Table showing the mortality following the operation of tying the Iliac Arteries
On the Nature of Phlegmasia Dolens
Remarks on the Construction and Arrangements of Hospitals for the Insane
Some Observations on the Epidemic Intermittent and Remittent Fever of the Autumn of 1846
Cases of Acute Affection of the Spinal Marrow, with Dissections
Case of Compound Fracture of the Skull, with escape of Cerebral substance, ending in Recovery
Contributions to Pathology; being a Report of Fatal Cases, taken from the Records of the U. S. Naval Hospital, New York
Case of sudden formation of Hydrocele unconnected with the development of Inflammation in the Tunica Vaginalis Testis
Case of Puerperal Peritonitis
Remarks upon Medical Organization and Reform, (Foreign and English.)
Report of a Special Committee of the House of Assembly of the State of New York, on the present Quarantine Laws
An Essay on the Use of Narcotics and other Remedial Means, calculated to produce Sleep in the Treatment of Insanity
An Anatomical Description of the Diseases of the Organs of the Circulation and Respiration
The Why and the Wherefore; or, the Philosophy of Life, Health and Disease: new and original views explanatory of their Nature, Causes and Connexion; and of the Treatment of Disease upon a few General Principles, based upon the Laws of Nature and Common Sense: with Rules for the Preservation of Health and Renovation of the System. The fruit of thirty years' observation and personal experience
A Practical Treatise on the Diseases of Children
Lectures on Natural and Difficult Parturition
Adulterations of various Substances used in Medicine and the Arts, with the Means of detecting them; intended as a Manual for the Physician, the Apothecary and the Artisan
Chemistry of the Four Seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. An Essay, principally concerning Natural Phenomena, admitting of interpretation by Chemical Science, and illustrating passages of Scripture
A Practical Treatise on Ventilation
New Remedies
Special Anatomy and Histology
Encyclopedia Americana: Supplementary volume. A Popular Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, Literature, History, Politics and Biography, vol. xiv
Minor Surgery; or Hints on the Every Day Duties of the Surgeon
An Introduction to Entomology; or, Elements of the Natural History of Insects: comprising an account of noxious and useful insects, of their metamorphoses, food, stratagems, habitations, societies, motions, noises, hybernation, instinct
On the Digestion and Assimilation of Amylaceous and Saccharine Matters
On the Presence of Sugar in Healthy Blood
Character of the Blood in Malignant Affections of the Uterus
Analysis of the Urine, Blood, Fæces and Vomited Matters in Cholera Sporadica
On the presence of large quantities of Fat in the Blood
On the Formation of Fat in the Animal Body
Composition of Croup Membrane
Mode of preparing Tannate of Iron
Effect of Matico-leaf in a case of obstinate Hemorrhage
Ergotine as a Hæmostatic
Modus operandi of Opium in the treatment of hemorrhage
Castor Oil—Substitute for
Formula for administration of Castor Oil
Carragheen Moss
Glucosuria, or Diabetes Mellitus
Cerebro-spinal Arachnitis, as it has lately appeared in the Irish Workhouses, and some of the Dublin Hospitals
On the Diseases resulting from the immoderate use of Tobacco
Results of Experiments on the Physiological action of Tobacco
Excessive secretion of Earthy Phosphates by the Kidneys, with long continued irritability of the stomach
Electrical or Acute Chorea
Loss of Language
Acute Tuberculosis of the Lungs
The Therapeutics of Hydatid Formations
Tannate of Iron, in the Treatment of Chlorosis
Treatment of Cutaneous Diseases by Alkalies
Ammonia as a Remedy in Asthma
Belladonna in Orchitis
Pathological Characters of the Blood as it exists in the Exanthemata
Microscopical characters of Cancer
Case in which there was a black secretion from the skin of the forehead and upper part of the face
Chlorate of Potash as a remedy for Mercurial Salivation
Treatment of Epilepsy
Imperforate Anus; Perineal Operation
Strychnine in the Treatment of Chorea
Nocturnal Incontinence of Urine
