ART. I.—The Spirometer; its Use in detecting Disease of the Lungs
ART. II.—Notes from my Case-Book
ART. III.—Facts and Obscrations on the Origin of Yellow Fecer from Local Sources of Infection, as illustrated by Occurrences on board of Ships
ART. IV.—Extract from the Boston Socicty for Medical Improcement
ART. V.—Case of Abortion, occurring at the Fifth Month of Gatation-Child born alive
ART. VI.—Case of Excision of the Sropnla
ART. VII.—Medical Toptgraphy, Climate, Disatcs, &c. of Monterey, Cali-fornia
ART. VIII—On Stomatitis Materna
ART. IX.—-Coloural Prismatic Crystals in Blood-Globules
ART. X.—Sequel of a Case of Saceharine Diabetes
ART. XI—Mode of Reducing Dislocation of the Thumb
ART. XII.—A Treatise on Tuberculosis, the Constitutional Origin of Con-gumption and Scrofula
ART. XIIL—On Rheumotian, Rheumatic Goul, and Sciatica; their Pathology, Symptoms, and Treatment
ART. XIV.—Atlas of Pathological Histology