsis by Standardizing Care and Limiting Clinical Variations
Amplifying Excellence Through Care Delivery Redesign
A $5.44 Million Cost Avoidance in Reduction of Hospital-Acquired Pressure Ulcers (HAC PUs) Through Comprehensive IMPROVE
Utilizing Visual Tools to Engage Patients to Facilitate Customized Pain Medication Management
Leveraging the Relationship Between Days Wait for an Appointment and Outpatient Satisfaction Scores to Improve Retention Rates, Reimbursement, and Reporting Metrics
Enhancing Quality and Safety in Insulin Therapy: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Create and Validate Continuous Infusion Insulin Protocols
Geospatial Analytics to Predict Readmissions
Bundling: What Went Right, Wrong, and Still the Unknown
Analyzing Readmissions From the Provider Perspective
Workplace Violence and Safe Environment Culture at Denver Health
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