ART. I. Account of Six Cases of Stone in the Bladder, in which the Operation of Lithotripsy* was Successfully performed
ART. II. Account of the Epidemic Fellow Fever which prevailed in New Orleans during the Autumn of 1833
ART. III Report of Cases treated in the Pennsylvania Hospital
ART. IV. Observations on Nightmare
ART. V. Pneumonia of Children
ART. VI. On the Permanent Adhesion or Incorporation of the Placenta with the Substance of the Uterus
ART. VII. Remarks on Cases of Retained Placenta
ART. VIII. Description of a New Splint for Fractured Clavicle
ART. IX. On the Vis Medicatrix Naturæ
ART. X. Observations on the Treatment of Gun-shot Wounds, Ulcers, & c
ART. XI Case of Wound of the Genitals
ART. XII. Surgical Essays, the result of Clinical Observations made at Guy's Hospital
ART. XIII. Leçons de Clinique Médicate faites a PHôtel-Dieu de Paris
XIV. An Inquiry into the Claims of Dr. William Harvey to the Discovery of the Circulation of the Blood; with a more Equitable Retrospect of that Event. To which is added an Introductory Lecture, delivered on the 3d of November, 1829, in Vindication of Hippocrates from Sundry Charges of Ignorance, preferred against him by the late Professor Rush
XV. The Cyclopedia of Practical Medicine and Surgery, a Digest of Medical Literature
XVI. De la Réunion Immêdiate des Plaies, de ses Advantages et de ses Inconvé-nients. Par L. J. SANSON, Chirurgien de l'Hôtel-Dieu de Paris. Paris. 1834. pp. 115
XVII. Jurisprudence de la Médecine, de la Chirurgie, et de la Pharmacie, en France; comprenant la Midecine Légate, la Police Médicale, la Responsabilité des Médecins, Chirurgiens, Pharmaciéns, &c.; l'Exposé et la Discussion des Lois, Ordonnances, Reglemens et Instructions concernant l'art de guérir; appuyé des Jugemens des Cours et des Tribunaux
XVIII. Arzeimittellehreund Receptirkunde zum Behufe der Vorlesungen
XIX. 1831-Jahres. Bericht ueber das Clinische Chirurgisch-augenärztliche In-stitut der Universität zu Berlin, abgestatet vom Director der genannten Anstalt Dr. CARL FERDINAND VON GRAEFE, & C. Funfzehnte Folge, 4to. pp. 34, Berlin, 1832.
XX. De l'Operation du Trépan dans las Plaies de Tête. Par A. A. M. L. VEL-PEAU, Chirurgien de l'Hopital de la Pitié. Paris, 1835. pp. 274. Octavo
XXI. A Compendium of Operative Surgery, intended for the Use of Students, and containing a Description of all Surgical Operations. Illustrated with Engravings. No. 1. By THOMAS L. OGIER, M. D. Lecturer on Anatomy and Operative Surgery, and THOMAS M. LOGAN, M. D. Lecturer on Materia Medica and Therapeutics. Charleston, 1834. pp. 262
XXII. Du Choléra-Morbus en Russie, en Prussie et en Autriche, pendent les années 1831 et 1832
XXIII. General Observations respecting Cholera Morbus
1. Some Points in the Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology of the Vertebra, Column
2. Communication of the Optic Nerves.-
3. Situation of the Decussation of the Anterior Cords of the Medulla Oblongata in Relation to the Occipital Foramen.-
4. Nerves of the Hand.-
5. Hermaphrodite.-
6. Experiments upon the Sounds of the Heart
7. On the Relations of the Cranium to the Organ of Hearing
8. On the Question of Venous Absorption
9. Structure and Functions of the Skin
10. Passage of Gases through Liquids
11. Influence of Gravity, and of a Depending Position on the Circulation of the Blood, in Health and in Disease
