Art. I. Personal Observations and Experience of Epidemic or Malignant Cholera in the City of Philadelphia.
Art. II. Case of Malformation, with Remarks on the Circulation of the Blood.
Art. III. Remarks on Cholera as it appeared in the Alms-House of King's County, New York. With cases.
Art. IV. Cases of Small-Pox, with fatal termination, observed at the Hôpital des Enfans Malades of Paris.
Art. V. Case of Stricture of the Vagina, impeding Delivery.
Art. VI. Case of Prolapsus Recti, successfully treated by Excision.
Art. VII. Case of Partial Congestion of the Cerebrum; Illustralive of the Plurality of the Organs and Faculties of the Intellect, with Remarks.
Art. VIII. Remarks on the Use and Abuse of Fruits, Vegetable Acids, and other Articles of Diet, as Connected with the Origin, Prevention, and Cure of Diseases.
Art. IX. Human Physiology; illustrated by Numerous Engravings.
Art. X. Inquiries concerning the Intellectual Powers, and the Investigation of Truth.
XI. Rapport sur deux nouveux procedés de M. Baudelocque, Neveu, pour conserver la vie a l'enfant quand il se présente par les fesses, les genoux et les pieds; fait a l'Academie Royal de Médecine.
XII. Remarks on the Influence of Mental Cultivation upon Health.
XIII. Tractatus Anatomico-Pathologicus sistens duar Observationes rarissimas de formatione Fibrarum Muscuiarium in Pericardio atque in Pleura obviarum quem conscensu Gratiosi Medicorum Heidelbergensium ordinis publico examini submittit
XIV. De Morbo qui Laesiones in Cadaveribus Dissecandis haud raro sequi solet—Dissertatio inauguralis medica quam consensu atque auctoritate gratiosi medicorum ordinis in Universitate Literaria Ruperto-Carola eruditorum examini submittit auctor
XV. Aus der Erfahrung geschöpfte Andeutungen zur Erkenntniss und Behandlung der Epidemischen Cholera.
XVI. De Angina Membranacea. Dessertatio Inauguralis Medica quam consensu et auctoritate gratiosi medicorum ordinis in Universitate Literaria Berolinensi ut Summi in Medicina et Chirurgia honores rite sibi concedantur, etc. publice defendit auctor
XVII. Aliénation Mentale.—Des Illusions chez les Aliénés.—Question Medico-Legale sur l'Isolement des Aliénés.
XVIII. Physiologie Médicale et Philosophique.
XIX. Observations on the Chlorides and Chlorine as “Disinfecting Agents,” and as Preventives of Cholera.
XX. Two Lectures on the Primary and Secondary Treatment of Burns.