The Physiological Effects of Alcohol and Tobacco upon the Human System
Thoughts on Acclimation and Adoption of Races to Climates
Removal of the Entire Lower Jaw for Ostco-sarcoma
On the Climate and Salubrity of Port Moultrie and Sullican's Leland, Charleston Harbour, S. C., with Incidental Remarks on the Fever of the City of Charleston
Cases of Adhesion of the Placenta and Hour-glass Contraction of the Uterus
Report of Three Caws of Ruptured Spleen; with Remarks on the different Organic Changes which give rise to this Lesion, and the different modes in which it may occur
Surgical Cases
On the Treatment of Delirium Tremens by Chloroform
On die Yellow Fever in Baltimore in 1819–22
Resection of the Elbow joint
Haematemesis from a Tumour of Varicose Veins on die Stomach and Disgorgement of an Inlayed Spleen
Cases of Nymphomania
Spina Bifida
Laryngitis; Labour occurring during its Progress; Operation of Laryngo. Tracheotomy
The Structure of the Eye examined in Connection with the Undulatory Theory of Light
The Microscope and its Revelations
Memoir on the Cholera at Oxford, in the year 1854, with considerations suggested by the Epidemic
The Medical Profession in Ancient Times. An Anniversary Discourse delivered before the New York Academy of Medicine, November 7, 1855
Essay on Cholera Infantum, for which Me Prize of the Veto York Academy of Medicine was awarded, March 5th, 1856
Reports of American Institutions for the Insane
Hints on the Medical Examination of Recruits for the Army, and on the Discharge of Soldiers from the Service on Surgeon's Certificate. Adapted to the Service of the United States
Des Phénomènes de Contraction Musculaire observés chez des Indiridus qui sont Succombé α la suite du Cholera on de la Fièrre Janne
Varicose Veins; their Nature, Consequences, and Treatment, Palliative and Curative
A Review of the Present State of Uterine Pathology
The Obstetric Memoirs and Contributions of
On the Diseases of Infants and Children
Obstetric Tables
Medical Jurisprudence
Physician's Tabulated Diary, designed to facilitate the Study of Disease at the Bedside. By a Physician of Virginia. Richmond, Va
The Causes and Curative Treatment of Sterility, with a Preliminary Statement of the Physiology of Generation. With colored Lithographs and numerous Wood-cut Illustrations
Netw Elements of Operative Surgery
Minute Anatomy of the Liver
The True Spinal Marrow the True Sympathetic
On the Antrum Pylori in Man
Evils of Consanguinity in Marriage
Effect of Belladonna in immediately arresting the Secretion of Milk
On Coniin
Ergot of Wheat
Caustic Collodion
Preparation of Caustic with Gu!la Percha
Typhus in the Crimea
Softening of the Brain in a Child, with the Absence of the ordinary Symptoms
On Alteration of the Capillary Vessels predisposing to Apoplexy
Pneumonia, Asthenic or Passive Form of Treatment by Quinine
Obliteration of the Thoracic Aorta
Bronzed Skin and Disease of the Supra-renal Capsules
Seemingly Exceptional Cases
Disease of the Supra-renal Capsules
Treatment of Diabetes
Drowning successfully treated by Dr. Hall's Method of Inflating the Lungs
+++Cinnamon in Metrorrhagia
Chorea treated by Inhalations of Chloroform
Chloroform in Lead Colie
The Microscope versus Common Experience in the Diagnosis of Cancer of the Breast
Value of the Microscope in Cancer and Adenoid of the Breast
Tumours of the Upper Maxilla, malignant and non-malignant
On Gangrene from Arteritis
New Mode of Reducing Strangulated Hernia
29. Expiratory Method of Performing the Taxis to effect the Reduction of Ilernia
Operation for Radical Cure of Hernia
Unusual Cause of Strangulation in lizguinal Hernia. Advantages and Disadvantages of Opening the Sac; Danger of Purgatives after Operation
Successful Operation for the relief of Infernal Strangulation
Prolapsnus Ani
Vaginal Cyatocele removed by Operation
On the Treatment of Hydrocele of Children
Reduction of a Dislocated Femur by Manipular Movements only, three weeks after the Accident; Diagnosis of Dislocations of the Femur
Unusual Case of Injury of the Hip
Amputation at the Hip-joint
Amputation through the Knee-joint
On the Comparative Value of Amputation at the Knee-joint and of the Thigh
Statistics of Amputations in the Crimen
Use of Chloroform in Military Practice
Injection of Balsam of Copaiba in Gonorrhoea
Lupulin in Spermatorrhoea
Large Doses of Opium in Obatinate Chancre
Large Doses of Opium in Obstinate Chancre
Perhloride of Iron as an Haemostatic
On the Influence of Phosphate of Lime in the Production of Callus
Difference between Coloration of the Lens, Incidental to Old Age, and Cataract
Statistics of Myopia
Tiucture of Iodine as a Collyritan Hypopyon
Triplet Birth
Labour with Ruptured Uterus
Metastatic After-pains
Cases of Placenta Praevia
Cases Illustrating Different Methods of Treating Placenta Prcevia
Dropsy of Pregnancy
Contagiousness of Puerperal Fever
Case of Injurious Effect of Prolapsus Uteri upon the Urinary Organs
Polypiform Prolongation of the Os Uteri
Case of Injurious Effect of Prolapsiis Upon the Urinary Organs
Polypiform Prolongation of the Os Uleri
On Carbonio Aoid ns a Local Anxsheric in Uterine Diseneses, & c
Unwholesome Meat in London
Case of Poisoning by Chloroform taken internally
Symptoms and Post-mortem appearances produced by poisonous Doses of Stryechnia
Special Points of Similarity and Dissimilarity between the Effects on the Human Body of an Ocerdose of Strychnia and the Symploms of ordinary Tetanus
On the Digestion of Starch in the Intestinal Canal
The Patella torn away by a Circular Saw, with other Serious In Juries
Iodine in Chronic Ulcers
Acetate of Lead in Yellow Fever
Origin and Propagation of Yellow Fever
Appearance and Progress of Yellow Fever in the port of New York in 1856
Report of the Cases of Yellow Fever Which have occurred in Charleston, and On Shipboard in the Harbour during the Summer of 1856
Origin of Yellow Fever in New Orleans in 1856
Poisoning by Strychnia Successfully treated by Camphor
Reduction of Dislocation into Axilln of eighty day's standing; Rupture of Axillary Artery Ligature of that Vessel; Death from Secondary Hemorrhage
Removal of the Inverted Uterus
Removal of the Entire Clnvicle
Fatal Hemorrhago from Tapping an Ovarian Tumour
Bullet in Bronchial Tube, Expelled after remaining there two weeks
An Easy Modo of Constructing Bougies
Vesico-Vaginal Fistula
Kiesteine, and Urine of Pregnancy