Article I. Report of Cases treated in the Wills Hospital for the Blind and Lame during the months of October, November and December, 1839, with Observations
Art. II. A Recto-Vaginal Fistula—Cured
Art. III. Case of Twins, simulating Superfœtation, with Remarks
Art. IV. Observations on the lodo-hydrargyrate of Potassium
Art. V. Observations on the Pathology and Treatment of Intermittent Fever
Art. VI.—Observations on the Benefits of a particular mode of Bloodletting, and of large doses of Opium in the treatment of the flcute Phlegmasiæ
Art. VII.—History of a case of Catalepsy—occurring in a boy at the age of fifteen years
Art. VIII. Cases of Fever, resembling Dothinenteritis or the Typhoid Affection, with Remarks
Art. IX.—Case of Calculus in the Bladder—Lithotomy—Death
Art. X.—Case of Strangulated Hernia, complicated by the presence of the Testicle in the Abdominal Canal
Art. XI. Observations on the Operative Procedures employed for the Relief of Procidentia Uteri; with Cases, in which this displacement was remedied by suture of the external labia, (episioraphy.)
Art. XII. On Diseases of the Fœtus
Art. XII. Elements of Pathological Anatomy, illustrated by numerous Engravings. “In morbis, sive acutis, sive chronicis, viget occultum, per humanas speculationes fere incomprehensible.”—Baglivi
Art. XIII. The Library of Medicine, being a System of Practical Medicine, comprised in a series of Original Dissertations
Art. XIV.—An Essay on the Subject of the Yellow Fever, intended to prove its Transmissibility
Art. XV.—Narrative of the Discoveries of Sir Charles Bell in the Nervous System
Art. XVII. Memoranda for Practitioners in Midwifery
Art. XVIII. Treatise on the Physiological and Moral Management of Infancy
Art. XX.—Principles of Political Economy. Part the Third; Of the Causes which retard increase in the numbers of Mankind, Part the Fourth; Of the Causes which retard improvement in the Political Condition of Man
Art. XXI. Medical and Physiological Commentaries
Practical Observations on the causes and treatment of Curvatures of the Spine
1. Nerves of the Cornea
2. On the Injurious Qualities of Menstrual Blood and its Probable Causes
3. A portion of a Fætus living upon the Testicle
4. Cases of Twins where one had been long dead
5. Transposition of the Thoracic and Abdominal Viscera, accompanied with an unusual Variety in the Venous System
6. Lateral Transposition of the Abdominal Organs alone
7. On the Sympathy between the Cerebellum and, the Testes
8. Growth of the Hair
9. Experiments on the Motor and Sensitive Roots of the Nerves
10. Case of a woman pregnant with five children
11. Remarkable Case of Ischuria Renalis, of Nine years' Standing, with Vicarious Vomiting of Urine
12. On the Causes of Scrofulous disease
13. Case of disease of the posterior columns of the Spinal Cord
14. Spontaneous Rupture of the Spleen
15. On the various circumstances which appear in the course of Diseases, to produce the curved form of the Nails
16. Effects and mode of application of Suppositories
17. Belladonna in flying Rheumatic pains
18. Emetics of Ipecacuan in hæmorrhage
19. Thread Setons
20. On the Employment of the active principle of Elaterium in Medicine
21. Action of Ergot applied externally—its power in arresting hæmorrhage
22. Nervous Head ache from Exhaustion, and its Treatment with Aconite
23. Memoranda on the Treatment of Apaplexy
24. Epidemic Aphthous Inflammation of the Mouth
25. On the Distinction between Typhus Fever and Dothi'nenterie
26. Plastic Bronchitis treated by Mercury
27. Abscess between Pharynx and Spine
28. Neuralgic Pains of the Abdomen after parturition simulating puerperal peritonitis
29. On the Morbid Consequences of Undue Lactation
30. Acelate of Lead in Bronchitis
32. Complete Absence of the Iris
33. Formation of New Eyelids
34. Apoplexy of the Eyes
35. Amaurosis—softening of the optic nerves through their entire substance and length—softening of the thalami
36. Cure of Squinting by Division of the Internal straight Muscle of the Eye
37. Efficacy of cold water, in a descending douche, for old ulcers of the feet
38. Treatment of Gonorrhœa by frequent injections of a weak solution of Sulphate of Zinc
39. Incontinence of Urine, during sleep, in Females
40. Case of Gun-shot Wound, in which the Patella was carried away, and the Knee-joint completely laid open, successfully treated
41. Case of Dislocation of the Shoulder-joint, with Fracture of the Humerus
42. Practical Hints on the Treatment of Strictures
43. Aneurism of the Arteria Innominata—Ligature of Carotid and Subclavian Arteries
44. Effects of Parturition on the Nervous System of the Mother
45. On the Influence of Digitalis on the Contractions of the Uterus
46. Case of Metritis with Epilepsy, in which Separation and Expulsion of a great part of the Vagina and of the Neck of the Uterus, followed by recovery, took place
47. Case of Impacted Head, with great subsequent loss of Parts
48. Retroversion of the Uterus, treated by a new method
49. On the Situation of the Deciduous Membrane in Cases of Extra-Uterine Gestation
50. Hydrated Sesquioxide of Iron as an antidote to Arsenious Acid
51. Efficacy of Hydrated Peroxide of Iron as an antidote to Arseniate of Copper
52. Influence of Wealth on the fruitfulness of Marriages
53. Excess of male births among the Jews
54. Mortality of Small-Pox after Vaccination
55. Medico-Chemicalhistory of Milk
56. Observations on the existence of certain elements of the Milk in the urine during utero-gestation; and on the application of this fact to the diagnosis of Pregnancy
57. Medical Instruction in France
58. Number of Physicians in France
Case of Small-pox Contagion apparently conveyed by a Letter
Case of Mollifies Ossium
Case of Poisoning with Opium
Observations on Facial Neuralgia
Immobility of the Lower-Jaw successfully treated
Abscess in the right Iliac Fossa
Case of injury of the Head by a fall
Sudden Death from Rupture of the Spermatic Vein
Asylum for the Relief of Persons deprived of the use of their Reason
3. Statistics of the State Lunatic Asylum at Worcester
Library of Practical Medicine
Jefferson Medical College
Vermont Academy of Medicine
Louisville Medical Institute
Kemper College