Ligature of the Left Subclavian Artery for Subclavian Aneurism; with a Remarkable Deviation of the Vessel and Consequent Change of its Relations
On the Advantages of Simple Dressings in Surgery
A new Treatment of Catarrh
A Case of Congenital Encysted Tumour, on the right side of the Chest, successfully treated with the Seton
Case of Gun-shot Wound of the Chest
Extracts from the Records of the Boston Society for Medical Improvement
Cases of Premature Labour from unusual causes, with Remarks
Report of Cases treated in the Pennsylvania Hospital
Notes of Hospital Cases
On the Etiology of Intermittent and Remittent Fevers
Cases of Partio-general Paralysis
Chloroform Inhalation in Amputation of the Thigh
Exsection and Disarticulation of the Lower Jaw for Osteo-Sarcoma
Vaginal Hysterotomy
Amputation in Gun-shot Wounds
A Case of Intussusception
A Treatise on Etherization in Childbirth
Observations on the Pathology of Croup, with remarks on its treatment by topical medications
Boâ Vista Fever
Essays on Infant Therapeutics: to which are added Observations on Ergot, and an account of the origin of the use of Mercury in Inflammatory Complaints
The Diseases of the Spleen: A Pathologico-therapeutic Treatise
Researches on the Motion of the Juices in the Animal Body
The Nature and Treatment of Deafness and Diseases of the Ear; and the Treatment of the Deaf and Dumb
Clinical Midwifery; comprising the Histories of five hundred and fortyfive cases of difficult, preternatural and complicated Labour. With Commentaries
The Principles and Practice of Medicine, in a Series of Essays
The Principles and Practice of Modern Surgery
A System of Human Anatomy, General and Special
A complete practical work on the Nature and Treatment of Venereal Diseases and other affections of the Genito-Urinary organs of the male and female
On the Spleen
On the Capillary Circulation
On the Action of the Pancreatic Fluid
Note on one of the Anomalies of the Right Subclavian Artery, with Absence of the Recurrent Nerve of the Right Side
On the Chemical Phenomena manifested by different substances introduced into the Organism
On the Acidity and Alkalinity of certain of the Human Fluids in the state of Health and Disease
On certain forms of Alkaline Urine
Characters of the Urine in Bright's Disease
Action of Calomel on the Liver
An Effect of Opium, upon which sufficient stress has not hitherto been laid
Physiological Action of the Iodide of Potassium
Action of Chloroform
Administration of Mercury in small Doses
Narcotic Principle in Indian Hemp, a Peculiar Resin
Camphor and Chloroform Mixture
Supposed Test for Cod Liver Oil
On the Anatomy of the Enlarged Thyroid Gland in Bronchocele
On the Healthy and Diseased Structure of Articular Cartilage
On the Pathological Changes in Mucous Inflammations
Pathological Anatomy of the Kidneys
Diseased Condition of the Tracheo-bronchial Mucous Membrane of the Artisans of Sheffield, and the Statistics of Mortality among them
Fungus Hæmatodes of the Brain
On Photuria, or Luminous Urine
The Vibration of the Thoracic Walls,—a Diagnostic Sign of Disease
On Influenza and Cholera
On Delirium in Pneumonia
Inflammation and Ulceration of the Œsophagus
Peculiar Obstruction of the Bowels
On the Simultaneous Progress of Gout and Phthisis
Influence of Physical Agents on Variola
On the Employment of Nitrate of Potass in Acute Rheumatism; with Suggestions for the Use of Saline Solutions as External Applications in Local Rheumatic Inflammation
Collodion in the Treatment of Diseases of the Skin
Epilepsy cured by cauterization of the Sinciput
Arsenic in Furunculus and Acne
On the Use of Stomachics in Dyspepsia
Belladonna in the Nocturnal Incontinence of Urine in Children
Local Application of Chloroform in Lumbago
Local Application of Chloroform to a Pelvic Tumour
Case of Hydrophobic Mania successfully treated with Chloroform
Use of Chloroform in Insanity
Insanity cured by Sulphate of Quinine
Ligature of the Primitive Carotid Artery for an Aneuristnal Tumour in the Temporal Region
