ART. VI: Case of Congenital Hare-lip
ART. X—On Diseases of the Fœtus. A contribution towards a better acquaintance with Intra-uterinc Pathology
ART. XVI: Elements of Physics, or Natural philosophy, General and Medical, written for universal use, in plain or non-technical language; and containing new disquisitions and practical suggestions. Comprised in free parts
ART. XVIII: A system of Miduifery, with numerous wood cuts
ART. XVIII: A system of Miduifery, with numerous wood cuts
1. Eclopia Corals—Mutions and Sounds of the Heart
2. State of the Pulse in New-Born Infants
3. Imperforate Anus —Absence of Rectum
4. On Electric currents in the Nerves
5. On the Functions of the Anterior and Posterior columns of the Spinal Cord
6. On a Peculiar Disposition of the Arteries of the Ulerus
7. Case of Secretion of Air from the Human Skin
8. Ergot
9. Formulæ used in the Treatment of Tinea Capitis
10. New Method of Applying Iodine for the Cure of Phthisis Pulmonalis
11. Method of Preparing Fine Points of Caustics
12. Citrated Aromatic Wine of Iron
13. Powder of Sarsaparilla
14. On the Advantages of a High Temperature in the Preparation of Blistering Plaster
15. Spasmodic Affection of the Larynx and its Appendages cured by the External Application of Veratria
16. Diacelate of Lead in Internal Hemorrhage
17. Pneumonia in the Insane
18. Transmissibility of Cancer
19. Influence of Light upon the Spasms in Hydrophobia
20. Further Facts regarding the Identity of Small-Pax and Core-Pox
21. Poultices in Inflammation of the Great Cavities
22. Inhalation of Conium and Iodine in Tubercular Phthisis Pulmonalis
23. Remarks on Conium
24. On Disease of the Brain Dependent on Disease of the Heart
25. Aneurism of the External Iliac Arlery—Ligalure of that Arlery and Oozing of Blood from the Wound afttr its Application—Ligature of the Primitive Iliac, and of the Femoral Arlery immediately below the Pubes—Cure
26. Diffuse Aneurism of the Femoral Artery mistaken for Phlegmon—Puncture—Ligature of the External Iliac—Death on the seventh day
27. Successful Ligature of the Primitive Carotid Artery for an Erectile Tumour of the Orbit, and results of experiments made upon animals, with a view to show the influence exercised upon them by ligature of this vessel
28. Aneurism of the left primitive Carotid Artery—Ligature between the Sac and the Capillaries—Cure
29. False Consecutive and Varicose Aneurism of the Femoral Artery—Ligature of the Artery—Hæmorrhagy—Ligature of the External Iliac—Hæmorrhagy—Compression—Death
30. Spontaneous Suftening of Stone in the Bladder
31. New local application to Erysipelas
32. Mechanism of Purulent Absorption
33. On the cure of Sprina Bifula by a new operation
34. Subcutaneous operation for Hernia
35. Puncture of Pericardium
36. Operations for Stammering
37. Ununited Fracture cured by a Seton
38. Apparatus for applying water in the manner of irrigation
39. Chloride of Zinc in Necrosis
40. Threads of Caoutchouc for Sutures
41. Irregularly-united fracture cured by excision of Callus
42. Eradication of Inverted Eyelashes
43. Case of temporary Amaurosis of one eye, following the extraction of a tooth
44. Two new Fascié connected with the Muscles of the Human Eye
45. Hemorrhage after delivery arrested by a new method
46. Retroversion of the unimpregnated Uterus
47. Medico-legal essay on Cicatrices
48. Extensive extravasation of blood in one hemisphere of the brain, without any symptom indicative of it during life
49. Memoir on Feigned Discases
50. Presumption of Survivorship. Case of Robert Murray, deceased
51. Poisoning with the Salts of Copper
52. On the quiianti/y if Arsenic required to destroy life
53. Galvanic test for arscnic
54. Wounds from Fire-arms
55. Compound Poisoning
56. Poisoning with Blood Root
57. On testing for Arsenic and Aniimony by Hume's Process
58. Antidote to the Salts of Copper
59. Rupture of the Heart from external violence
60. Case of Poisoning by Tobacco
61. Statistics of Amputations performed in the African army, during the years 1837, 8, 9
62. Statistical account of seventy-five cases of amputation, performed on seventy-three patients at the Northern Hospital, Liverpool, from March 1834, to March 1841
63. On the Chemical Analysis of the Blood in its Morbid Condition
64. Periodical Medical Literature—Quarterly and Weekly Journals
65. Newspaper Announcements of Surgical Operations, &c
66. Necrology
A fifth Case of Enlargement of the Thymus Gland occurring in a child two years and eight months old, and terminating fatully
A fifth Case of Enlargement of the Thymus Gland occurring in a child two years and eight months old, and terminating fatully
Poisoning by laudanum
Axillary Ancurism—Ligature of the subcluvian
Newspaper publications of Surgical Operations
Polypus Uleri remored by excision
Case of Orarian Dropsy
Case of pregnancy attended by a remarkable discharge from the uterus, followed by a safe delivery
Ununited fracture of the tibia successfully treated with the seton
Ligature of External Iliac Artery
Prof. Mott's Orthopedic Institution
Albany Medical College
Vermont Academy of Medicine
Louisville Medical Institute
Wills Hospital for the Blind and Lame
Medical College of Ohio
Primer of Physiology and Animal Mcchanism
Editorial Injustice
Works in Press and in Preparation