Art. I. On the Anatomical Characters of Asiatic Cholera, with Remarks on the Structure of the Mucous Coat of the Alimentary Canal.
Art. II. Observations on the Medicinal Properties of the Veratrum Viride.
Art. III. Reports of Cases Treated in the Surgical Wards of the Pennsylvania Hospital.
Art. IV. Observations on the Crusta Genu Equinæ, (Sweat or Knee Scab, Mock or Encircled Hoof, Knees, Hangers, Dew Claws, Night Eyes, or Horse Crust,) in Epilepsy.
Art. V. Observations on the Cæsarean Operation, accompanied by the relation of a Case in which both Mother and Child were Preserved.
Art. VI. Some Observations on Mania a Potu, with two Cases.
Art. VII. Cases from the Note Book of
Art. VIII. Case of Raccornissement, with Remarks.
Art. IX. Cases in Midwifery.
Art. X. Case of Polypus of the Heart, where Death occurred during Labour.
Art. XI. Case of Strangulated Umbilical Hernia, with removal of the Cyst, followed by a Radical Cure.
Art. XII. Case of Dislocation and Fracture of the Spine.
Art. XIII. A Treatise on Tubercular Phthisis, or Pulmonary Consumption.
Art. XIV. Fragmens Psychologiques sur la Folie.
Art. XV. Die neuesten Entdeckungen, Erfahrungen und Ansichten in der Practischen Heilkunde, dargestellt und beurtheilt.
XVI. Application of the Physioiogical Doctrine to Surgery.
XVII. The Philosophy of Health; or an Exposition of the Physical and Mental Constitution of Man, with a View to the Promotion of Human Longevity and Happiness.
XVIII. Kritisch-etymologisches Medicinisches Lexikon oder Erklärung des Ursprungs der besonders aus dem Griechischen in die Meàicin und in die zunächst damit verwandten Wissenschaften aufgenommenen Kunstausdrücke, zugleich als Beispielsammlung für jede künftige Physiologie der Sprache, entwerfen.
XIX. Animal and Vegetable Physiology, considered with reference to Natural Theology.
XX. Traité de Physiologie Médicate et Philosophique.
XXI. Parallèle entre La Taille et la Lithotritie.
XXII. The Institutes and Practice of Surgery. Being the Outline of a Course of Lectures.
XXIII. Transactions of the Medical Society of the State of New York.
XXIV. De Thalamo et origine nervi optici in Homine et animalibus vertebratis. Dissertatio anatomica, quam, ad summos in Arte medica honores rite capessendos, die II. Aprilis H. L. S. Defendere Studebit,
XXV. Ideen und Erfahrungen über die natur und behandlung der Asiatischen Brechruhr mit besonderer beziehung auf die Anwendung des Wismuths gegen dieselbe.
XXVI. Ephemeriden der Natuurkundige Wetenschappen.
XXVII. Journal of the Proceedings of a Convention of Physicians of Ohio, held in the City of Columbus, on the 5th day of January, 1835.