Art I. Case of Fungus Hzmatodes
On the Use of the Warm Bath in Season Fever, commonly called “Bilious,” “Bilious Typhus,”
Case of Elephantiasis of the Scrotum successfully extirpated
On Rhubarb in Hæmorrhoids
Observations on Mania a Potu
Intestinat Canal into the Vagina, and Cured by Tobacco Injections
Extirpation of a Cancerous Eye
Case of Rupture of the Uterus, successfully treated
Meteorological Observations, made in the City of Philadelphia, Latitude 89° 57', and on the Island of Tinicum, eleven miles south-west from Philadelphia, Latitude 89° 48', for the year 1827
On the Pathological or Abnormal State of the Circulation
Case of Perforation of the Stomach by Ulceration
Memoir on the Treatment of Veneral Dieseases without Mercury, employed at the Military Hospital of the Val-de-Grace
Die Krankheiten des Getwerorganes. Ein Handbuch zum Gebrauche seiner Vorlesungen
Singular Case of Malformed Heart
Second Report of Professor Mott's Case of Aneurism, treated by tying the Artery Ultra Tumorem