Art. I. Clinical Reports of Cases treated in the Medical Wards of the Pennsylvania Hospital.
Art. II. Reports of Five Cases of Ununited Fractures Treated in the Pennsylvania Hospital, with Observations.
Art. III. Observations upon the Mortality in Philadelphia under the age of Puberty, showing the Excessive proportion of the Male over the Female Deaths, and the particular Sources from whence it Proceeds.
Art. IV. Cases, with Remarks.
Art. V. Notice of the successful employment of the Colchicum flutumnale in Tetanus, with general observations on the treatment of this Disease in Hayti.
Art. VI. Remarks on Spinal Irritation, illustrated by Two Cases.
Art. VII. On Rupture of the Heart and the Morbid Appearances associuted with it.
Art. VIII. Quarterly Report of Diseases treated at the Wills' Hospital for the Blind and Lame, with some account of the Hospital.
Art. IX. Statistical Account of the Cases of Urinary Calculi admitted into the Pennsylvania Hospital from May, 1756, to May, 1885.
Art. X. Memoir of the Life and Medical Opinions of John Armstrong, M. D.
Art. XI. Rapport et Discussions â l' Académie Royale de Médecine sur la Taille et la Lithotritie, suivis de Lettres sur le méme subject.
Art. XII. Illustrations of the Elementary Forms of Disease.
XIII. A Series of Twenty Plates, illustrating the causes of Displacement in the various Fractures of the Bones of the Extremities.
XIV. A Discourse on Self-limited Diseases. Delivered before the Massachuseits Medical Society, at their Annual Meeting, May 27th, 1835.
XV. Thèse soutenue devant le Jury, en Juin, 1835, sur la question suivante
XVI. Remarks on the Abracadabra of the Nineteenth Century; or on Dr. Samuel Hahnemann's Homœopathic Medicine, with particular reference to Dr. Constantine Hering's “Concise View of the Rise and Progress of Homœopathic Medicine.”
XVII. Instituzioni Patologichi di,
XVIII. Popular Physiology; being a familiar Explanation of the most interesting facts connected with the Structure and Functions of Animals, and particularly of Man, adapted for general readers.
XIX. Essays and Lectures on Medical Subjects.
XX. A Popular Essay on the value and present condition of the practice of Vaccination; embracing a consideration of all the points important to be understood by the heads of Families, and particularly of Revaccination.
XXI. A Manual of Aphorisms in Chemistry; the Chemico-Pharmaceutical Preparations and Decompositions of the London Pharmacopœia, and Toxicology, Comprehending the Symptoms, Diagnosis, Morbid Appearances, Antidotes, Treatment, and Methods of Detecting Poisons, &c.
XXII. Lehrbuch der Geburtskunde. Ein Leitfaden bei Akademischen Vorlesungen und bei dene studium des Faches.
XXIII. Observations on the Causes and Treatment of Ulcerous Diseases of the Leg.
XXIV. Mémoire sur les Communication des Vaisseaux Lymphatiques avec les Veines.
XXV. The Transactions of the Provincial Medical and Surgical Association.
XXVI. The Cyclopædia of Anatomy and Physiology.
XXVII. A Treatise on Pulmonary Consumption; comprehending an Inquiry into the Causes, Nature, Prevention, and Treatment of Tuberculous and Scrofulous Diseases in general.
XXVIII. Manual of Phrenology; being an Analytical Summary of the System of Dr. Gall, on the Faculties of Man and the Functions of the Brain.