Art. I. A Case of Encephaloid Degeneration, (Fungus Hæmalodes,) of the Knee and lower part of the Thigh, in which Amputation was Performed.
Art. II. Remarks on the Euphorbia Hypericifolia.
Art. III. Case of Stone, in which the Fundus of the Bladder was coated with Calculous Incrustation, successfully treated.
Art. IV. Case of Hernia with Obstruction, (engouement,) in which there was no Evacuation from the Bowels for Seventeen days.
Art. V. An Account of the Influenza of 1831-2, as it occurred in Burke County, Georgia.
Art. VI. A Case of Spinal Irritation.
Art. VII. Case of Premature Puberty.
Art. VIII. Cases Illustrative of the Application of Physiological Medicine to the Diseases of Louisiana, with Remarks.
Art. IX. Description of an Instrument for Venous Injection, by which the introduction of Air may be prevented.
Art. X. Extracts from the Case-book
Art. XI. Stimulating Antispasmodic Liniment.
Art. XII. Case in which a very large dose of Arsenic was taken by mistake, without fatal consequences.
Art. XIII. A Treatise on the Diseases of the Heart and Great Vessels, comprising a New View of the Physiology of the Heart's Action, according to which the Physical signs are explained.
Art. XIV. Theoretich-praktisches Handbuch der Chirurgie, mit Einschluss der Syphilitischen und Augen-krankheiten; in alphabetischer ordnung.
A Manuel of Theoretical and Practical Surgery, embracing the consideration of Syphilitic affections and Ophthalmology, arranged in alphabetical order.
Art. XV.—Lithotrity and Lithotomy compared; being an analytical Examination of the present methods of treating Stone in the Bladder, with suggestions for rendering lithotrity applicable to the disease in almost all its stages and varieties, and remarks on the general treatment of Gravel and Stone.
Art. XVI. An Essay on the Operation of Poisonous Agents upon the living Body.
Art. XVII. Report on the Epidemic Cholera, as it has appeared in the Territories subject to the Presidency of Fort St. George. Drawn up by Order of the Government, under the Superintendence of the Medical Board.
Du Choléra-Morbus de Pologne; Renseignements sur cette Maladie, recueillis par la Commission des Officiers de Santé Militaires envoyée a Varsovie
Cholera, as it has recently appeared in the towns of Newcastle and Gateshead; including Cases, illustrative of its Physiology and Pathology, with a view to the Establishment of Sound Principles of Practice.
Practical Observations on Cholera Asphyxia, communicated in a Report to the Greenoch Board of Health, as the result of a Mission to the Infected Districts. With an appendix.
Etude du Choléra-Morbus en Angleterre et en Ecosse pendant les mois de Janvier et Fevrier
Traité Pratique, Theorique et Statistique du Choléra-Morbus de Paris, appuyé sur un Grand Nombre d'Observations recueillies a l'Hopital de la Pitié.
Monographie du Choléra-Morbus Epidémique de Paris, Rédigée spécialement sur les Observations Cliniques de l'Auteur a l'Hôtel-Dieu de Paris.
XVIII. Memoire sur P Empoisonnement par des Mélanges de Substances Veneneutes
Memoir on Poisoning produced by Mixtures of Deleterious Substances.
XIX. Principles of Physiological Medicine, in the form of Propositions; embracing Physiology, Pathology, and Therapeutics, with Commentaries on those relating to Pathology.
XX. Manual of General, Descriptive and Pathological Anatomy.
XXI. Elements of Practical Pharmacy.
XXII. Lehrbuch der Operativen Chirurgie.
A Compendium of Operative Surgery.
XXIII. Handbuch der Chirurgie zum Gebrauche öffentlicher vorlesungen.
A Manual of Surgery, for the use of Public Lectures.
XXIV. Theorie der Praktischen Heilkunde, ein Pathologischer Versuch.
Theory of Practical Medicine.
XXV. A Treatise on Obstructed and Inflamed Hernia, and on Mechanical Obstructions of the Bowels internally; and also an Appendix, containing a Brief Statement of the Cause of Difference in Size in the Male and Female bladder.