Strangulated Hernia, reduced by Fright
Application of Laudanum in Orchitis
Rigidity of the Hand after Fracture of the Forearm
A New Mode of Performing Lithotomy by the Rectum
Reduction of a Dislocation forward of the Inferior Surface of the Fifth Cervical Vertebra
Vertical Dislocation of Patella
Disease of the Appendix Cœci cured by Operation
Treatment of Hemorrhage after Excision of the Tonsil
Gun-shot Wounds
Character of the Orifices of Gun-shot Wounds
Dilatation of Gun-shot Wounds unconnected with Fracture
Balls lodged in the Bones
Treatment of Fractures of the Extremities in connection with Gun-shot Wounds
Operations for excising parts of the Hip-joint in Scrofulous Caries of the Articulation
Removal of a Carious Portion of a Rib
Fracture of the Head of the Humerus, and laceration of the Axillary Vein
Chloroform in Surgical Practice
Local Anæsthesia
Tetanus from Injury of the Ankle—Amputation—Repeated Etherization—Death
Structure of the Vitreous Humour
Cholesterine Cataract
Sparkling Eye
Chloroform in the treatment of Ophthalmia
Ergot of Rye a Remedy for Excessive Dilatation of the Pupil from Belladonna
Ergot of Rye in Mydriasis
On the Mammary Secretion as a Sign of Pregnancy
Protracted Lactation
Sore Nipples and their Treatment
Fissures of the Nipples
Rupture of an Impregnated Uterus, from a collection of Pus in its Cavity
Statistics of the Induction of Premature Labour
Prolapsus of the Funis, at the second month of Pregnancy
Quinine as prophylactic of Puerperal Fever
Medicated Pessaries
Plaster Belt in Abdominal Tumours
Employment of Chloroform in Midwifery
Case of Retention of a Fœtus in the Uterus for Eleven Years
Case of Spontaneous Amputation of the Forearm, and Subsequent Rudimentary Regeneration of the Hand of the Fœtus
Course of Cholera—its rate of progress—its mortality—its prelimiary stage
New Remedies for Epidemic Cholera
Persian Petroleum in Cholera
Treatment of Cholera by Chloroform in Peckham House Asylum
Treatment of Cholera by Chloroform at the Peckham House Asylum
Chloroform Inhalations in Cholera
Means of Applying Heat to Cholera Patients
Injection of Saline Fluids into the Veins
Directions Relative to the Prevention and Treatment of Cholera, by the Royal College of Physicians of London
Researches on the Principal Metallic Poisons, and Mode of Ascertaining their Presence
Case of Poisoning by Arsenic, in which the symptoms were unusually delayed
Poisoning with Chloride of Zinc—Suggestion of an Antidote
Antidote to Strychnia
Child born betwixt the end of the sixth and middle of the seventh month and brought up
Remarks on Endosmose
State of Medical Education in Turkey
Cod-Liver Oil in Phthisis
Case of extensive fracture of the Os Frontis, with escape of a portion of the Cerebral Substance.—Recovery
Case of Compound Fracture of the Cranium with loss of Cerebral Substance
Œdematous Laryngitis, successfully treated by Scarifications of the Glottis and Epiglottis
A New Feature in the Anatomical Structure of the Genito-Urinary Organs not hitherto described
Remarks on some of the Diseases which prevailed in the 2d Regt. Mississippi Rifles, for the first six months of its service
Bite of the Cerastes Nasicornis, the Horned Viper of Western Africa
Case of Traumatic Tetanus successfully treated
Ununited Fracture of the Femur of one year's standing, successfully treated by Resection, Denudation, and Retaining the ends of Bone by means of Wire
Successful Amputation at the Shoulder-joint, for Gunshot Wound—patient under Chloroform
Aneurismal Tumour of a branch of the Epigastrium bursting into the Scrotal Sac
Fibrous Tumour of the Uterus—Gastrotomy
Case of Labour where Delivery was accomplished through the Perinæum
Cases and Remarks upon the use of Chloroform in Natural Labour
Statement of fifteen cases of Midwifery in which Chloroform was administered
Case of Puerperal Convulsions treated by Chloroform
Malignant Cholera
Statistics of the Medical Colleges of the United States for the Session of 1847–48
Medical Literature