On the Treatment of Permanent Pscudarthrosis by an Apparatus which permits the use of the Limb and obriates the nccessity of Amputation
Hydrocephalus cured by Hydriodate of Potass
The Transactions of the American Medical Association
Presents a Peculiar honecomb appearance produced by shallow polygonal depressions or cells
Renal Affections, their Diagnosis and Pathology
The Discases of the Breast, and their Treatment
Mental Hygiene; or an Examination of the Intellect and Passions. Designed to show how they affect and are affected by the bodily functions, and their influence on Health and Longerity
Household Surgery
Statistics of the Amputations of large limbs that hare been performèd at the Massachusetts General Hospital, from its establishment to Jan. 1850
Woman; her Diseases and Remedies. A series of Letters to his class
Practical Ventilation, as aplied to Public, Domestic, and Agricultural Structures, being on Elucidation of Plans and Suggestions; of easy application, for ventilating every, Species of Architectural Structure, with Remarks on Heating, Construction of Fire-places, Cure of Smoky Chimneys; and an Appendix on the Ventilation of Ships, Steamboats, and Railway Carriages
On the Structure of the Muscular Substance of the Heart
On ** Salts contained in Cholera Evacuations
On the Action of Bromide of Potassium
On the Structure of the Mucous Membrane of the Human Stomach
On the Mechanism of the Inflammatory Process
History of a successful case of Ovariotomy
On the Treatment of Sprains of the Ankle
On the Causes of the Non-success of the Caesarian Operation
Child born in the beginning of the sixth month, and reared
On the Use of Lead in the Manufacture of Sugar
Relation of the Dumb-Bell Crystals to Uric Acid and Oxalate of Lime
Case of Poisoning by Bromine
Demonstrative Midwifery
Extracts from the Records of the Boston Society for Medical Improcement
Subelavian Aneurism successfully treated by Ligature of the left Subelavian Artery; with an account of the oppearances on dissection a year afterwards
Two Remarkable Case of Abstinence
Observations on Typhoid Fever and its complications, as it prevails in the town and vicinity of Mount Vernon, Indiana
Cases in Surgery
Remarks on the Treatment of Cholera
Poisouing by Corrosive Sublimate
A case of Tumour in the Bladder
Cases of Puerperal Convulsions
Notes of a case of Poisoning by Arsenic
Case of Hydrophohia
General Paralysis from Abscesses in the Cerebellum