Observation on the Treatment of Delirium Tremens, and on the use of the Warm Bath in that Disease
Extraordinary Case of Pregnancy in which the Fótus was Discharged through the Abdominal Parietes
Examination of the Nature and Effects of Malaria, and on the Pathology and Treatment of Malarial Fevers
Case of Fistulous Communication between the Vagina, Bladder, and Rectum
Inquiry into the Functions and Pathology of the Liver and Spleen, and Remarks on the Influence and Effects of Atmospheric Temperature as connected with the Origin and Prevalence of Disease
Case of Paralysis, successfully treated with Moxas
Of the Pulse and its Modifications
Observations on Hematosis, with two Cases in which this Function was imperfectly performed
Meteorological Observations, made in the City of Philadelphia
Corvisart. Essai sur les Maladies et les Lásions Organiques du Cceur et des gros Vaisseaux
Beiträge zur genaueren Kenntniss und Unterscheidung der Kehlkopfs und Lesftröhren Schwindsuchten
Congenital Absence of the Iris without loss of Vision
Partial Loss of Memory
On the Action of Stramonium
Tartar Emetic in large doses
Case of Carotid Aneurism in which the Artery was taken up above the Tumour
Description of a Cieatrix of the Uterus, eight years after the Casarian Section had been performed
Detection of Arsenic seven years after Death
Chemical Constitution of Acetic Ether
Case of Ozena cured by the use of Chloride of Lime