ART. I.—Report of a Series of Experiments made by the Medical Faculty of Lancaster, upon the body of Henry Cobler Moselmann, executed in the Jail Yard of Lancaster County, Pa., on the 20th of December, 1830
ART. II.—Statistical Account of the Cases of Amputation performed at the Pennsylvania Hospital from January 1, 1838 to Jan. 1, 1840
ART. III.—Case of Absence of the Uterus in an Adult Female, with Remarks
ART. IV.—On the Immovable Apparatus, and its therapeutic application to various Surgical diseases
ART. V. Statistics of the Amputations of Large Limbs that have been performed at the Massachusetts General Hospital; with Remarks
ART. VI. On Retention of the Placenta
ART. VII.—A case of Rigidity of the Lower Jaw, cured by division of the anterior portion of the Masseter muscle of the left side
ART. VIII. Case of Artificial Joint of the Fore-arm
ART. IX.—Cases of Hemeralopia cured by the Exclusion of Light
ART. X.—Case of Calculus—Enlarged Prostate Gland—Thickened and Sacculated Bladder—Bifurcation of the Ureter—Abscesses in the Kidneys
ART. XI. On Dyspepsia, or Indigestion
ART. XII.—Medical Institutions, Diseases, & c., at Athens and Constantinople
ART. XIII.—Address to the Medical Graduates of the University of Pennsylvania, Delivered April 3, 1840
ART. XIV. Elements of Physiology.
ART. XV. A Treatise on the Nature, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Insanity, with Practical Observations on Lunatic Asylums, and a Description of the Pauper Lunatic Asylum for the County of Middlesex, (Eng.) at Hanwell; with a Detailed Account of its Management.
ART. XVI. An Inquiry concerning the Diseases and Functions of the Brain, the Spinal Cord, and the Nerves.
ART. XVII. New Remedies
ART. XVIII. System der Physiolngie umfassend das allgemeine der Physiologie, die Physiologische Geschichte der Menschheiti die des Mensthen und die der einzelnen organischen systeme im menschen, für naturforscher und aerztt bearbeitet
ART. XIX. Wenken en Meeningen omtrent Geneeskundige Staatsregeling en Algemeene Geneeskunde, onder medewerking van eenige Vaderlandische verzameld en Uitgegevendoor
ART. XX. Annual Report of the Interments in the City and County of New York for the year 1839, with Accompanying Remarks
ART. XXI. De la Durée de la vie Humaine. Par le Docteur BELLEFROID, à Hasselt. Bulletin Medicare Beige. Aug. et Nov. 1839.
ART. XXII. An Account if the Yellow Fever which appeared in the city of Galveston, Republic of Texas, in the autumn of 1839, with Cases and Dissections
ART. XXIII. Dictionnaire Hisiorique de la Médecine Ancienne et Moderne, ou Précis de l'Histoire Générate, Technologique et Littéraire de la Médecine, suivi de la Bibliographie Médicate du dix Neuvième Sicèle, et d'un Répertoire Bibliographique par ordre de Matières
1. Two remarkable cases of complete Absence of the Uterus
2. Experimental Researches on the Functions of the Brain
3. Prof. SCHULTZ'S Experiments on Digestion
4. On Diuresis as a Revulsive action in Diseases if Infants
5. Remarkable Tendency to Hemorrhage in a Family
6. Ulceration of the Throat extending to the Lingual Artery; death by Hemorrhage
7. Softening of the anterior column of the Spinal Cord, in its cervical portion
8 Fragilitas Ossium
9. GUYON, on Living Worms under the conjunctiva of the Negro
10. Chronic Endocartitis with permament Patency of the aortic valves
11. On the employment of a new Vegetable Monesia, in Medicine
12. Tannin in Hemoptysis
13. Utility of Nux Vomica in various forms of Paralysis
14. Pathology and Treatment of Diabetes
15. On the Treatment of Acute Rheumatism by Opium
16. Saline Enemata in Cholera
17. Incontinence of Urine
18. On the Employment of Sea Salt (Chloride of Sodium) in Pulmonary Consumption, Scrofulous affections, & c
19. Case of Scrofula cured by Chloride of Sodium
20. Ileus cured by Injection of Air
21. On a Peculiar Affection of the Uvula
23. Epilepsy after an external injury cured by Trephining
24. Insufflation of Mercurial Powder in the Treatment of Excoriations of the Neck of the Uterus
25. Successful Treatment of Aortic Aneurism by Acetate of Lead
26. On the Treatment of Varix of the Inferior Extremities. 1. By Pins. 2. By Caustic Potass. 3. By the Combination if these means
27. Rigidity of the Lower Jaw—Operation—Cure
28. Post Mortem Appearances in Prof. SALOMON'S Patient, whose Primitive Hiac Artery had been tied
29. Tumour of the Parotid Gland.—Extirpation
30. Treatment of External Cancer by Ligature of the Vessels and Division of the Nerves supplying the diseased part
31. On a New Universal Interrupted Splint
32. Hydrocele of the Neck
33. Application to Blistered Surfaces
34. Dislocations of the Humerus and Fractures of the Head and Neck of that Bone
35. Extirpation of an Encephaloid Tumour of the Testicle weighing nine pounds
36. Venereal Excrescences treated by watery solution of Opium
37. Case of sudden and temporary occurrence of Presbyopia in a young Boy
38. Hydrochloride of Barytes in Scrofulous Ophthalmia
39. Inversion of the Uterus during Parturition—Rupture of the Posterior Parietes of the Vagina—Passage of the Fœtus through the Rupture
40. On the Influence of the Length of the First Stage of Labour on the Duration of the Second, and the Consequences to Mother and Child
41. Statistics of Labour
42. On the Position of the Placenta in the Womb
43. Case of complete Detachment of the Os Uteri
On Incision of the Os Uteri in cases of incarcerated Placenta
45. Poisoning with Nitrate of Silver, cured by solution of Common Salt
46. Deaths by Poison
47. Excoriation round the Throat of a still-born Infant
48. Sugar in the Blood and Urine of Diabetic Patients
49. On the Composition of Milk
50. Statement of the Case of the late Lady Flora Hastings
Case of Imperfect Vision, following a blow on the Eye.—Absence of the Crystalline Lens ascertained by Catoptric examination
Violent Symptoms from the Bite of a Rat
Tenotomy for Club Foot successfully performed
Case of Club Foot cured by Division of Tendo Achillis
Case of Gun-shot Wound of the Head and Brain.—Recovery
Views and Treatment of an Important Injury of the Wrist
Case of the late Br. Joseph Parrish
Notes of an examination of the body of Dr. Joseph Parrish, March 19, 1840, thirty-two hours after death
Tributes of Respect to the late Dr. Parrish
Complimentary Resolutions to Dr. W. W. GERHARD
University of Pennsylvania
Transylvania University
Medical College of the State of South Carolina
Medical Institute of the city of Louisville
Medical Institution of Geneva College
New Work preparing for Publication