Some Remarks on bfirbus Coxarius
Observations on the Irritable Uterus, with Cases
ART. IV. Longitudinal Section ofthe Lower Jaw for the removal of a Tumour
ART. VI. On the Employment of External Medications
Case of Amnesia
Observations on Delirium Tremens
Case of Tubero-Carunculoid Liver
Observations on a New Variety of Peruvian Bark, with some Remarks on the Alkaline Bases, Quinine and Cinchonine
Microscopical Observations on Portions of Animal Tissue, with Additional Experiments on Endosmose and Exosmose
Remarks on a Contrivance for Draining the Thorax of Liquids, excluding at the same time the Admission of Air
Pyrétologie Physiologique, ou Traité des Fièvres considérées dans l'Esprit de la Nouvelle Doctrine Médicale
Dissertazioni et Altri Scritti Del Signor Dottore
Anatomical and Pathological Observations on the Eye
A Case of Poisoning, Treated with Emetics per anum