On the Intimate Structure and History of the Articular Cartilages
Observations on Hydrophobia, with cases, in one of which chloroform was administered with a favourable result
History of Five Cases of Pseudo-membranous Laryngitis or True Croup; in three of which the Operation of Tracheotomy was performed, and in two successfully; with Remarks on the Treatment, and on the Operation
Extracts from the Records of the Boston Society for Medical Improvement
Report of the Cases of Small-Pox received into the Philadelphia City Hospital in 1845–6
Case of Ovarian Dropsy, with Remarks
Effects of Chloroform as a Narcotic Agent
Cases of Retroversion of the Uterus, with a Description of a New Instrument for its Restoration, and some observations on the displacement of the organ
Extraction of a glass goblet from the Rectum—Fracture of the Penis
Obstetrics. The Science and the Art
Report made to the House of Representatives of Massachusetts on the Commission of Lunacy
A Paper on Epidemic Meningitis
Anniversary Discourse before the New York Academy of Medicine
The Plea of Humanity in behalf of Medical Education. The Annual Address delivered before the New York State Medical Society, and Members of the Legislature, at the Capitol, February 6th, 1849
Manual of Physiology
An Introduction to Practical Chemistry, including Analysis
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Manipulations
Report of the Standing Sanatory Committee of the Board of Health of the City of New York, on the subject of Asiatic Cholera, at present prevailing at the Quarantine establishment of New York at Staten Island
Report of a Joint Special Committee of Select and Common Councils, (appointed on the 7th December, 1848,) to whom was referred certain queries contained in a Circular Letter from the American Medical Association, on the subject of Public Hygiène
Summary of the Transactions of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia
Blood Corpuscles of the Human Embryo
On the Changes which take place in the Lungs after Division of the Pneumogastric Nerves
On the Mechanism by which the Valves of the Heart are closed, and by which the Sounds of the Heart are produced
Nature of the Gastric Juice
On the Changes which Organic Substances suffer on their passage into the Urine
On the Chemical Changes of Respiration
Source of Sugar in the Animal Economy
On Cod-Liver Oil
Physiological and Therapeutic Action of Atropia
The Advantages of Chloride of Gold as a Caustic
Nutritive Properties of Bran
Vegetable Infusions
Case of Hydrophobia Spontanea
On Muscular Rheumatism
On Bilious Pneumonia
Melœna Neonatorum
On Sanguineous Perspiration
Case in which the Physical Signs of the position of the Heart were deceptive
On the Signs of Discased Heart afforded to the Hand laid over the Prœcordium
Polyform Concretions in the Cavities of the Heart
Pleuritis simulating Pericarditis
Encysted Tubercles in the Lungs
Phthisis in the Infant
Acute Tubercular Meningitis in the Adult
Case of Variola in which the Eruption was found on the Mucous Membrane of the Colon
Intra-Uterine Small-pox
Nocturnal Neuralgia of the Forearm
Spontaneous cure of Ovarian Dropsy, by means of an Ulcerative Opening of the Cyst into the Bladder
Treatment of Epilepsy
Iodide of Potassium in Saturnine Affections
On the external use of Iodine in Croup
Spigelia Marylandica in Pruritus Ani depending upon Ascarides
Lemon Juice in Rheumatic Gout
Employment of Nux Vomica in the Diarrhœa of Exhaustion
Beneficial Effects of Coffee in Infantile Cholera
Palsy of the Tongue cured by galvano-puncture
On the Injection of various substances into the Veins
Hospital Gangrene
Pathological Researches into the Diseases of the Ear
Ovarian Dropsy
Aneurism of the Axillary Artery
Ligature of Subclavian followed by Incessant Cough
Inguinal Aneurism—Ligature of the left external Iliac Artery
Femoral Aneurism—Compression tried without success—Amputation
Wound of the Right Kidney successfully treated
Lateral Transfixture of the Chest by a Scythe Blade, followed by complete recovery
On the Employment of Sugar of Lead in Strangulated Hernia
New Method of Treating Urethral Pains following Gonorrhœa
Luxation of the Astragalus inwards; Reduction
Vertical Dislocation of the Patella
Excision of the Os Calcis
Excision of the head of the Femur in Morbus Coxarius
A new mode of removing Nævi
Case of Cysticercus Cellulosa in the Anterior Chamber of the Human Eye
Case of Foreign Body in the Eye
On the Causes of the Endemic Puerperal Fever of Vienna
Influence of the Mother's Imagination upon the Production of Monstrous Children
Ulceration of the Os and Cervix Uteri treated with Solution of Gun-Cotton
On the Statistics, Pathology, and Treatment of Puerperal Insanity
In what Cases (other than of Contracted Pelvis) is it proper to induce Abortion or Premature Labour?
Cause of Hemorrhage in the latter Months of Pregnancy in Cases of Placenta Prœvia
Cerebral and Meningeal Phlebitis in Puerperal Women
Chemical Examination of the Liquid Vomited during Cholera
Microscopic examinations of the Mucous Membrane of the Stomach and Bowels in Cholera
Terchloride of Carbon as a remedy for Cholera
Quinine in Cholera
Blood-Letting in Cholera
Injection of Saline Solution into the Veins in Cholera
Conclusion respecting the Mode of Propagation of Cholera in Russia, in 1847–48
Action of Chloroform
Deaths from Chloroform
Chloride of Olefiant Gas as an Anæsthetic
Naphtha as an Anæsthetic
Anæsthesia from the local Application of Chloroform
Chloroform in Midwifery
Lunatic Asylum, Nantes—Question of Insanity
Early Menstruation and Pregnancy
On Influenza and Ozone
Case of Trismus Nascentium, illustrative of the influence of position of the patient in the treatment of that affection
Ovarian Dropsy cured by the long Abdominal Incision in 1701
On the Development of the Purkinjean Corpuscle in Bone
On the Arrangement of the Areolar Sheath of Muscular Fasciculi and its Relation to the Tendon
Intermaxillary Bone in the Embryo of the Human Subject
Lithotomy—117 Calculi weighing 4½ ounces Successfully Removed
Case of Inguinal Aneurism—Compression tried without success—Ligature of the Artery
Trephining for Epilepsy
Iodine in the Treatment of Snake-bites
Cholera in New Orleans
Iron Rod weighing 13¼ pounds driven through the Head—Recovery
Death from Pressure of an enlarged Thyroid Gland
Superfœtation and Mixed Births
Cases in which a large quantity of Chloroform was used
Local Anœsthesia in Neuralgia
Chloroform in Nephritic Colic
Circular.—Surgeon-General's Office, February 7, 1849