Art. I. Case of Extirpation of a Tumour of the Neck, in which the Carotid Artery and Internal Jugular Vein were Tied—with Remarks.
Art. II. On the Medical Uses of the Viola Ovata.
Art. III. Cerebral Affections of Children.
Art. IV. On the Communicability of Cholera.
Art. V. Cases of Deranged Menstruation, with Remarks.
Art. VI. On the Circular and Flap Operation.
Art. VII. Case of Ununited Fracture of the Os Humeri, Successfully Treated by the Injection of a Stimulating Fluid into the Wound.
Art. VIII. Observations on Searlet Fever, as it Prevailed in Augusta, Georgia, during the Winter and Spring of 1832-33.
Art. IX. A Case of Ossification of the Muscular Tissue.
Art. X. On the Iodo-Hydrargyrale of Potassium; its Chemical History and Therapeutical Uses.
Art. XI. Note of the Post Mortem Examination of a Female who committed Suicide almost immediately after Coitus.
Art. XII. On the Anterior Membrane of the Eyeball.
Art. XIII. Sequel of the Case of Axillary Aneurism and Ligature of the Subclavian Artery, inserted in Vol. III. p. 28, of this Journal.
Art. XIV. On Medical Education.
Art. XV. Memoir of the Life and Medical Opinion of John Armstrong, M. D. Formerly Physician to the Fever Institution of London; Author of “Practical Illustrations of Typhus and Scarlet Fever,” &c. &c. to which is added an Inquiry into the Facts connected with those forms of Fever attributed to Malaria, or Marsh Effluvium.
Art. XVI. Nouveau Système de Chimie Organique, fondé sur des methodes nouvelles d'Observation, par F. V. Raspail.
Art. XVII. The Hand, its Mechanism and Vital Endowments, as Evincing Design.
XVIII. Illustrations of Pulmonary Consumption, its Anatomical Characters, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment. With twelve plates, drawn and coloured from nature.
XIX. Memoir of the Life, Writings, and Correspondence of James Currie, M.D., F. R. S. of Liverpool, &c. Edited by his son,
XX. A Memoir on the Advantages and Practicability of dividing the Stricture in Strangulated Hernia, on the outside of the Sac. With Cases and Drawings.
XXI. A Treatise on the Venereal Disease and its Varieties.
XXII. On Some Points connected with the Anatomy and Surgery of Inguinal and Femoral Herniæ, &c.
XXIII. Manual of Practical Toxicology; condensed from Dr. Christison's Treatise on Poisons. With Notes and Additions.
XXIV. Baltimore Medical and Surgical Journal and Review.
XXV. Recueil de Mémoires sur le Typhus Nautique, ou Fièvre Jaune, Provenant principalement de l'infection des Batimens Négriers.