XXVI. Epidemia Vajuolosa del 1829 in Torino con cenni relativi al suo primo apparire in qualche Provincia littorale nel 1828, ed alla diffusione dalla capitola a vicinia Provincia dell' Interno nel 1830. Aggiuntivi J Lavosi Vaccinici, e le Osservasi oni degli operatori.
An Account of the Varioloid Epidemic, which prevailed at Turin in 1829, together with reflexions on Vaccination, &c. &c.
XXVII. Cases of Cholera collected at Paris, in the month of April, 1832, in the Wards of MM. Andral and Louis, at the Hospital la Pitié.
The Cholera Spasmodica, as observed in Paris, 1832; comprising its Symptoms, Pathology, and Treatment. Illustreated by Cases.
1. On Nervous Ganglions, and on the Origin and Nature of the Intercostal Nerve.
2. Formation of the Sub-occipital Nervous Ganglion.
3. Cases of an Eruptive Disease arising from the use of Cubebs.
4. Case of Rupture of the Kidney.
5. Case of Propagation of Ringworm by Contagion.
6. Calculi in the Veins of the Spermatic Cord, &c.
7. Case of Puerperal Peritonitis, followed by Ascites and the Spontaneous Perforation of the Abdominal Parietes.
8. New Principle in Cinchona.
9. Lunar Caustic Blister.
10. On the Diuretic Properties of Lichen Vulgaris.
11. Remarks on the Medical Properties of the Haritakee, or Myrobalan.
12. Treatment of Gastrodynia
13. Furious Delirium, consequent on the Repercussion of Erysipelas, cured by recalling the Inflammation.
14. On the Treatment of Habitual Constipation.
15. On the Exhibition of Opium in Large Doses in certain Diseases.
16. Dropsy cured by Muriate of Gold.
17. On the Cure of Amenorrhæa by Leeches applied to the Mammæ.
18. New Method of operating in Ectropion.
19. On the Efficacy of Strychnine applied to Blistered Surfaces in Amaurosis.
20. Case of Chronic Hydrocephalus treated by Puncture.
21. M. Dupuytren on the Consolidation of Fractures of the Neck of the Femur within the Capsule.
22. Case of Chronic Hydrocephalus cured by Puncture.
23. Case of Hydro-Sarcocele in which there was great difficulty of Diagnosis.
24. On the Employment of Force for the Reduction of Hernia.
25. Observations on the spontaneous Amputation of the Limbs of the Fœtus in Utero, with an Attempt to explain the occasional Cause of its Production.
26. Case of Contraction of the Vagina.
27. Rupture of the Uterus, without Laceration of the Peritoneal Covering.
28. Historical Examination of the Epidemic Cholera of Paris; Account of the different Modes of Treatment employed against different Forms and Periods of the Disease; and Estimate of the results of these Methods.
29. Physiological Treatment of Cholera.
30. Proposal to Administer Salines in Cholera by the Natural Process of Absorption and Assimilation, instead of Injecting the Veins.
31. On Cold Affusions in the Treatment of Cholera.
32. Medical Attendance ought not to be Gratuitous.
33. On the Epizootic Disease at Choisi-le-Roi. *
Case in which a Large Dose of Camphor was Taken.
Description of an Instrument for Excision of the Tonsils.
On Large Doses of Quinine in Atmospheric Fevers.
On the Use of Galvanism in Cholera.
Case of Cholera Infantum cured by Lunar Caustic.
Case of General Dropsy.
On the German, or Camphor Treatment of Cholera Asphyxia.
Report on the Epidemic Cholera lately prevalent in the Maryland Penitentiary.
Letter on the Epidemic Cholera of Albany, addressed to Thomas Spencer, M. D. President of the Medical Society of the State of New York.
Post Mortem Appearances in Cholera.
Cholera Statistics of Philadelphia.
Mortality of the Cholera at Quebec.
Note from Dr. Lee relative to the original suggester of the use of Frictions with Mercurial Ointment, Camphor, and Capsicum in Cholera.
Herpetology of South Carolina and Georgia.
Human Physiology; Illustrated by Numerous Engravings.
Complete Treatise on Human Anatomy.
Boisseau's Treatise on Fevers.
A Manual of Surgery, Founded on the Principles and Practice lately taught