ART. I. — Medical and Surgical Notes of Campaigns in the War with Mexico, during the years 1845, 1846, 1847, and 1848
ART. II.—Contributions to Aural Surgery.—Analysis of One Hundred and Forty Cases of Diseases of the Ear
ART. III.—Report of Ticenty-five Cases of Urinary Calculus, in Ticenly-thrce of which the Bilateral Operation was performed
ART. IV.—On the Climate and Diseases of California
ART. V.—A Case of Saccharine Diabetes, with Tabular Observations of its Pathology, and the Results of Treatment
ART. VL—Extracts from the Records of the Boston Society for Medical Improvement
ART. VII. Report on the Action of Cochituate Water on Leaden Pipes, and the Influence of the same on Health
ART. VIII.—On the Employment of the Chloride of Sodium in the Treatment of Intermittent Fecer
ART. IX.—New Vieus concerning the Nuture and Cause of Tubercular Deposits
ART. XI.—Observations on the Generation of Uric Acid, and its Crystalline Form
ART. XII.—Report of Cases of Operative Midivifery, with the particulars of a novcl operation
ART. XIII.—Case of Resection of the Superior Maxillary and Malar Bones
ART. XIV.—The Principles of Surgery
ART. XIV.—The Principles of Surgery
ART. XVI.—A Trealise on the Diseases of the Chest
ART. XVII.—Reports of American Institutions for the Insane
ART. XIX.—The History. Diagnosis, and Treatment of the Fcvers of the United States
ART. XX.—Homccopathy
ART. XXI.—Lectures on the Principles and Practice of Surgery
ART. XXII.—An Essay on Organic or Life Force
ART. XXIII.—On Syphilis, Constitutional and Hereditary; and on Syphilitic Eruptions
ART. XXIV.—Uber secondãre Erkrankung einzelner Rãckensmarksslrãnge und ihrer Forisetzungen Zum Gehirne
ART. XXV.—Elements of Chemistry; indcluding the Application of the Science in the Arts
ART. XXVI.—Review of Materica, Medica, for the Use of Students