Art. I. Contributions to Cardiac Pathology
Art. II. Observations on the Apocynum cannabinum
Art III. Remarks on the Euphorbia corollata
Art. IV. Personal Observations and Experience of Epidemic or Malignant Cholera in the City of Philadelphia
Art. V. Extripation of a Tuberculated Sarcoma, from the Neck
Art. VI. Physiologie des Menschen
Art. VII. The Dispensatory of the United States
Art. VII. Change of Air, or the Philosophy of Travelling
Traité de la Réunion Immédiate—et de son Influence sur les Progrès Récens de la Chirurgie dans toutes les Opérations, Ouvrage dans lequel on compare les Principes suivis dans les diverses Ecoles, et les Résultats obtenu dans les grandes Hópitaux de France
On the Law of the Diffusion of Gases
Caspar Hauser. An account of an Indiridual kept in a Dungton, Separated from all Communication with the World from early Childhood to about the of Seventeen Drawn up from Legal Documents
An Essay on the Structure and Functions of the Skin; with Oburration the Agency of Atmospherie Vicissitudes, through the Medium of the Skia, in production of Affections of the Lungs, Liver, Stomech, Bowels
Observations on the Healthy and Diseased Properties of the Blood
Attenuation of organized matter
Physiological Investigations arising from the Mechanical Effects of Atmospherical Pressure on the Animal frame
Quantity of Food taken by a Person in Health compared with the Quantity of the different Secretions during the same period
Six Children at one Birth
On some of the Phenomena Attendant on Suffocation by Carbonic acid in Man
Cases of Aphonia, depending upon an Affection of the Head
Case of Perforation of the Heart
Emphyrema of the Lungs in persons who have been Strangled
Cases of Snmitancous Repture of the heart
Death from Asphyria, caused hy Large Tuhterculous Masses Developed in the Parieles of the. Left auricle compressing the Trunks of the Pulmanar
Effct of the Duuloutcur on tht Mimmer and Test
Protracted Case of Habitual Constipation
A New Species of Emphysema developed after abundant Hicmorrhage
Expterimcnts on Hemlock and Henbane
Constituents of Opium
Hydrosulphuret of Ammonia
Influence of Vinegar in Lessening the Urinary Section
Cold Dash in Conclusions of Infant
Cases of Obstinate Constipation success fully treated
Paralysis Painter's Colic, affecting the Upper Extremities
Enlarged Spleen
On the Excision of Hicmorrhoidal Tumours
Pregnosis and Treatment of Lurations of the Cervied Vcrhhra
Case of Luation of the Lower End of the with Remarks
Case of Subclavian Annirism
ApriI 30th,clercn.A.M
Clinical Lecture of M. Duputuytren on Retraction of the Fingers
Injury of Hip-Joint and Secondary Luxation into the Ischiatic lihtch
Treatment of Prolapsus Ani
Case of Laryngitis successfully heated by Laryngotomy
Case in which tht Arm and Scapula was torn off, without fatal consequenca
Antiphlogistic Treatment of Cholera
Analysis of Camphor and some Volatile Oils
Process for Obtaining Conia
Analysis of the Ieares of the Conium Maculalum
Case of Scarlatina Maligna successfully treated by Cold Water
Account of the Epidemic Cholere as it occurred in Newcastle, Delaware
Case of Traumatic Tetanus, successfully treated
American Intelligence
Notice of a Malignant Disease generated on Slip-board hy Filth, Imperfect Ventilation
On the Peruvian Bark as a Counfcr-agait to the Poisonous Effects of jlrcnic
Dr. Mott's case of Ligature of external Iliac
Transylvania University
University of Pennsylvania
Dunglison's New Dictionary of Medical Science and Literature
Professor Ducatefs Introductory Lecture
Haxhalls Prizel Essay onn Fistual Lachrymalis