Statistics of the Mortality following the Operation of Tying the Femoral Artery
Case of Successful Extirpation of a Fibrous Tumour of the Right Ovary by the large Peritoneal Section
Ligature of the Common Carotid Artery
Case of Lead Poisoning, with Recovery
A Detail of certain Experiments, performed by Magendie and Bernard, in the College of France
History of Two Cases of Aneurism, treated in the Pennsylvania Hospital
Case of Cerebral Irritation
Notes of Hospital Cases
Thoughts on Suits for Malpractice, suggested by certain Judicial Proceedings in Erie County, Pennsylvania
Case of Imperforate Vagina, and Malformation of Superior Portion— Operation—Cure
On the Influence of Sea Life upon Health
Case of Congenital Deficiency of the Superior Portion of the Cranium
Case of Monstrosity : Deficiency of posterior parts of Cranium and Spinal Column—Deformity of Genital Organs, &c.
Experimental and Practical Researches on the Structure and Function of Blood Corpuscles; on Inflammation, and on the Origin and Nature of Tubercles in the Lungs
On Gout—its History, its Causes, and its Cure
A Theoretical and Practical Treatise on Human Parturition
A Dissertation on the Practice of Medicine, containing an Account of the Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of Diseases, and adapted to the Use of Physicians and Families
Lectures on the Diseases of Infancy and Childhood
Clinical Lectures on the Physical Diagnosis of Phthisis
Epidemic Cholera—Its History, Causes, Pathology, and Treatment
The Treatment of Rheumatic Diseases by Lemon Juice; with Illustrative Cases from Hospital Practice
Report on the Practical Operation of the Law relating to the Importation of Adulterated and Spurious Drugs, Medicines, &c.
The Dispensatory of the United States of America
A Dictionary of Dental Science, Biography, and Medical Terminology
Transplantation of Testicles
On the Minute Anatomy of the Sudorific Organs
Function of the Cerebellum
On the Power to repair Damages sustained by Injury, and to Reproduce Lost Parts
Microscopical Examination of the Contents of the Hepatic Ducts, with Conclusions founded thereon
Sugar found in the Blood, Tissue of the Kidney, &c, but not in the Spleen and Pancreas, of a Diabetic Patient, who died suddenly
On the Composition of the Salts of the Blood, and of their Relation to the Formation of Vesical Calculi
Investigations and Experiments on Human Blood
On Glycerine and its Therapeutic Uses
On Large Doses of Subnitrate of Bismuth in Gastro-Intestinal Affections
Concealing the Taste of Fish Oil
Therapeutic Action of Aconitum Napellus
The Microscopic Constituents of Tubercular Deposits
Preparations illustrative of the Course of Tubercle in the Lungs
On the Use and Administration of Cod-Liver Oil in Pulmonary Consumption
On the Treatment of Pericarditis; especially on the Effects of Blood-letting and Mercury in that disease
Peculiar Forms of Choreic Affections
Symptoms of Partial Chorea
On Catarrh of the Mouth
Angina Pharyngea
Dropsy after Scarlatina
Spasm of the Glottis—Change of Air as a Remedy
Coffee, as a Cure for Hooping-Cough
On Intermittent Fever in Young Children
Melæna in Children
On Cephalæmatoma
Repair of Fractured Bone
On the Processes of Repair and Reproduction after Injuries
Difference between Subcutaneous Injuries and those open to the Air
Modes of Healing of Open Wounds
On the Alliances of Erysipelas
Medical and General Treatment of Local Disease in Preference to Operation
Aneurism of the Axillary Artery, Ligature of the Subclavian
Aneurism, of the Axillary Artery
Case of Popliteal Aneurism
Popliteal Aneurism successfully treated by Pressure
Galvanic Acupuncture—Aneurism of the Subclavian Artery obliterated by it
Dislocation of the Humerus, with Fracture
Successful Treatment of Morbus Coxæ, in its first stage, by Mercury
Syphilitic Tubercles on the Larynx—Tracheotomy—Cure
Traumatic Tetanus treated by Chloroform
Case of Suffocation from the Closure of the Glottis by a Piece of Meat
On Sympathetic Ophthalmia
On the Removal of Osseous Cataract
A Report upon the Use of Chloroform in fifty-six cases of Labour, occurring in the Dublin Lying-in Hospital
Difficult Parturition
Case of Uterus Bicornis
Extra-uterine Fœtation—Gastrotomy
Retroversion of Uterus during Pregnancy
Apparent Intra-Uterine Amputation
On Hemorrhage from the Umbilicus after the Separation of the Funis
On the Pathological Anatomy of Cholera
On the Pathological Anatomy of Cholera
Medicines at Long Intervals in Cholera—Value of Calomel and Carbonic Acid Gas at Short Intervals
Treatment of Cholera at La Charité in Berlin
Cases of Poisoning by the Acetate of Lead
Cases of Poisoning by the Berries of the Daphne Mezereon
A Statistical Inquiry, as to whether the Proportionate Frequency, the Nature, and the principal Characters of Diseases have undergone in the course of time, the great Modifications they are said to have done
Important Discovery in Ventilation
A New Disinfecting Apparatus
Case of Pseudo-membranous Laryngitis
Internal Mechanical Obstruction overcome by Mechanical Forces
Trismus Nascentium
Intermittent Fever
Successful Amputation at the Shoulder-Joint
Spiritus Pyroxylicus in the Treatment of Diarrhœa and Dysentery
Wound of the External Carotid Artery—Ligature to the Common Carotid
Asiatic Cholera successfully treated by Chloroform
Successful Amputation at the Shoulder-Joint
Wound of the Heart—the Patient living ten Days
Case of Spasms and Partial Trismus, from the prick of a Needle under the Thumb Nail
Child killed by a Drop of Laudanum
Statistics of the Medical Colleges of the United States, for the Session of 1847–8
On the Use of the Ethereal Solution of Gun Cotton in the Cure of Erectile Tumours without Operation
Cholera in the United States
History of the Asiatic Cholera at Quarantine, Staten Island, New York, in Dec. 1848, and Jan. 1849
New York
New Orleans
Missouri, St. Louis
Ohio, Cincinnati
Treatment of Cholera
Local Treatment of Erysipelas
Fracture Tables, showing the Results of Treatment in one hundred and thirty-six Cases