Remarks on Tic Douloureux; with Cases
Reports of Cases treated in the Baltimore Alms-house Infirmary
On the Pneumonia of Children
Observations on Elephantiasis
On Belladonna in Pertussis
Case of Ununited Fracture, successfully treated by Friction
A Case of Hypertrophy of the Mammæ
An Endeavour to show that the Cholera, which existed on Folly Island, near Charleston, neither Arose from nor was Propagated by Means of Contagion
Remarks on Lithotomy
Harris's Cases of Neuralgia
Instance of Destruction of the Uterus, Perineum and Rectum, after Delivery, with Recovery
Embryologie ou Ovologie Humaine, contenant l'Histoire Descriptive et Iconographique de l'Œuf Humain
Observations on Injuries and Diseases of the Rectum