Pathological Observations on Tubercular Meningitis
Injections of Quassia to remove Intestinal Worms
Treatment of Varicose Veins
Lithotomy—Death two months after from abscess in pelvis
Lithotomy in the Female.—New operation
Nerve Ganglions after amputation.—Minute anatomy
Dislocation of the Hip in very young children
Diagnosis and Treatment of difficult cases of Fracture of the Limbs
Straw Splints for Fractures
Fractures of the Metacarpal Bones
Displacement of the Vertebræ cured by Extension
Cure of Popliteal Aneurism by Compression
Treatment of certain Aneurisms by Galvano-puncture
Closure of several Varices of the left Leg, by means of the Electro-puncture
On the efficacy of Acupuncture in causing Obliteration of the Arteries
Treatment of Gonorrhœa
Two cases of Spina Bifula—one of them cured
Rupture of the Bladder.—Recovery
Treatment of Buboes by injections of Tincture of Iodine
A novel, simple, and successful Method of treating Ruptured Tendo-Achilles
New Method of treating Fractured Ribs
Fatal Hemorrhage from the operation of Tapping
Extensive Laceration of the Organs of Generation
Spontaneous cure of Hydrocele
Structure of the Vitreous Body
Movements of the Iris
Flaccidity of the Iris after Death
Adjusting Power of the Eye to Vision at different distances
Paralysis of the Third Pair of Nerves consecutive to Neuralgia of the Fifth Pair
Phlebitic Ophthalmitis
Adhesion of the Eyelids to the Globe of the Eye
Statistics of Operations for Cataract
Suggestions regarding the Anatomical Source and Pathological Nature of Post-partum Hemorrhage
On the Nature of the Membrane occasionally expelled in Dysmenorrhœa
Ovarian Cyst of immense size, containing Hydatids and Glairy Fluid.—Tapping.—Death
Fatal Menorrhagia
Twin case—Impaction of the Heads
Inversion of the Uterus
Inversion of the Uterus with Hemorrhage
Recovery from a severe injury to the Gravid Uterus
Composition of Kyesteine
Remarkable Monster
Antimony in the Living Organs
Feigned Diseases
Arsenic.—How long before its symptoms appear?
Atropa Belladonna
Death by Strangulation, Homicide, or Suicide
On the Composition of Air at different heights in close apartments
Janipha Manihot
Opium not poisonous to the Rabbit
Carbonate of Lead
Condition of the Brain in persons who die by Strangulation
Presumption of Death
Poisoning with Oxalic Acid
Murder by a Deaf and Dumb Person
Poisoning by Cantharides
Abstract of Researches on Magnetism and on certain allied Subjects; including a supposed new imponderable
The Power of the Mind over the Body: An Experimental Inquiry into the Nature and Cause of the Phenomena attributed by Baron Reichenbach and others to a “New Imponderable”
Note on the Vitellary nature of the Corpus Luteum
Death following a wound of the Heart, after seventy-eight hours
An extraordinary case of Urinary Calculi, 228 in number
Ferri Cyanuretum in the treatment of Ascarides of the Rectum
Fracture of the Neck of the Femur within the capsular ligament, followed by perfect bony union
Double Vagina
Ligature of external Iliac Artery
Amputation of the Superior Maxillary, Malar and Palate bones, for Disease of the Antrum—Recovery
Case of Spontaneous Rupture of the Uterus in the third or fourth month of Pregnancy. Congenital absence of muscular walls of Uterus on one side, of Fallopian tube and ovary, and of the os tincæ
Ferrocyanate of Quinia
Oxalic Acid in Rhubarb Plant
Topical application of Sulphate of Quinine
Stillingia Sylvatica
Magnesia as an Antidote to Arsenic
Statistical Researches on Cancer
Case of Double Consciousness (?)
Mortality in St. Louis, during 1845
Absence of Spleen
Presumption of Survivorship
The Right of a Physician to compensation for making a Post-mortem examination at the request of a Coroner
On the Effects of Emetics in the young subject
Inhalation of Ethereal Vapour for the Prevention of Pain in Surgical Operations
A novel method of detecting a needle by means of Magnetism
The Dog
Professor Bartlett
Royle's Materia Medica and Therapeutics
Jones on Diseases of the Eye.—Vogel's Pathological Anatomy
Summary of the Transactions of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia
The Annalist; a record of Practical Medicine and Surgery in the city of New York