Art. I. Reports of Cases treated in the Baltimore Alms-house Infirmary.
Art. II. Description of the Circulation of the Head and Neck in a Case after one Carotid Artery had been Tied.
Art. III. Case of Cancer cured by repeated Excisions and a Diet of Indian Corn, Zea mays, Linn.
Art. IV. Ona New Practice in Acute and Chronic Rheumatism.
Art. V. Observations on the Use and Advantages of the Actual Cautery, with Cases.
Art. VI. Account of the Epidemic Scarlatina Anginosa, which prevailed at Pittsburgh, Penn. in 1830.
Art. VII. Topographical Remarks on the Climate, Soil, &c. of the middle section of Alabama, more especially in Relation to the County of Dallas.
Art. VIII. Medical Cases.
Art. IX. Observations on Vision.
Art. X.—Observations on the Gangrenous Sore Mouth of Children.
Art XI. An Account of the Origin, Progress, and present state of the Medical School of Paris.
Art XII. A Treatise of Pathology and Therapeutics.
Art. XIII. The Pharmacopœia of the United States of America. By Authority of the National Medical Convention, held at Washington, A. D. 1830. Philadelphia, John Grigg, 1831.
Art. XIV. Exposition des Principes de la Nouvelle Doctrine Médicale, avec un précis des thèses soutenues sur ses différentes parties.
XV. An Eulogy on Dr. Godman, being an Introductory Lecture, delivered November 1, 1830.
XVI. Dublin Medical Transactions, a series of papers by members of the Association of Fellows and Licentiates of the King and Queen's College of Physicians in Ireland. New series. Vol. I. Pt. I. Dublin, 1830. pp. 383, 8vo. Plates III.
XVII. Thérapeutique de la Phthisie Pulmonaire, suivie de notes—1o. Sur la Méthode de Dzondi, et le traitment de la Syphilis et général; 2o. Sur le traitment du Typhus.
XIX. Anthropogénèse ou Génération de l'Homme, avec des vues de Comparaison sur les Reproductions des trois règnes de la Nature, et des Recherches sur la Conservation des Espèces et des Races, les ressemblances sexuelles des autres, le Croisement des Races, les Causes de la Fécondité, de la Stérilité, de l'Empuissance et sur d'Autres Phènoménes des Revivifications Naturelles.
XX. Darstellung blutiger heilkünstlerischer Operationen, als Leit faden zu seinen Academischen Vorlesungen und für operirende Heilkünstler, bearbeitet.
XXI. Instructions and Observations concerning the use of the Chlorides of Soda and Lime.
XXII. Nuovi Elementi di Anatomia, ad uso delle Scuole di
XXIII. Lehrbuch der Pathologischen Anatomie des Menschen und der Thiere.
XXIV. The Influence of Climate in the Prevention and Cure of Chronic Diseases, more particularly of the Chest and Digestive organs
XXV. Elements of General Anatomy, or a deseription of every kind of organs composing the human body, by P. A. Beclard, Professor of Anatomy of the Faculty of Medicine of Paris. Preceded by a critical and biographical memoir of the life and writings of the author, by Ollivier, M. D. Translated from the French, with notes, by Joseph Togno, M. D. member of the Philadelphia Medical Society. pp. 541. Philadelphia. Carey & Lea. 1830.
XXVI. Sketches of the Character and Writings of Eminent Living Surgeons and Physicians of Paris.
XXVII. Encyclopädisches Wöterbuch der Medicinischen Wissenschaften herausgegeben von den Professor en der Medicinischen Facultät Zu Berlin