Ligature of both Carotid Arteries for a remarkable Erectile Tumour of the Mouth, Face, and Neck
Observations on Remittent Fever, as it occurs in the Southern parts of Alabama
Notes of Cases of Remittent Fever which occurred in the Baltimore Almshouse Infirmary
On the Connection between Puerperal Fever and Epidemic Erysipelas, in its origin and mode of propagation
Description of a New Operation for the Cure of Hemorrhoids
Extra-Uterine Pregnancy—Retention of the Fœtus fifteen years in the cavity of the abdomen, during which time the patient was delivered of a full-grown child at term—removal of the extra-uterine fœtus—complete recovery
Case of Extra-Uterine Pregnancy
Thoughts on Serous Polyæmia
Enormous Steatoma removed from the side
On the Topography of Singapore
Trismus Nascentium.—Its Pathology and Treatment
Practical Observations on Purpura
Case of Angio-Leucitis with abscess, from the introduction of pus into a slight wound
Placenta Prævia,—removal of the Placenta before the child
Anomaly of the Descendens Noni Nerve
A Practical Treatise on Inflammation, Ulceration, and Induration of the Neck of the Uterus: with remarks on the value of Leucorrhœa and Prolapsus Uteri as symptoms of uterine disease
Fragments of Science and Art
Elements of Pathological Anatomy; illustrated by coloured engravings, and two hundred and fifty wood-cuts
Fourth Annual Report to the Legislature, relating to the Registry and Returns of Births, Marriages, and Deaths in Massachusetts, for the year ending April 30th, 1845
Elements of Materia Medica and Therapeutics
On Diseases of the Liver
Psychological researches in reference to the Indian Hemp and Mental Alientation
Bibliographical Notices
Twenty-fifth Annual Report of the Bloomingdale Asylum for the Insane
A Manual of the Diseases of the Eye, a Treatise on Ophthalmology
Physical Education and the Preservation of Health
Phrenology examined
Clinical Lectures on Surgery. Delivered at St. George's Hospital
General Therapeutics and Materia Medica
A Compendium of Lectures on the Theory and Practice of Medicine, delivered by Prof. Chapman, in the University of Pennsylvania
Outlines of the Nerves, with short Descriptions. Designed for the use of Medical Students
Manual of the Diseases of the Skin
Sudoriparous Glands of the Axilla
Experiments on the Absorption and Reproduction of the Heads of Bones
Development of Capillaries
Minute Anatomy of the Kidneys
Taste. Papillary Structure of Tongue
Function of Taste
Effects of Alcohol on the exhalation of Carbonic Acid from the Lungs
On the detection of Pus in the Blood and other Animal Fluids
Chemical and Microscopical examination of several kinds of Sputa
Blood in Scrofula
Urine during Pregnancy
Preparation of the Caustic of Filhos
Turpentine in Large Doses in the Treatment of Purpura Hemorrhagica
On the minute Anatomy and Pathology of Bright's Disease of the Kidney, and on the relation of the renal disease to those diseases of the liver, heart, and arteries, with which it is associated
Chorea and its consequences
Softening of the Pons Varolii.—Lead in the Cerebellum
Case of Apoplexy of the Pons Varolii
Case of Intestinal Obstruction; Sigmoid Flexure strangulated by the Ileum
Treatment of Dilatation of the Heart
On the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus
Headache accompanied with Alkaline Urine
Action of excessive doses of Mercury on the Pancreas
Danger of Mercury in Bright's Disease
Modification of Small-Pox by Vaccination
On the Occupations of those who are most exposed to Metallic Colic
Colic from Copper among the Workers in that Metal
Strychnine in Chorea
On Constipation from Indolence of the Bowels, and its Treatment
Effects of Obliteration of the Carotid Arteries upon the Cerebral Circulation
Ligature of the Common Carotid for Tumours of the Diplóe
Vascular Tumour at the Orifice of the Meatus Urinarius
Account of the dissection of a subject who had been cured of Popliteal and Femoral Aneurism (in opposite limbs) by Compression; with observations upon this method of treatment
Aneurism at the commencement of the Femoral artery—Ligature of the External Illiac
Aneurism of the Abdominal Aorta, simulating Calculus in the Bladder
Aneurism by Anastomosis of the Scalp
Bony Tumour in a Nerve
Œdema of the Glottis from slight injury of the Mucous Surface—Laryngotomy— Cure
Observations on some diseases of Bursœ Mucosœ
Removal of a portion of the Liver from the Human Subject
Resection of the entire Upper-Jaw
Compound Fracture of Os Frontis in a child 18 months old,—three pieces of Bone remaining in the Cerebrum during four months. Recovery
Fractures of the Ribs
Amputation at the Ankle-joint
New Form of Varicose Aneurism
Early operation for Hare-lip
Ovarian Dropsy
Foreign Body in the Tongue for Thirty-two Years
Expulsion of a piece of Bone from the Gullet at the end of eight months
Statistics of Lithotomy
Treatment of Seminal Losses by Compression
Periostitis of the Orbit
Muscœ Volitantes
Cure of Strabismus.—Ligatures on the Recti Muscles of the Eye
Two cases of Labour protracted by Insuperable Rigidity of the Os Uteri—with remarks
On the Development of the Placenta within the Fallopian Tube
New Sign of Pregnancy
Case in which the Cœsarean Section was performed on account of a Pelvic Tumour [a prolapsed ovarium containing a fœtus] preventing delivery
Contagiousness of Puerperal Fever and its connection with Erysipelatous and Phlebitic Inflammation
Puerperal Fever—Death of Husband from somewhat analogous Symptoms
Prolapsus of the Cord, and escape of Meconium, without death of the child
Treatment of unavoidable Uterine Hemorrhage
Placenta Prœvia—delivery of the Placenta before the Child
Treatment of Placenta Prœvia by turning
Treatment of Placenta Prœvia by Plugging the Vagina
On the treatment of cases of Placenta Prœvia by removal of the Placenta, and not by turning
Paralysis from Monkshood
Life Assurance
On the Solubility of Oxide of Lead in pure Water
Abortion produced by the Injection of an irritating Substance into the Vagina.— Death of the Female
M. Bonjean on the Elimination of Arsenic, &c.,from the System
Poisoning with Strychnia
The proof that poison has been administered
Notice of some experiments for the cure of Deafness
Cure of Stammering
Electrical Girl
Obituary Notice of the late Dr. James Johnson
Removal of a Foreign Body from the Bladder
Hemorrhage from Various parts of the Body
Case of Catalepsy relieved by Music
Case of Monstrosity
Scarlatinoid Fever
History of a Case of Ligature of the Left, Subclavian Artery between the Scaleni Muscles, attended with some peculiar circumstances
Ligature of the Left Subclavian Artery within the Scalenus Muscle, for Aneurism
Lithotomy and Lithotrity
Ovarian Cyst ruptured by a fall—effusion of its contents into the Peritoneal cavity; absorption; permanent Cure
Inversion of the Uterus—replacement
Statistics of Amputation
Case of Aneurismal Varix cured by Compression
Velpeau's New Caustic
Foreign Body retained in a Bronchus for sixty years
National Medical Convention
New Works in Press