ARTICLE I.—Table showing the Mortality following the operation of Tying the Subclavian Artery
ART. II.—Account of an Epidemic Fever which occurred at North Boston, Erie county, N. F., during the months of October and November, 1843
ART. III.—Observations on Uterine Hemorrhage
ART. IV.—On Rheumatism of the Uterus and the Ovaria
ART. V.—Medical and Surgical Cases
ART. VI.—Experiments to determine the Physiological effects of Conium Maculatum
ART. VII.—-Remarks on the Climate, Diseases, & c, of Middle Florida—particularly of Gadsden county
ART. VIII.—Fibrous Tumour of the Uterus
ART. IX.—Case of Pericarditis
ART. X.—A notice of the Epidemic Sore Throat as it appeared in Salem, N. J., and its vicinity
ART. XI.—Essays on Pathology and Therapeutics, being the substance of the course of lectures delivered
ART. XII.—Traité Elémentaire et Pratique de Pathologie Interne
ART. XIII—-Narrative of the United States Exploring Expedition during the years 1838, 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842
ART. XIV.—An Essay on the Philosophy of Medical Science
ART. XV—General Report of the Royal Hospitals of Bridewell and Bethlem, and of the House of Occupations, for the year ending 31st December. 1844
ART. XVI.— Vital Chemistry.—Lectures on Animal Heat
ART. XVII—Summary of the Transactions of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, from November, 1844, to March, 1845
ART. XVIII.—A Synopsis of the Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment of the more common and important Diseases of the Skin
ART XIX.—1. Sixth Annual Report of the Directors and Superintendent of the Ohio Lunatic Asylum, to the forty-third General Assembly, Dec. 9, 1844. Columbus, 1844, pp. 67
ART. XX.—Mental Maladies. A Treatise on Insanity
ART. XXI.—Twenty-fourth Annual Report of the Bloomingdale Asylum for the Insane
ART. XXII.—Dissertatio Obstetrica Inanguralís de Prolapsu Funiculi Umbilicalis. Auctore
ART. XXIII.—Practical Remarks on some exhausting Diseases, particularly those incident to Women
ART. XXIV.—We Principles of Surgery
ART. XXV.—Principles of Forensic Medicine
ART. XXVI.—The Principles and Practice of Dental Surgery
ART. XXVII.—Annual Oration delivered before the Philadelphia Medical Society, by appointment, at the opening of its session of 1844–45
1. On the Structure of the ultimate Fibril of the Muscles of Animal Life
2. Lymphatic Hearts
3. Anatomy of Cells—Numerous examples of molecular movements of the granules in cells are described
4. Structure and Functions of the Skin and its Appendages
5. Peripheral termination of the Nerve-fibres
6. Circulation in the Lungs
7. Long abstinence
8. Recurrence of menstruation at an advanced age
9. Complete absence of the Bladder
10. Researches on the composition of Blood in health and in disease
11. Composition of the Urine
12. Use of Gelatin in food
13. Digitaline
14. Valerianate of Quinine
15. On the minute structure of the Lungs and the formation of Pulmonary Tubercle; with some Observations on its detection by a microscopical examination of the sputa
16. Amnesia following a blow on the head
17. Prolonged Sleep occurring at intervals
18. On the Use of Sulphate of Manganese in various diseases
19. Great Hypertrophy of the Heart and open Foramen Ovale. without Cyanosis
20. On the Nature and Scat of Hooping Cough
21. Compression of the Carotids in Cephalalgta
22. Unusual form of Intussusception of the Colon
23. Observations cm the Mechanism and Diagnostic value of the Friction Vibrations perceived by the Ear and by the Touch in Peritonitis
24. Sanguineous Apoplexy in a child eleven days old
25. Treatment of Chronic Eczema
26. Ossified Gall-Bladder
27. Report of the Committee of Vaccination, made to the Academy of Sciences of France, Feb. 25th, 1845
28. Alum in Pertussis
29. Crystallized Nitrate of Silver in Diarrhoea of Children
30. Irrigations with Cold Water in the treatment of severe Traumatic Lesions
31. Dressing of recent and old Wounds
32. Traumatic Tetanus successfully treated by amputation of the injured part, the application of cold to the spins and the internal use of Cannabis Indica
33. Fungus of the Testicle
Comparession in Aneurism
35. Large Erectile Tumour of the Neck cured by an injection of aromatic wine
36. Hereditary bnttleness of the Bones
37. Strength of Bones and the manner in which they resist External Violence
38. On Amputation at the Knee
39. Amputation of a Finger by a new method
40. Extirpation of an Ovarian Tumour
41. Sanguinous or Aneurismal Tumours of Bone
42. On the Pulsating Tumours of Bone; with the account of a case in which a ligature was placed around the common iliac artery
