Statistical Researches relative to the Etiology of Pulmonary and Rheumatic Diseases, illustrating the application of the Laws of Climate to the Science of Medicine; based on the Records of the Medical Department and Adjutant General's Office
Contributions to Legal Medicine
Remarks upon Dyspepsia as connected with the Mind
Two Cases of Aneurism, exhibiting the necessity of a Ligature, both above and below the Tumour
Report of Cases of Deformed Feet, treated by mechanical means alone, with a description of the Apparatus employed
On Laceration of the Perinæum during Labour
Experiments in the Revaccination of Children with New Virus
On the Influence of Coffee over the narcotic effects of Morphia
On a Form of Sore Mouth peculiar to Nursing Women
Case of Gun-shot Wound of the Hand, Fore Arm, and Arm, with Fracture of the Humerus, successfully treated
On the Causes and Treatment of Pseudarthrosis, and especially of that Form of it sometimes called Supernumerary Joint
Observations on the Diseases incident to Pregnancy and Childbed
The Library of Practical Medicine.—A System of Practical Medicine, comprised in a Series of original Dissertations
Remarks on Fractures
Remarks on the Surgical Practice of Paris
The Elements of Materia Medica, comprehending the Natural History, Preparation, Properties, Effects, and Uses of Medicines. Part II containing the Vegetable and Animal Materia Medica
First Annual Report of the Registrar General on Births, Deaths, and Marriages in England
The First Annual Medical Report of the Marien Hospital for the Poor in St. Petersburg, for the year 1836
Danish Pharmacopæia, edited, with the royal authority, by the Royal College of Health of Copenhagen
Lectures on the Theory and Practice of Physic
New Remedies: The Method of Preparing and Administering them; their Effects on the Healthy and Diseased Economy
The American Medical Almanac, for 1841, designed for the daily use of Practising Physicians, Surgeons, Students, and Apothecaries; being also a Pocket Memorandum and Account Book, and General Medical Directory of the United States and the British Provinces
The Dublin Dissector, or Manual of Anatomy, comprising a description of the Bones, Muscles, Vessels, Nerves, and Viscera; also the Relative Anatomy of the Different Regions of the Human Body, together with the Elements of Pathology
Case of Palsy of the Face, illustrative of the Functions of the Lingual and Glosso-Pharyngeal Nerves
Ganglia of the Human Heart
Case of Absence of one Lobe of the Cerebellum
On the Anatomical Relation of the Blood-Vessels of the Mother to those of the Fætus in the Human Species
On the Anatomy of the Medulla Oblongata
New Observations on the Structure of the Gastro-intestinal Mucous Membrane, and more particularly of the Gastric and Intestinal Glands
Oil of Ergot—the Mode of Preparing it—its Physical and Chemical Properties
On the Hydrocyanoferrate of Quinine
Tonic Astringent Pills of Walch
M. Trousseau on the Pommade Ammoniacale as a Vesicant
Lactate of Iron
On the Therapeutic and Chemical Properties of the Matias Bark
Therapeutic Effects of Croton Oil in certain Affections of the Nerves
Ammonia a Cure for Drunkenness
On Pain of the Back in Intermittent Fever
On Softening of the Stomach in Infauts
On the Epidemic Puerperal Fever of 1838
Therapeutical Employment of the Oil of Ergot
External Application of the Oil of Ergot
Solution of Bi-chloride of Mercury in Itching
Experiments on the Mechanism of Inflammation
On the Causes of Scrofulous Diseases
Cayenne Pepper in Sea Sickness
On the Influence of Splenic Engorgements on Agues
Tincture of the Muriate of Iron in Diabetes Mellitus
On the Sweating Regimen of Dr. Priessnitz at Gracfenberg
Cure for Corns
Treatment of local Paralysis by Phsophorus
On the circumstances which govern local Inflammatory Action, the effusion of coagulable Lymph, and the formation of Pus as a sequela of disease, accidents, operations, &c.
Recurrence of the Menstrual Discharge at an advanced age
Three Cases of Acute Inflammation of the Aorta
Hypertrophy of Columnæ Carneæ
Hooping Cough more than once in the same Individual
Strychnine in Neuralgia
Congenital Dislocation of the Humerus reduced after sixteen years
Dislocation of both radio-carpal articulations
New Operation for the Cure of Vaginal Cystocele
New Operation for Prolapsus Ani
On Certain Abscesses occurring in different parts of the Body, during the course of Diseases of the Urinary Organs
New facts with regard to Strangulated Hernia
Radical cure of Inguinal Hernia by the Horizontal Position
Foreign Body in the Larynx
Successful Treatment of Dropsy of the Synovial Membranes by Tartar Emetic
Treatment of Syphilitic Ulcers by Ioduret of Iron
Compound comminuted fracture of the Elbow—cure without Amputation
Memoranda on Cutaneous Transplantations
Therapeutic Considerations on Obliterations of the Veins in the Treatment of Varix and Varicose Ulcers
M. Guerin on Subcutaneous Wounds
On Subcutaneous Wounds of the Joints
M. Guerin on Club-Foot, Wry-neck, &c. &c.
Treatment of Diseases of the Testicle by Compression
On the Etiology and Treatment of Congenital Luxations and Pseudo-Luxations of the Femur
Puncture of Brachial Artery—compression—cure
On the Operation for Strabismus
On the Cure of Strabismus
The Causes and Treatment of Strabismus.— Summary of 76 Operations by Mr. Liston
On the oblique contraction of the Pelvis
On Convulsions during Pregnancy and Delivery
Remarkable Cases of Placentitis
Fracture of the Arm of a Child during birth, by the natural efforts of Parturition
Insanity in Extenuation of Crime
Feigned Disease, by Provocation
Period of Gestation in Cows
Quick with Child
Alleged Rape. Feigned Diseases
Treatment of Poisoning with Opium, &c.
Action of Albumen on Corrosive Sublimate
On the Conversion of Calomel into Corrosive Sublimate
Case of Poisoning by Colchicum Seeds
Rupture of the Spleen
Results of Amputations
On the Comparative Frequency of Hernia according to the Sex and Age, and also relative to the Population
Medical Students in the Dutch Universities
Successful Operation for Strangulated Hernia under peculiar circumstances—sloughing of the cœcum
Statistics of Medical Colleges in the United States, 1839-40
A Case of Amputation at the Shoulder Joint, with a description of a new instrument for securing deeply seated arteries
Case of Absence of the Uterus
Adjusting Power of the Eye
Removal of a Portion of the Integuments of the Scrotum for the Cure of Varicocele
Remarks on Statistical Medicine, contrasting the result of the Empirical with the Regular Practice of Physic
Medicinal Properties of the Cotton Plant
Congenital Fungus Hæmatodes
Stramonium in Dysmenorrhœa
Nasal Polypus
Library of Practical Medicine
Proceedings of the Connecticut Medical Society
College of Physicians and Surgeons at Fairfield, New York
Albany Medical College
A Second Appeal to the People of Pennsylvania on the subject of an Asylum for the Insane Poor