Cases of Phlebitis, with some preliminary remarks on its Pathology and Treatment
Congestive Fever. Its Character, Symptoms and Treatment, as met with in Central Indiana
Practical Observations on Continued Fever, as it prevailed in Middle Southern Virginia during the thirteen years from 1816 to 1829, inclusive
Fungus Hæmatodes of the Knee—Amputation—Cure
On the Treatment of Puerperal Convulsions before the full term of Utero-Gestation
On Staphyloraphy
Spiders discharged from the Eye. Hysteric Monomania
Carcinomatous Tumour connected with the Stomach simulating Aneurism—Disease of the Aortic Valves, &c.—Death, Autopsy, with Remarks
Gun-shot Wound. Extensive laceration of the Brain, without loss of consciousness, or impairment of mind
Sphacelation of the integuments of the Male Organs of Generation, successfully treated
Poisoning with Lead
Biography of Thomas C. James, M. D.
A Practical Treatise on Pneumonia, as it occurs at different ages, and considered in its connections with some other acute and chronic diseases
A Treatise upon Softening of the Brain
An experimental and critical inquiry into the Nature and Treatment of Wounds of the Intestines
The Annual Report of the Court of Directors of the Western Lunatic Asylum, to the Legislature of Virginia, for 1842
On Gravel, Calculi and Gout: chiefly an application of Professor Liebig's physiology to the prevention and cure of these diseases
The Kidneys and Urine
Lithotripsy; or, the Breaking of Stone in the Bladder
Physical Diagnosis and Diseases of the Lungs
A Practical and Theoretical Treatise on the Diagnosis, Pathology, and Treatment of Diseases of the Skin, arranged according to a Natural System of Classification
Mental Hygiene; or, an Examination of the Intellect and Passions, designed to illustrate their Influence on Health and the Duration of Life
Meteorology; comprising a description of the atmosphere and its phenomena, the laws of climate in general, and especially the climatic features peculiar to the region of the United States; with some remarks upon the climates of the ancient world, as based on Fossil Geology
A Conspectus of the Pharmacopœias of the London, Edinburgh, and Dublin Colleges of Physicians, and of the United States Pharmacopœia, being a Practical Compendium of Materia Medica and Pharmacy
Transactions of the Medical Society of the State of New York
Fifty-sixth Annual Report of the Regents of the University of the State of New York
Quarterly Summary of the Transactions of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia
A Practical Treatise on the Management and Diseases of Children
Dissertation on the Diseases of the Maxillary Sinus
A System of Clinical Medicine
The Horse
On Fissiparous Generation
Blood Corpuscles
Structure and Composition of Nerves
On the special Function of the Skin
On the import and office of the Lymphatic Vessels
Mechanism of Digestion
Worms in the Blood of a Dog
Structure of the Teeth
Structure of the Uterus
Respiratory Capacity of the Lungs
On Menstruation
Chemical Theory of Nutrition
Urea in healthy Blood
Ferruginated Pill of Mercury
Cannabis Indica
Medicinal Properties of Indian Hemp
Remarks on the Pathogenic Action of the Ioduret of Potassium
New Caustic
Calculus in Appendix Vermiformis
Emphysema of the Lung as a cause of Sudden Death
Case of Paralysis without loss of Sensation, from disease of the Cervical Medulla
Leucorrhœa cured by Iodine
Decrement of Weight in Phthisis
Strumous Peritonitis
Delirium Tremens cured by Ammonia
Urea discovered in the Blood of individuals labouring under Inflammation of the Lungs
Spontaneous Rupture of the Spleen
Supposed Antivariolous Properties of Tartar Emetic Pustules
Death from enlarged Bronchial Glands
On the Epidemic Smallpox at Loreze in 1836, and the protective power of Vaccination
Confluent Smallpox in a new-born child
Universal Suppuration of the Cerebro-spinal Membranes, without any corresponding symptoms
Typhus Abdominalis
Engorgement of the Uterus
Researches on the Decomposition and Disintegration of Phosphatic Vesical Calculi; and on the introduction of Chemical Decomponents into the living bladder
Nitric Acid in Hemorrhoids
Rupture of the Internal Jugular Vein into an Abscess
Pathology of fracture of neck of the Femur
Glossitis in an Infant
Hunter's Operation for Aneurism
Osteo-sarcoma of Thigh-bone.—Amputation
Treatment of Aneurism by the method of Brasdor
Structure of Neuromatous Tumours in stumps
The Starch Apparatus far Fractures
Rare Cases of Strangulated Hernia
Vesico-Vaginal Fistula
Cancer of the Mamma: statistics of the disease: treatment by compresses of hydriodate of potass, &c.
Imperfect Luxation of the Radius
Staphyloraphy in cases of Cleft Palate
Syphilitic Rhagades of the Sole of the feet and Toeś
Structure and mode of action of the Iris
Lachrymal Calculi
Turpentine in Hemeralopia
Abdominal Puerperal Neuralgia
Rupture of the Uterus
Prolapsus of the Uterus reduced after sixteen years' continuance
Abscess in the Walls of the Uterus
Statistics of Deliveries
Statistics of Monstrosities
Statistics of Still-born Births
Kakodyle. (Cacodyl.)
Insurance on Lives
Chloride of Gold as a test of certain vegetable Alkalies, (Morphine, Brucine, Strychnine.)
Detection of Opium
Action of Alkaline Chlorides on Mercury and Mercurial Compounds
Death by Suffocation
Probable Case of Superfœtation in a bilocular Uterus
Deaf and Dumb Witness
M. Gibert's letter on the late Epidemic in Paris
Results of the Re-Vaccinations made in the Prussian Army during the Year 1841
Remarks on Typhus Fever, as it prevailed in Delaware Co., Penna
The Mulatto a Hybrid—probable extermination of the two races if the Whites and Blacks are allowed to intermarry
Case of Artificial Anus
Operations for Fissure of the Soft and Hard Palate
Treatment of Vascular Nævus
Contagiousness of Puerperal Fever
Cæsarian Section on a Dwarf
New Works