43. Reduction of Dislocations of the Shoulder.—(Lond. and Ed. Monthly Journal. of Med. Sti., April, 1845.)
44. Remarkable case of Penetrating Wound of the Abdomen in a Pregnant Women
45. Empalement by an Iron Spindle which penetrated the left buttock, and passed out by the right of the navel
46. Paracentesis of the Thorax in acute Pleuritic Effusion
47. Diagnosis between Gonorrhåa and Leucorrhæa
48. Ligature of the External Iliac Artery for Femoral Aneurism
49. Proposal to treat Protracted Mammary Abscess by the Breast-pump and the Syringe
50. Dissecting Aneurism of the Thoracic Aorta
51. Treatment of Hemorrhoids with Chronic Acid
52. On the Formation of Bone by the Periosteum
53. On the Microscopic Texture of Cancer
54. Ligature of a Polypus of the Bladder
55. Re-establishment of Nervous Action after Autovlastic Operations
56. Severe injury of the Thigh
57. Treatment of Syphilitic Affections
58. Aneurism of the Arteria Innominata and Arch of the Aorta
59. New Fracture of the Humerus
60. On the Treatment of Inversion of the Eyelids
61. Motions Of the Iris
62. Regeneration of the Crystalline Lens
63. Amaurosis from Fungoid Tumours of the Cerebellum
64. Iritis in Infancy
65. Remarks on the Pathology of Iritis
66. On the Expulsion and Extraction of the Placenta before the Child, in Placental Presentations
67. Hemorrhage from an Ulcer in the Arm concurrent with Menstruation
68. Delivery of Twins, whose heads were interlocked
69. Quadruple Births
70. Obesity of the Umbilical Cord
71. Division of the Symphysis Pubis in certain cases of Obstructed Labour
72. Spontaneous Inversion of the Uterus
73. Presentation of the Shoulder in six consecutive labours in the same woman
74. Absence of the Chorion
75. Reproduction of the Liquor Amnii
76. Vtero-gestation protracted to the three hundred and ninth day
77. Remarkable case of Delivery during sleep
78. Remarkable Suicide
79. The Umbelliferous Narcotics
80. Ergoted Bread
81. Doubtful case of Concussion of the Brain from external injury
82. Raciborski on the Nature of the Corpora Lutea, and the difference in their appearance, according as the expulsion is followed or not by conception
83. Case of Death from Rupture of the Splenic Vein
84. Concealed Pregnancy and Delivery, with suspected Child-murder
85. On the Preservation of the Health of those who work in Lead
86. Health of Workmen in Tobacco Factories
87. Statistics of Tubercles
88. Statistics of Hernia
Two Cases of Femoral Hernia, with some Remarks
Case of Extensive Inflammation of the synovial membrane of the Knee Joint terminating in suppuration, without inducing ulceration of either the hard or soft textures of the Joint
Recent Laws for the punishment of Criminal Abortion and Concealment of Birth
Report of the Surgeon General, U. S. Army
Twins, at different stages of development
Case of Procidentia Uteri during Labour, in which artificial means were necessary to effect delivery, with subsequent replacement of the uterus and complete recovery
Wound of the Axillary Artery and Plexus of Nerves.—Amputation below the shoulder joint.—Secondary hemorrhage.—Ligature of Subclavian Artery
Statistics of the Medical Colleges of the United States
Guthrie on the Anatomy and Diseases of the Urinary Organs
Copland's Dictionary of Practical Medicine