Experiments on Kiesteine, with observations on its application to the diagnosis of Pregnancy
Case of complete Anchylosis—in which the Knee-joint was permanently flexed—cured by an operation
Practical observations on those Malformations of the Male Urethra and Penis, termed Hypospadias and Epispadias, with an Anomalous Case
Cases of Disease of the Brain and Spinal Marrow
Cases of Deformity from Burns, relieved by Operation
Case of Gun-shot Wound of the Face, with loss of a greater proportion of the Tongue, and extensive lesion of the bony structure, successfully treated; together with an account of interesting nervous Phenomena, resulting from the injury
Two Cases of Inversion of the Uterus
Case of Extravasation of Blood into the cellular texture, beneath the skin of the Penis
On the condition of the Profession on the eastern coast of South America, and the prevalent Diseases of that country
Traité des Névralgies, ou affections douloureuses des nerfs
The Climate of the United States and its Endemic Influences. Based chiefly on the Records of the Medical Department and Adjutant General's Office, United States Army
A System of Midwifery, with numerous wood cuts
Lectures on the Diagnosis, Pathology and Treatment of the Diseases of the Chest
Bibliographical Notices
The Pharmacopœia of the United States of America, by authority of the National Medical Convention held at Washington, A. D.
On Regimen and Longevity; comprising Materia Alimentaria, National Dietetic usages, and the influence of Civilization on Health and the Duration of Life
The Practitioner's Guide: a Practical Compendium of internal Pathology and Therapeutics
Quarterly Summary of the Transactions of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia
Transactions of the Medical Society of the State of New York
Annual Report of the Surgeon General of the United States Army
On the Physical Alterations of the Blood and Animal fluids in disease
Abstract of Mr. Goodsir's paper on the Ultimate Secreting Structure, and on the laws of its Function
Structure of the human kidney and the changes it undergoes in the granular degeneration
Arrangement of the eighth pair of nerves
Singular case of Monstrosity
Experiments on the Saliva obtained from a man labouring under fistula of the right parotid duct near its extremity
Observations on Parasitical growths on living animals
Dentition of Children at the Breast
Styptic effect of Kreasote
Sulpho-Cyanuret of Potassium
Lime Moxa
Five cases of Crowing Inspiration of Children in the same family
Case of enlarged Thymus Gland, producing spasm of Glottis by compressing the recurrent Nerves
Identity of Cow-pox and Small-pox
Vaccination in France in 1840
Sciatica cured by Extract of Belladonna
On the incipient stage of Cancerous Affections of the Womb
Œdema of the Glottis
Complete obliteration of the Aorta
Typhoid fever in the Fœtus
Tincture of Catechu in fissure of the Nipple
Cases of unexpected recovery from large Abscesses in the Lungs
Sympathetic Pruritus
Suffocating Catarrh
Cough from Spinal Irritation
Hiccup from Spinal Irritation
Asphyxia—the relative importance of warmth and cold to the surface
Extensive Disease of the Pancreas
Influence of venereal excesses in the production of Apoplexy
Treatment of Strangulated Hernia by Opium
Iodine Injections in the treatment of Serous Cysts
Permanent closure of the jaws cured after a lapse of five years by division of the masseter muscle
Formation of an Artificial Anus for the relief of Intestinal Obstruction
Artificial Anus in lumbar region in an infant
Rupture of the Spine, by a violent muscular effort
Wound through the Sternum and arch of the Aorta
Treatment of Ulcers between the Toes
Successful amputation in spreading Gangrene
Reunion of the Fingers
Varicose crural vein
Semi-amputation of the Uterus
Introduction of Air into the Veins
Necrosis of the Os Calcis
Hypertrophied state of a fold of the Schneiderian membrane mistaken for nasal polypus
Van Gesscher's Bougies
Ventral Hernia
Amputation for diseased bone in Children
Spontaneous Priapism during thirty hours, with retention of Urine
Bérard's mode of applying the Vienna caustic for the cure of varicose veins
Fracture of the neck of the Femur
Dislocation of the Sternum
Wounds of the Femoral vein in operations for Aneurism
Polypi of the Rectum in Children
Cases of double Hare-lip—period of life most suitable for operating for this deformity
Amputation during Pregnancy
Solution of Urinary Calculi
Cauterization of the neck of the Uterus
Vesico-vaginal Fistula
Hernia of the Stomach
Rare form of Internal Strangulation
On certain structures in the Orbit, and an improved method of treating its Diseases
Rupture of the Sclerotica by a blow with the Fist
Turpentine in Scrofulous Corneitis
Imperfect development of the Eyes with Cataract
Cases in which, after the failure of the operation for Cataract on one eye, the vision of both eyes was restored, by operating on the cataract on the opposite side
Melanosis of the Eye
Cysticerus lodged under the Conjunctiva
Cataract suddenly formed in both Eyes
Extra-uterine Pregnancy
Number of Pulsations of the Fœtal Chord
Rupture of the Womb during Gestation—Recovery
On the Management of the Placenta
Facts relative to the statistics of Menstruation
Extraordinary Birth
Abstraction of the Uterus after delivery
Polypus of the Uterus expelled by the action of Secale Cornutum
Pregnancy unattended with the usual signs, and in which parturition occurred without labour-pains: rupture of the funis which remained untied forty-five minutes
Guerard on the consequences of drinking cold liquids when heated
Detection of Arsenic acid by M. Elsner
On spots in glass resembling those of Marsh, produced by a reducing flame
Do Metallic poisons when mixed with cultivated land, enter into the composition of the vegetables produced?
Plea of Quick with child in criminal cases
Presence of Lead in the solids and fluids
Chevallier on a new mode of distinguishing arsenical spots from antimonial spots
Nicotine.—Paris Academy of Sciences
Suicide from Asphyxia by choking, from the introduction of a firm plug into the fauces
Minute quantity of Opium destructive to the life of a child
Signs of Pregnancy.—Kiesteine
New Test for Nitric Acid
Are medical men liable to punishment if they refuse to make a medico-legal dissection, or a chemical analysis, when called upon by the coroner?
Poisoning with flour containing lead
On the varieties observed in the symptoms of poisoning with Opium
Advanced stage of the Putrefaction of the Brain, without any corresponding appearances in the rest of the body
Birth of a living child on the 179th day
Child born at the end of the fifth month, which lived six days
Recovery from taking two drachms of Arsenic
Animal Magnetism
Abstract of a paper on Opium smoking in China
The Bavarian Schools of Medicine suspend
Desertion of children in France
University College, London
Obituary Record
Expulsion of a mass of hair from the Uterus
Case of expulsion of the Fœtus about the sixth month with the membranes entire
Statistics of the Medical Colleges in the United States
On the Intermittent Fever of New England
Nathaniel Chapman, M.D.
Observations on some of the signs of live and still birth, in their applications to Medical Jurisprudence
Inversion of the Uterus
Operation for Artificial Pupil and subsequent section of the Rectus superior
Rupture of the Uterus from, external injury
Ligature of the External Iliac Artery
Excision of a large Tumour upon the Neck
Thymic Enlargement
Blepharoplastic operation for Ectropion
Snake bites
Medical Schools of the West
Assistant Surgeons in the Navy
Medical Advertising
Medical College, of Ohio
A Popular Treatise on Vegetable Physiology: with numerous wood cuts
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy
University of Maryland
Willoughby Medical School
Pennsylvania Hospital
Yellow Fever at Key West