ART. I.—On Displacements of the Non-gravid Uterus; their Local and Constitutional Effects, and best Modes of Treatment
ART. II.—On Laryngismus and its Effects; and on Tracheotomy
ART. III.—On Hermaphorditism; with an Account of two remarkable Cases
ART. IV.—Extracts from the Records of the Boston Society for Medical Improvement
ART. V.—Analysis of Blood. A new Method of scparating the Blood-Globules from the Coagulum
ART. VI.—The Meteorody, Sanitary Condition, Prevailing Diseases, and Mortuary Statistics of Memphis, Tennessee, in 1852
ART. VII.—Description of a New Obstetric Forcops constructed upon Philosophical Principles
ART. VIII.—Some Account of the Varioliod Disease which has recently prevailed, and is now preeailing (May 30, 1853), in the town of Gorham, Ontario County, New York
ART. IX.—Variola in the Fôtus
ART. X.—Excision of the Inferior Maxillary Bone for Caries
ART. XI.—A System of Operative Surgery, based upon the practice of Surgeons in the United States; and comprising a Bibliographical Index and Historical Record of many of their Operations during a period of two hundred years