Art. I. On the Malignant Pustule; with cases.
Art. II. Medical Statistics; comprising a series of calculations and tables, showing the mortality in New York, and its immediate causes, during a period of sixteen years.
Art. III. An account of seven additional Cases of Stone in the Bladder, in which the operation of Lithotripsy was successfully performed.
Art. IV. Topographical and Medical Sketches of Mobile for the year 1835.
Art. V. Remarks on the Chronic Fluxes of the Bowels.
Art. VI. Reports of Cases of Insanity, treated at the Friends' Asylum, near Frankford, with Remarks.
Art. VII. Case of Spina Bifida; with Remarks.
Art. VIII. On the Diuretic Powers of the Aralia Hispida; with some remarks on the action of Diuretics in Dropsy.
Art. IX. Rupture of the Scapula, from its adhesions to the subjacent muscles and inferior portion of insertion of rhomboideus major, unconnected with fracture or injury of any other bone.
Art. X. Case of Cancer in the Throat, operation and recovery. Death from peritoneal inflammation. Remarkable transposition of all the organs.
Art. XI. First Lines of Physiology, designed for the use of Students of Medicine.
Art. XII. Essai sur la Colique de plomb; thèse prée et sontenue à la Faculté de Medicine de Paris, le 10 Juillet, 1835. Par Augustin Grisolle, de Fréjus, Département du Var; Docteur en Medicine; Interne de l'Hotel Dieu; Membre de la Societé Médicale d'Observation; Titulaire de la Societé Anatomique; Elève lauréat de l'école pratique; Bachelier ès-sciences.
Art. XIII. Traité Clinique des Maladies du Cœur, précédé de Recherches Nouvelles sur l'Anatomie et la Physiologie de cet Organe.
XIV. Transactions of the Medical and Physical Society of Calcutta, Volume the Seventh,
Art. XV. Recherches sur les complications qui accompagnent la Rougeole chez l'enfant; thèse presénté et soutenue à la Faculté de médecine de Paris, le 15 Avril, 1835. Par Isidore Boudin, Docteur en médecine; Elève des hôpitaux; membre fondatuer de la Société Médicale d'observation.
Art. XVI. A popular Manual of the Art of Preserving Health; embracing the subjects of Diet, Air, Exercise, Gymnastics, General and Physical Education, Oecupations, Bathing, Clothing, Ventilation, &c. &c., designed for the use of all ranks and professions in society.
Art. XVII. Treatise on the Radical Cure of Hernia by instruments, embracing an analysis of the mechanical properties of the various trusses now in use, a description of the new instruments invented by the author, and general directions to patients for the safe employment of these instruments, with hints to surgeons in their application, &c.; with numerous illustrations.
Art. XVIII. Medicina Externa Morborum Internorum, sive Methodi Jatralepticae et Endermaticae Expositio Historica, Physiologica et Therapeutica, nec non utriuque Comparatio.
Art. XIX. A Treatise on Consumption, embracing an Inquiry into the Influence exerted upon it by Journeys, Voyages, and Changes of Climate; with Directions for the Consumptive visiting the South of Europe, and remarks upon its Climate. Adapted for General Readers.
Art. XX. A Memoir of James Jackson, M. D., with extracts from his letters to his father; and Medical cases, collected by him.—
Art. XXI. Diatribe in Diaeteticam Veterum, maxime in Auli Cornelii Celsi præcepta diaetetica, Hippocratis et Galeni placitis illustrata.