ART. I.—Observations on the Prevention of Phthisis, and its proper Treatment in the Early Stage, with Cases illustrating its Natural History
ART. II.—On Angina Pectoris
ART. III.—On Hemorrhage from the Umbilicus, in New-born Children; with Cases
ART. IV.—Extracts from the Records of the Boeton Society for Medical Improvement
ART. V.—Observations on the Occipital and Superior Maillary Bones of the African Cranium
ART. VI.—Notice of the Anatomical Phenomena in a Case of Ligature of the Subclavian Artery, four years subsequant to the Operations
ART. VII.—Abscess in the Substance of the Brain; the Lateral Ventricles opened by an Operation
ART. VIII.—Notes of Hospital Practice at Bellevue, New York
ART. IX.—Notes of Hospital Cases
ART. X.—A Remarkable Case of Double Pregnancy-one Ovum entering the Uterus, the other being arrested in the Tube
ART. XL —A Treatise on Fractures in the Vicinity of Joints, and on. Certain Forms of Accidental and Congenital Dislocations
ART. XII.—On Infantile Laryngismus, with Observations on Artificial Feeding, as a frequent cause of this Complaint, and of other Convulsive Diseases of Infants
ART. XIII.—A Practical Treatise on the Diseases of Children
ART. XIV.—Surgical Anatomy
ART. XV.—On the Diseases of Infants and Children
ART. XVI.—A Treatise on Diseases of the Bones
ART. XVII.—Principles of Human Physiology, with their Chief Application to Pathology, Hygiene, and Forensic Medicine
ART. XVIII.—Observations upon Bulam, Vomito-Negro, or Yellow Fever; with a Review of a “Report upon the Diseases of the African Coast, by Sir William Burnet and Dr Bryson,” proving its highly contagious powers
ART. XIX.—Du Choléra; moyens Préservatifs et Curatifs; ou Philosophie des Grandes Epidémies
ART. XX.—Statistics of Cholera; with the Sanitary Measures adopted by the Board of Health prior to, and during the Prevalence of, the Epidemic Cholera in Philadelphia, in the Summer of 1849
ART. XXI.—A Treatise on the Diseases and Special Hygiène of Females
ART. XXII.—The Transactions of the American Medical Association
ART. XXIII.—Physician and Patient; or, a Practical View of the Mutual Duties, Relations, and Interests of the Medical Profession and the Community
1. On the Foetus in Utero, as inoculating the Maternal with the Peculiarities of the Paternal Organism; and on the Influence thereby exerted by the Male on the Constitution and the Reproductive Powers of the Female
2. On the Production and Disappearance of Sugar in the Animal Economy
3. On the Physiological Anatomy of the Spleen
4. On the Medullary Substance of Bones
5. On the Minute Structure of the Papillce and Nerves of the Tongue of the Frog and Toad
6. On the Blood in Purpura
7. The Transformation of Sugar
8. Medicinal Wines
Managaese as a Succedaneum to Steel
10. Action of Aconitum Napellus
11. Galvanie Apparatus for applying Chloride of Zine as a Counter Irritant
12. On the Comparative Pathology of the Different Races of Men
13. Movements of the Respiratory Organs in Disease
14. Experimental Researches on the Action of Quinine, esecially in large doses
15. Vegetable Parasites in Diseases of teh Human Body
16. The Scrofulous Constituion—the signs by which it is known—the causes in which it originates—its effects upon families and individuals
17. Progressive General Palsy.—In the Annales Mèdico-Psychologiques
18. Connection between Albuminous Urine and Degeneration of the Kidney in Scarlatina
19. On Nervous or Convulsive Cough
20. Neuralgia of Penis
21. Neuralgia of the Cerviz Uteri
22. Rheumatic Diseases of teh Ear
23. Infantile Typhus
24. On the Pneumonia of Children
25. Tubercular Meningitis in a very young child
26. Cod Liver Oil in Phthisis
27. On Nux Vomica in Impotence and Spermatorrhœa
28. Chloroform in Hydrophobia
29. Singular Distortion of the Lower Extremity simulating Dislocation of the Thigh Bone
30. Osseous Tumours growing from the Walls of the Meatus Externus of the Ear
31. Balsam of Peru as an Application to Indolent Ulcers
32. Traumatic Tetanus, treated by Chloroform
33. Case of Traumatic Tetanus cured by the Destruction of the Cicatrix by means of Red Hot Iron
34. Further Observations on the Treatment of Chronic Inflammation of the Bladder by Injections of Nitrate of Silver; with Cases
35. Femoral Hernia, operated on with success after Thirteen Days' Strangulation
36. New Operation for the Treatment of Vesico-Vaginal Fistula
37. Successful Case of Puncture in Hydrocephalus
38. Ovariotomy
39. Multilocular Ovarian Cyst, weighing forty pounds, successfully removed by operation
40. Successful Case of Ovariotomy by the Abdominal Section
41. Ligature of the Common Carotid for Erectile Tumour of the Face or Head
42. On the Treatment of Selerotitis and Selero-iritis by Hydriodate of Potash
43. Symmetrical Swelling of both upper Eyelids, resembling Edema, but depending upon fat
44. Amaurosis as a Symptom of Albuminuria
45. On the Mechanical Treatment of Sterility
46. Obesity, simulating Pregnancy. Caution in the Diagnosis of Pregnancy
47. Rocovery of an Infant after Perforation of its Cranium
48. Cæsarean Section
49. Cæsarean Operation successful both to Mother and Child
50. On Local Bleeding in Displacement of the Uterus
51. Fungoid Origin of Cholera
52. Discovery of a Peculiar Corpuscle in the Vomit, Dejections, and Sweet of Cholera Patients; and in the Atmosphere of Infeeted Localities
53. Fungoid Origin of Cholera
54. Cholera Sporules
55. Report on the Nature and Import of Certain Microscopic Bodies found in the Intestinal Discharges of Cholera
56. Analyses of the Blood, Matters vomited, Alvine Evacuations, and Urine of Choleru Patients
57. Observations on the Urine in Cholera
58. On the Non-existence of Bile in the Stools of Cholera, and in the first Urine secreted after the Algide Stage
59. Abstract of Observations made in the Cholera Hospital at Leyden, during November and December, 1848, and January
60. Calomel Treatment of Cholera
61. Death by Chloroform
62. On the Medico-Legal Appreciation of Ether and Chloroform
Remarks upon the Presence of some Infusoria in the Tissues and Secretions of Patients dying of Cholera
Descriptions of three new Genera of Entophyta, growing from the Mucous Membrance of the Small Intestine of Julus, and from the Exterior Surface of Entozoa infesting that Cavity; and also of some new Genera and Species of Entozoa
Irritation of the Retina from Irritation of Dental Branch of Fifth Pair of Nerves
On the Use of Chloroform in Periodical Neuralgia
Ossification of the Superior Lobe of the Right Lung
Remarks on Ozone, and its supposed Influence in the Production of Epidemic Diseases, especially of Epidemic Cholera
Wound of the Brain–Recovery
Amussat's Operation for Artificial Anus
An account of the First Use of Sulphuric Ether by Inhalation as an Ancesthetic Agent in Surgical Operations
Tribute to the Late