On an Operation for the Cure of Natural Fissure of the Soft Palate
Account of the Dengue, as it appeared in Charleston, S.C. during the Summer of 1828
Report of Cases treated in the Baltimore films-house Infirmary
Case of Axillary Aneurism removed by the application of a Ligature to the Subclavian Artery
On the Topography and Diseases of Western Pennsylvania
On Paruria Erratica, or Uroplania
On the Respiration of Cold Air in Pulmonary Diseases
Observations tending to ascertain whether the Ancients were acquainted with the Disease known to us familiarly by the name of Croup
Two Cases illustrative of the Pathology of thc Nervous System
Case of Organic Disease of the Brain
An Account of a Case of Osteo-sarcoma of the Left Clavicle, in which Exsection of that Bone was successfully performed
Case of Compound Dislocation of the Ancle-joint, with a Dislodgment of the Astragalus
Case of Bloody Infiltrations into the Labia Pudendi
Sketch of the History of the Massachusetts Medical Society, with an account of their Medical Publications
On the Nature and Treatment of Tetanus and Hydrophobia, with some Observations on a Natural Classification of Diseases in General