The Influence of Oxygen on the Human System
On Cyanosis, or Morbus Cæruleus
Case of Extirpation of a Bilocular Ovarian Cyst by the large Peritoneal Section
Surgical Cases and Remarks
On the Treatment of the Inflammatory Affections of Malarious Districts
Case of Osteo-sarcoma of the Lower Jaw—Excision—Cure
Case of Craniotomy
Clinical and Practical Treatise on the Diseases of Children
The Anatomy and Physiology of the Nervous System of Man and of the Vertebrated Animals generally; comprising a Series of Pathological Observations in relation to the Nervous System, and a detail of Experiments made upon the higher order of Animals
A complete Treatise on the Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology of the Cerebrospinal Nervous System
Memoirs of the Medical Society of Observation of Paris
Eleventh Annual Report of the Trustees (and the Superintendent) of the State Lunatic Hospital, at Worcester, (Mass.)
A Practical Treatise of Midwifery
Second Annual Report of the Legislature, under the Act of March 1842, relating to the Registry and returns of Births, Marriages and Deaths in Massachusetts. For the year ending May 1st, 1843
Address to the Members of the Massachusetts Medical Society
The Cyclopedia of Practical Medicine
The Practice of Medicine: a Treatise on Special Pathology and Therapeutics
Outlines of Pathology and Practice of Medicine
Medico-Psychologic Annals. A Journal of Anatomy, Physiology, and the Pathology of the Nervous System. Particularly devoted to the collection of all documents connected with the science of Physical and Moral relations, to Mental Pathology, the Medical Jurisprudence of Insanity, and Clinics on the Diseases of the Nerves
Pathological Hæmatology. An Essay on the Blood in Disease
The Principles and Practice of Modern Surgery
Report on the Progress of Practical Medicine in the Departments of Midwifery and the Diseases of Women and Children
Transactions of the New York State Medical Society
Report of the Inspectors of the Western Penitentiary of Pennsylvania, for the Year 1843, with the Accompanying Documents
Guy's Hospital Reports. Second Series, Nos. 1, 2. April and October, 1843
Process of Secretion
Experiments on the action of Strychnia on the Nervous System, and on General and Muscular Sensibility
Cryplogamic Plant found growing in the Sputa and Lungs of a man who laboured under Pneumo-thorax
Structure of the Lungs
New Salt of Mercury and Quinia
Valerianate of Zinc
Chloride of Magnesium
Best mode of administering Quinine in Intermittent Fevers
Rarity of Consumption in Marshy Countries
New Diagnostic signs in Febrile and other Diseases, which present a Typhoid character
Softening of the Spinal Nervous Substance.—Inordinate Venery.—Case of General Paralysis
Neuralgia cured by Inoculation of Salts of Morphia
Scirrhus of the Pancreas
Scirrhous Tumour in Spinal Marrow
Elephantiasis cured by Guaiac and Iodine
Contraction of the foramen lacerum posterius, in maniacs and suicides
Antipsoric remedies
Treatment of Scald Head
Nervous Tremor in Children
Large Doses of Nitrate of Potass
Sea-side Air as a Remedial Agent
Successful Treatment of Ovarian Dropsy without the Abdominal Section
Pathological and histological researches on inflammation of the nervous centres
Inoculation of Vetraria in Neuralgia
Nux Vomica in Neuralgia
Belladonna in Dysmenorrhœa
Nitrate of Potass in Spasmodic Asthma
Continued Inflammatory Affections modified by Marsh Miasmata
Alcoholic Lotion in Phthisis Pulmonalis
Epidemic Fever lately prevalent in Scotland
Trousseau on the Prognosis of Tracheotomy in Croup
Tenotomy—its abuse, and the results
Ununited Fracture of the Forearm successfully treated by seton
Aneurism of the External Iliac Artery—Ligature of the Common Iliac
Removal of a knife-blade from between the Trachea and right Carotid Artery
Intra-capsular Fracture of the neck of the Thigh-Bone
Process of reparation of fractured bone
Reproduction of Bone in Necrosis
Expediency of operating in Cancerous Affections
Description of a peculiar form of Ulceration to which Cicatrices are liable
Comminuted fracture of the base of the Cranium produced by a fall on the feet
Polypous tumour of the Bladder removed by lithontriptic instruments
Foreign bodies in the external Auditory Canal
Fractured Pelvis, with laceration of the Bladder
Cure of Nævi Materni by inoculating with Croton Oil
Extirpation of the Astragalus
Treatment of obstinate Strictures of the Urethra
Fracture of the Malleoli
Berthold's method of arresting Hemorrhage from Leech-bites
Lithontriptic remedies
Removal of a diseased Ovarium terminating fatally on the seventh day
Case of alarming Syncope, from the admission of air into a vein during an amputation at the shoulder-joint
Dissecting Aneurism of the Ascending Aorta bursting into the Pericardium
Diffuse Cellular Inflammation following Vaccination
Ununited Fracture treated by Acupuncturation
Chloride of Sodium in diseases of the Eye
Cyanide of Zinc in Ulcers and Opacities of the Cornea
Conical Cornea
Signs of Pregnancy
Watery discharge from the Vagina during Pregnancy
Ulceration of the Cervix Uteri
Pelvis deformed by Osteomalatia—yielding during Labour
Malposition of the Uterus as an impediment to Labour
Rupture of the Uterus terminating favourably
Turning in Arm Presentations
Partus siccus
Abuse of Obstetric Manæuvres
New Perforator
Complete Congenital Inversion of the Uterus
Death from Corrosive Sublimate applied to an Excoriated Surface
Diseases of the Uterus compatible with Pregnancy
Action of Alcohol and Ether on the Animal System
Poisoning of Children by coloured Confectionary and Paints
Toxicological Experiments with Nitrate of Potash
On Poisoning by Copper
Medico-legal Observations on Foot Prints
Chossat on Starvation
Sudden death from a Mechanical Cause
Corpora Lutea
Medico-legal Inquiry into the Diagnostic character of Ecchymoses
Poisoning by Lead
Trial for Infanticide
The Queen v. Trilloe—Infanticide
Case of Suspected Infanticide
Angular Anchylosis of the Knee-Joint, treated by Dr. J. R. Barton's method
Self-propelling Power of the Blood
Epidemic Erysipelas