Observations on Remittent Fever, founded upon Cases observed in the Pennsylvania Hospital
Practical Observations on Menorrhagia, with a Report of a Case of this disease connected with Malposition of the Uterus, and adhesion of its Cervix and Os TincaE to the corresponding portions of the Vagina
Inquiry into the Pathology and Treatment of Polypous Tumours of the Nasal FossaE, with observations on other Tumours in various parts of the body
Case of Deformed Leg, from unsuccessfully treated Fracture, cured by an Operation
Cynanche Trachealis supervening upon an Ulcerated Throat—Recovery
Statistics of Re-vaccination
An Account of the Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane; with Statistics and Remarks
The Practice of Medicine; or, a Treatise on Special Pathology and Therapeutics
On the Construction and Management of Hospitals for the Insane; with a particular notice of the Institution of Siegburg
ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY. Structure of the Human Placenta
On the Stinging Organs of the Medusx
Tracheotomy in Group
Exlirpation of the Parotid Gland
Recovery from Tubular Pregnancy by the artificial production of Abortion
Tobacco in Hysteria