Art. I. Reports of Cases Treated in the Surgical Ward of the Pennsylvania Hospital.
Art. II. Reports of Cases Treated in the Medical Wards of the Pennsylvania Hospital.
Art. III. On the Anatomical Characters of Asiatic Cholera, with Remarks on the Structure of the Mucous Coat of the Alimentary Canal.
Art. IV. Case of Inverted Uterus.
Art. V. Remarkable Case of Ascites in a Child.
Art. VI. Case of Monstrosity, with some Remarks upon Moles, Marks, &c.
Art. VII. A Case of Fractured Spine, with Depression of the Spinous Process, and the Operation for its Removal.
Art. VIII. Cases of Pericarditis and Hydrops Pericardii.
Art. IX. Case of Phlebitis.
Art. X. System of Medical Education, and Arrangement of the Medical Profession in the Austrian States.
Art. XI. An Inquiry into the Principles and Practice of Medicine, founded on original Physiological Investigations.
XII. Des Hémorroïdes et de la Chute du Rectum.
XIII. A Treatise on the Urethra; its Diseases, especially Stricture and their Cure.
XIV. Observations on the Original Causes of Malignant Cholera.
XV. A Catechism of Medical Jurisprudence; being principally a Compendium of the opinions of the best Writers upon the subject. With a Preliminary Discourse upon the Importance of the Study of Forensic Medicine. Designed for Physicians, Coroners and Jurymen.
XVI. The American Cyclopedia of Practical Medicine and Surgery; a Digest of Medical Literature.
XVII. Des Diverses Méthodes et des différéns Procédes from Pobliteration des Artéres, dans le Traitement des Anévrismes; de leurs Avantages et de leurs Inconvéniens respectresses.
XVIII. Transactions of the Medical and Physical Society of Calcutta.
XIX. The Principles of Diagnosis.
XX. Dissertatio Inauguralis de Dentitione Infantali, cum Adjuncta Disquisitione de Spasmis et Antispasmodicis, quam pro Summis in Arte Medica Honoribus rite Obtinendis Publice Defendere Studebit.
XXI. Dissertatio de Effectibus Jodii in Organismum Humanum Usuque ejus Medico, quam Scripsit et pro Licentia Summos in Arte Medica honores postea capessendi publico Eruditorum examini modeste submittit.
XXII. Sur les Vaisseaux Absorbans du Placenta et du Cordon Ombilical.
XXIII. Illustrations of Surgical Anatomy, with explanatory References; founded on the work of M. Blandin.
XXIV. Considérations sur la Nature et le Traitment du Choiéra-morbus, Suivies d'une Instruction sur les Préceptes Hygiéniques contre cette Maladie. Par Le Chevalier
Case of Disease of the Heart.
Diagnosis of Inflammation of the Spinal Dura Mater.
Of the Influence of Professions upon Phthisis Pulmonalis.
On the vis Medicatrix Naturæ.
Pathological Appearances of Seven Cases of Injury of the Shoulder-Joints, with Remarks.
Aqueous Discharge after Parturition.
On the Probable Duration of Life Among Medical Practitioners.
Abolishment of sanatory cordons in Spain.
Case of Enlargement and Hypertrophy of the Ileum.