Observations on the Pathological Relations of the Medulla Spinalis
Case of Molluscum, associated with Fibro-Cellular Encysted Tumour and Encephaloid Disease
On the Pulse of the Insane
Statistics and Cases of Midwifery; compiled from the Records of the Philadelphia Hospital, Blockley
On the Congestive Fever of Mississippi, with Cases
Enteritis—with Cases, exemplifying the decidedly beneficial effects of Blood-letting, and the Sedative Treatment
Case of Inversion of the Uterus, in which Reposition was effected on the tenth day
Ligature of the external Iliac Artery for Aneurism
Eupatorium Perfoliatum in Epidemic Influenza
Case of Polypus of the Uterus expelled by the action of Ergot
On the Extraction of Retained Placenta in Abortion
Improved Catheter-Bougie
A Dissertation on Erysipelas Ambulans
Medical History of the Expedition to the Niger, during the years 1841–2, comprising an account of the fever, which led to its abrupt termination
An Essay towards a correct Theory of the Nervous System
Annual Report of the Resident Physician of the Eastern State Penitentiary for 1843
Report of the Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane for the year 1843
Pharmacologia, being an extended inquiry into the operations of Medicinal bodies, upon which are founded the theory and art of Prescribing
Statistical Report of one hundred and ninety cases of Insanity admitted into the Retreat near Leeds, during ten years, from 1830 to 1840
Address on Insanity, delivered before the New York State Medical Society, February 5th, 1844
Report of the Surgeon General U. S. Army
Human Physiology, with upwards of three hundred illustrations
A Dictionary of Medical Science, containing a concise account of the various subjects and terms; with the French and other Synonymes; notices of climate, and of celebrated mineral waters; formulæ for various officinal preparations
Observations on some of the more important Diseases of Childhood
An Elementary Treatise on Human Physiology, on the Basis of the Précis Elémentaire de Physiologie
On Spasm, Languor, Palsy, and other disorders termed Nervous, of the Muscular System
Clinical and Pathological Report on the Pneumonia of Children, as it prevails among the Pour in London
The Anatomy and Surgical Treatment of Abdominal Hernia. With numerous plates
Practical Remarks on Rheumatic Gout, Fever, and Chronic Rheumatism of the Joints; being the substance of the Croonian Lectures for the present year, delivered at the College of Physicians
Anatomical Atlas, illustrative of the structure of the Human Body
Quarterly Summary of the Transactions of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia
Lectures on the more important Diseases of the Thoracic and Abdominal Viscera
Period at which the foramen ovale, the ductus arteriosus and ductus venosus become obliterated
Blood in the brain
Optic nerves
Nervus vagus and nervus accessorius
Escape of ova independent of fecundation, and the connection of this with menstruation
Age of puberty in girls
Urachus pervious after birth
Species of Veratrum
Species of Smilax
Formula for fluid extract of Senna
Gurjum Balsam
New Preparation of Quinine
Meningeal Apoplexy
Communication between the aorta and pulmonary artery without Cyanosis
Remarkable case of Cyanosis
On the connection of Insanity with diseases in the organs of physical life
New treatment of Sciatica
Ulceration of the Appendix Vermiformis
Rupture of the Trachea
Blood and urine in chlorotic subjects
On Tubercles and Phthisis
Antagonism of typhoid and intermittent Fevers
Double intussusception
Epidemic Remittent Fever which prevailed in Glasgow in 1843
Abortive treatment of Gonorrhœa, by the Nitrate of Silver, and on the employment of caustic injections at all stages of Urethritis
Cancerous diatheses
Dislocation of the Femur—head of that bone upon the pubes,—fracture of the neck of femur
Ovarian dropsy successfully treated with the ioduret of Iron
Amputation of the Leg—Vessels so diseased as to preclude the use of ligatures—recovery
Disarticulation of the ramus of the lower Jaw, without opening the cavity of the mouth
Penetrating wound of the Abdomen—Prolapse of the Stomach—Recovery
Ununited Fracture of the Humerus—Excision of the fractured extremities —Cure
Trismus following the extraction of a Tooth
Extirpation of an Ovarian Cyst
Tracheotomy in the last stage of Croup
Diagnosis of Aneurism of the Aorta
Fibrous tumour mistaken for Aneurism
Painful affection of the Breast
Suture of the Perineum performed immediately after delivery
Cure of encysted Tumours
Remarkable case of Calculus
Dislocation of the os innominatum on the sacrum
Polypi of the Rectum in young children
Postfebrile Ophthalmitis
Amaurosis from concussion of the retina
Foreign bodies in the Eye
Foreign body in the Eye
Efforts of nature to form a pupil at that point of the eye where it will be most useful
Anatomical researches on the excretory ducts of the lachrymal gland
Cyst in the orbital cavity
Artificial rupture of the membranes to accelerate delivery
Contagiousness of Puerperal Fever
New method of compressing the aorta in uterine hemorrhage
Extra-uterine Fœtation
Perforation of the bladder by mistake during parturition
Absence of the uterus
Cæsarean operation
Uterine Sound
Perforation of the intestine by Arsenic
Action of Hydrocyanic Acid and the alkaline cyanurets on Calomel
Professional Confidence
Malconformation of the Female Sexual Organs
Sensibility and power of locomotion after severe injuries
Death from Calomel and Blue Pill
Pregnancy in a Female who had never menstruated
Orfila on Reinsch's process for detecting Arsenic
A new process for the absolute distinction and separation of Arsenic from Antimony
Cold affusion in poisoning by Prussic Acid
Death from large doses of Quinine
Case of Extirpation of the Parotid Gland
Cases of Ovarian Disease, with remarks
Lithotomy—Bilateral operation, with Cases
Remarks on the Vegetable Acids as correctives of Acidity of Stomach
Notice of a New Flexible Stethoscope
Improved Cupping Apparatus
Unusual case of irregularity of the incisors and canine teeth of the superior jaw, remedied in seventy-six days
Ovarian Disease
Vaginal Hysterotomy
New Medical Works