ARTICLE I. Observations on Cerebral Auscultation
ART. II. On some Mechanical Functions of Areolar Tissues
ART. III. Cases of Surgery
ART. IV. Researches in reference to the Causes, Duration, Termina-tion, and Moral Treatment of Insanity
ART. V. Statistical account of the cases of Amputation performed at the Pennsylvania Hospital from January 1st, 1831, to January 1st, 1838
ART. VI. Cases of Disease of the Heart, with Observations
ART. VII. Amputation at the Hip Joint
ART. VIII. Observations relative to Lymphatic Hearts
ART. IX. Malformation of the Internal Genital Organs in an Adult Female
ART. X. Cases of Diffuse Cellular Inflammation
ART. XI. Elements of Physiology
ART. XII. A Popular Treatise on Medical Philosophy, or an Exposition of Quackery and Imposture in Medicine
ART. XIII. A Treatise on Digestion and the Disorders incident to it, which are comprehended under the torm Dyspepsia. Adupted for general readers
ART. XIV. Treatise on the Law of Mortality, and on Annuities
ART. XV. An Essay on the Relation between the Respiratory and Circulating Functions
ART. XVI. The Epidemic Yellow Fever of Natchez. In medio veritas. An Eassy read before the Jefferson College and Washington Lyceum, Dec. 2, 1837
1. Cerebral extremity of the Optic Nerve
2. Fibrous membrane beneath the Pleura Pulmonalis
3. On the Gases contained in the Blood. oxygen, Azole, and Carbonic Acid
4. Experiments on the Spermatic Animaloulœ, and on some of the causes of Sterility in Women
5. A new mode of increasing the Heart's action for restoring the powers of life in persons apparently dead from drowning, or syncope
6. Menstruation occurring in old age
7. Superfœtation in the human species
8. Superfœtation in a Goat
9. Researches on the Febrifuge Properties of the Chloride of the Oxide of Sodium
10. On the use of Stramonium in Neuralgia
11. Smoking of Stramonium as a remedy for Asthma
12, Treatment where poisonous effects supervene during the smoking of Stramonium
13. Mode of action of Digitalis
14. On the powers of the Digitalis in Dropsy
15. Effects from the excessive use of Digitalis
16. On the use of Digitalis in Phthisis
17. Use of Digitalis in the affections of the Uterine System, which usher in and accompany Phthisis
18. Power of Conium as a Narcotic
19. On the power of Hemlock in Cancer
20. On Aortitis, as one of the causes of Angina Pectoris; with Observations on its Nature and Treatment
21. Dysmenorrhœa relieved by Carbonic Acid Gas
22. Rheumatism cured by Vapour Bath of Camphor Fumes
23. On a particular kind of swelling of the Tonsils, Uvula, and soft Palate
24. On Antimonial Suppositories as a mean of restoring the Hemorrhoidal Flux
25. On some of the causes of sterility, and the means for their removal
26. Method of treating Intermittent Fevers, in the Infirmary of Clinical Medicine of the Surgical School of Lisbon
27. New method of curing Stammering
28. Treatment of intussusception by inflating the bowels
29. Cœsarean Section
30. Ligature of the primitive Iliac Artery near the bifurcation of the Aorta, successfully performed for an Aneurism of the external Iliac Artery
31. Treatment of Erysipelas by Raw Cotton
32. Tapping the Head in Chronic Hydrocephalus
33. Causes which, retard the consolidation of Fractures
34. Kreosote in Gonorrhrœa and Gleet
35. On the Resection of the Facial Bones
36. Injections of nitrate of silver in the treatment of chronic vesical Catarrh. There is recorded in the Bulletin Geu. de Thérapeut
37. Very large Calculus passed by a young Woman without operation
38. Experimental Inquiry respecting the Process of Reparation after Simple Fracture of Bones
39. Opium in large doses to prevent inflammation
40. Section of a tendon—ligature—cure
41. Dislocation of the Femur
42. Pes equinus cured by dividing the Tendo Achillis
43. Spermatocele, or Varicocele of the Spermatic Cord
44. On a new means of Diagnosis between Amaurosis and Cataract
45. Xerophthalmia
46. Case of Ruptured Uterus
47. On Extra-uterine Pregnancy
48. Unconscious Delivery
49 Relative altitudes of the insertion of the Umbilical Cord as furnishing data for determining the age or the Fœtus
50. Adulteration of Iodide of Potassium with Carbonate of Potassium
51. Adulteration of Scammony
52. New process for covering pills with Gelatine
53. Great Mortality of Foundlings brought up by hand
54. On the mortality and sickness of Soldiers
55. Statistics of the new Lying-in Hospital, Dublin
56. Climate of Venice.—Its effects on consumption, &c
57. Animal Magnetism
New Bullet Forceps