ART. I. Account of a Case in which the C$$esarean Section, performed by Prof. Gibson, was a second time successful in saving both mother and child
ART. II. On some Mechanical Functions of Arcolar Tissues. Containing the co-ordination of the Diffusion Laws of Professor Graham and the Experiments of Dr. J. K. Mitchell; and the General Law of Equilibrium.
ART. III. On Ice and Chloride of Soda in Scarlatina Cynanchica, with Observations
ART. VI. Rhinoplastic Operation. By THOMAS D. MÜTTER , M.D. Lecturer on Surgery, &c. [With a Plate.],
ART. V. On the Theory of Inflammation
ART. VI. An account of two Cases of Congenital Division of the Lip-and Palate occurring in the same family, in which operations were performed
ART. VII. Report of several Cases of successful operation for Club-foot by the division of the Tendo Achillis, with Remarks
Remarks on the subject of the preceding paper
ART. VIII. Case of Perforation of the Appendicula Vermiformis—Death from Peritonitis
ART. IX. Case of Malformation of the Heart
ART. X. The Philudelphia Practice of Midwifery
ART. XI. The Human Brain—its configuration, structure, developement, and physiology; illustrated by references to the nervous system in the lower orders of animals
ART. XI. Darstellungen und Ansichten zur Vergl$$ichung der Medicin in Frank-reich, England, und Deutschland. Nach einer Reise in diesen Ländern im Jahre 1835
ART. XII. Practical Surgery, with ane hundred and twenty engravings on wood.
ART. XIII.Boyhton Prize Dissertations, for the, years 1836 and 1837
ART. XIV. Lectures on Lithotomy, delivered at the New York Hospital, December 1837
ART. XVI. Luxationes Experiments Illustrat. Dissertatio inauguralis quam con-sensu gratiosi Medicorurm ordinis Basiliensis pro summces in Medicina et Chirurgia honoribus rite impetrandis
ABT. XVII. Introductory Lecture delivered at the opening of the Session of the Medical College of the State of South Carolina, on the second Monday of November, 1837
2. Quadruple Mamma in the human subject
7. Hepatic Abscess opening into right lung
8. Abscess of the Liver bursting spontaneously into the Thorax, and terminating successfully. The Calcutta Quarterly Journal (No. 2, 1837,)
10. Atrophy of the Fancies of the Ulcrus
12. On the employment of Opium in Dysentery
13. On, Opium in Tetanus, and some other Spasmodic Diseases
14. On Opium in Epilepsy
15. On, Opium in Diabetes
16. On Opium in lues Venerca
17. On Opium Maniacal Affections
18. Opium in diseases of the Urinary Organs
19. On the use of Opium in Surgical Practice
20. On the administration of Opiates to Children,
21. On the administration of Opium per a num
22. On the injection of opium into the veins
23. On the endemic use of opium
24. On the different preparations of opium
25. On, Hyoscyamus as a remedial agent, its effects and modes of employment
26. External use of hyoscyamus
27. On the use of hyoscyamus in cerebral affections
28. Hyoscyamus in nercousness
29. Hyoscyamus in diseases of the genital organs
30. On the use of belladonna in scarlet-fever
31. On the application of the expressed juice and infusion of tobacco to the skin and cautions to be obscred in their use
32. On the employment of tobacco as a cataplasm
33. On Tobacco, administered per anum
34. On the Use of Tobacco in Tetanus
35. On the Use of Tobacco in Hydrophobia
36. On Tobacco taken internally
37. Medicinal qualities of Stramonium
38. Report, M. MARTIN-SOLON, on the Inoculation of Morphine. &-c., proposal
39. Remedy for Mercurial Saliration
40. On St. Vilus's Dance
41. Colchicum in Scarlatina
42. Thymic Asthma
43. Treatment of Typhus Fever by Purgatives
44. On the treatment of Cholera
45. On Encephalic Irritation
46. Perincal Hernia,—abscess betuccn the rectum and vagina
47. Dislocation of the Humcrus outwards and backwards on the Dorsum of the Scapula
48. A peculiar and undescribed injury of the Shoulder
49. VELPEAU'S Treatment of Fractures
50. Case of Rupture of an Aneurism of the Common Carotid and Ligature of that Artery near its origin from the Innominata
51. Lateral operation of Lithotomy
52. Division of the Tendo-Achillis for Club-Foot
53. Section of the Sterno Mastoid-Muscle, for the cure of Wry-Neck
54. Radical cure of Varicose Veins and of Hernia by Acupuncturation
55. Dissection of an Old Dislocation of the Thumb, with Remarks and Experiments
56. Inflammation of the Testide cured by Compression
57. Treatment of Syphilitic Buboes by Scton Professor LEVICAIRE
58. On the Proximate Cause, and Radical Cure of Varicose Veins of the Leg
59. Perforation of the Acetabulum caused by a fall on the Trochanter
60. Ligature of the Primary Iliac Artery near the bifurcation of the Aorta
61. Krcosote in Cancer
62. On a Singular Decclopement of Polarizing Structures in the Crystalline Lens after Death
63. On the Cause, Prevention and Cure of Cataract: The discovery of Sir DAVID BREWSTER
64. Quadruple Pregnancy: An example of this has been communicated to the Academy of Medicine of France
65. Dcliveryper Anum
66. Extraordinary size of an Infant at Birth
67. Statistics of the Clinical Hospital of Midwifery of Berlin
68. Sloughing from Vaccination—Danger from, numerous Punctures
69. Mercury detected in Salira
Abortion of one twin, the other remaining
Annual Report of lhe Interments in the City and County of New York, showing their Age, Sex, Colour and Places of Nativity, for the year 1837. Also, a Table of Deaths, and the different Diseases, since the year 1804
Remarks on the preceding Tables
Account of Signor GIROMALO SEGATO'S Discovery of a Method of indurating Animal Bodies
Case of Prolapsus Ani
Account of an Ancnccphalus, or Human Mon$$trosity, without a brain and spinal marrow
Medical Collage of the State of South Carolina
Louisville Mcdical Institute
Medical College of South Carolina