12. Of the Chemical Properties of the Secretions in Health and Disease, and of the existence of Electrical Currents determined in Organized Bodies by the Acidity and Alkalinity of the Membranes
13. Action of Sugar upon Human Blood
14. Foreign Body found in the Heart of a Boy
16. Fatal Case of Effusion of Blood into the Pericardium. By Dr. CARSON, of Liverpool.-
17. Extensive Mesenteric Disease-
18. Case of Paraplegia-
19. Case of Apparent Death [Life?] which lasted Three Weeks.-
20. Cyst in the Brain
21. Acute Rheumatism terminating in Suppuration
22. On Cancer of the Stomach
24. On Inflammation of the Jejunum
25. On Inflammation of the Ileum
26. Inflammation of the Ileum in Children
27. On Tabes Mesenterica
28. Diseases of the Large Intestines
29. On Dysentery
30. Destruction of the Central Substance of the Spinal Marrow
31. Cartilages not Susceptible of Inflammation
32. Serous Apoplexy
33. Seat and Nature of Gonorrhœal Orchitis
34. Foramen Ovale remaining Open in the Adult.-
35. Aneurism of the Aorta simulating Laryngeal Phthisis.-
36. Ossification of almost the whole extent of the Aorta and Pulmonary Artery taken for an Aneurism of the Heart
37. Particular Sound of the Heart-
38. Softening of the Spinal Marrow simulating Aneurism of the Heart.-
39. Pulmonary Tubercles simulating an Affection of the Heart
40. Lotions for the Cure of Porrigo Favosa
41. Properties and Effects of the Digitalis Purpurea
42. Ointment for the Cure of Porrigo.-
43. On Rhatany Root
44. Syrup of Asparagus
45. Treatment of Ileitis
46. Treatment of Diarrhœa
47. Inhalations of Chlorine in Phthisis
48. Tartar Emetic in Frictions as a Means of Producing Resolution
49. Pruritus
50. Swelled Breasts.-
51. Incurable Neuralgia of the Ulnar Nerve
52. Mercurial Inunctions in the Treatment of Paronychia.-
53. Soot in Cutaneous Diseases.-
54. On the Use of the Phosphoric Acid in the last Stage of Croup
55. Bisonia Catalpa in Asthma.-
56. On the Employment of Chloride of Lime and Soda in some Affections of the Mouth, common in Children
57. On the Employment of Chloruret of Lime in Itch.-
58. On the External Use of Croton Oil
59. On the Use of Soot in Diseases of the Eyes
60. Of the Capsulo-Lenticular Reclination, or New Method of Depressing Cataract with a New Needle
61. New Method of Extracting the Stone from the Bladder, by a Perinæal Incision
62. Treatment of Club-foot, by Dividing the Tendo-achillis; a new Operation
63. Subcutaneous Vascular Nævus
64. Imperforate flnus existing for Two Months
65. Successful Treatment of Disunited Fracture by the Tourniquet
66. Luxations of the Humerus
67. New Pad for Trusses
68. Rupture of the Vagina during Delivery
69. Injections of Cold Water into the Umbilical Cord to Promote the Separation of the Placenta
70. On a New Alkaloid substance called Quinodine discovered in Yellow Bark
71. New Ether
72. Beaumont's Experiments
73. Examination of the Trials made with Homœopathic Medicine in the Military Hospital of St. Petersburgh
74. Death of St. John Long.-
Account of the Cholera in New York during the present year
Twelve Cases of Poisoning by Arsenic in the Same Family
Description of a New Form of the Stomach Pump. By P. B. GODDARD, M. D. of Philadelphia
Introduction of Air into the Veins
Luxation of Dentatus on Third Vertebra of the Neck.-
Case of Puberty and Pregnancy in a Girl of Ten Years of Age
Ointment to Allay the Irritation of Hæmorrhoidal Tumours
Contribution to the History of Vaccination. By the EDITOR.-
Salivation Arrested by Emesis
Paxton's Anatomy
University of Pennsylvania