ART. I.—Fractures of the Neck of the Thigh-Bone
ART. II.—Mercurial Muco-Enteritis
ART. III.—Report of Five Cases of Delirium Tremens treated by the Inhalation of Chloroform
ART. IV.—Punctured Wound of Abdomen—Protrusion of Intestines, their return obstructed by a Band
ART. V.— Gastrotomy; Successful Extirpation of Fibro-Cartilaginous Tumour
ART. VI.—Notice of Cholera which prevailed as an Epidemic on board the V. S. Ship Cyane, in the Summer of 1855
ART. VII.—Cases of Hysteria
ART. VIII.— Three Cases of Ovarian Tumour successfully treated with Iodine
ART. IX.—Experiments made to determine the Protective Power of Belladonna in Scarlatina
ART. X.—On the Effects of Climate on Tuberculous Disease
ART. XI.—Transactions of the American Medical Association. Vol. IX. pp. 907, 8vo. Philadelphia, 1856
ART. XII.—Lemons de Physiologie Expirimentale, appliquée à la Médecine, faites an College de France. Par. M. CLAUDE BERNARD, Membre de l'Institut, &c. &c. Tome deuxième. Cours du Setuestre d'Été, 1855. Paris, 1856
ART. XIII.—Pathological Chemistry, in its Application to the Practice of Medicine. Translated from the French of MM. BECQUEREL, and RODIER. By STANHOPE TEMPLETON SPEER, M. D., &C. &C. London, 1857
ART. XIV.— Transactions of State Medical Societies.
ART. XV.—Reports of American Institutions for the Insane.
ART. XVI.—Lectures on the Principles and Methods of. Medical Observation and Research, for the Use of Advanced Students and Junior Practitioners. By THOMAS LAYCOCK, M. D., F. R. S. E., F. R. C. P., Professor of the Practice of Medicine and of Clinical Medicine in the University of Edinburgh, etc. etc. “Homo, natureæ minister et interpres, tantum facit et intelligit quantum de naturae ordine re vel mente observavent; nee amplius scit aut potest.”—BACON. Philadelphia
ART. XVII.—The History and Statistics of Ovariotomy, and the Circumstances under which the Operation may be regarded as Safe and Expedient
ART. XVIII.—Medical Notes and Reflections
ART. XIX.—Archiv für Ophihalmologie, herausgegeben, von Prof. F. ARLT in Prag; Prof. F. C. DONDERS in Utrecht; und Dr. A. VON GRÆFE in Berlin. Zweiter Band. Abtheilungen I. und II. Berlin, 1855–0.
ART. XX.—Historical Sketches of Quarantine. An Address delivered before the Philadelphia County Medical Society, January 28th, 1857, agreeably to a provision of the Constitution, by WILSON JEWELL, M. D., on the close of his official term as President. Published by order of the Society. 8vo. pp. 32
ART. XXI.—On the Constitutional Treatment of Female Diseases. By EDWARD RIGBY, M. D., etc. etc., Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians; Senior Physician to the General Lying-in Hospital; Examiner in Midwifery at the University of London. 12mo. pp. 256. Philadelphia
1. Experiments upon the Supra-renal Capsules
2. Experimental Researches on Animal Heat
3. Accommodation of the Eye
4. Secretion of Bile
5. Membrana Pupillaris
6. On the Vapour of Amylene
7. Cyanosis of the Blood by Chloroform
8. Medicinal Properties of Iodoform
9. Effects of the Tincture of Iodine applied locally on the Mucous and Serous Membranes, in relation to Pus
10. Endermic Application of Iodide of Glycerine
11. Subcutaneous Application of Medicinal Substances
12. Dr. Simpson's Morphia Suppositories
13. Arsenic as a Caustic
14. Chloride of Zinc as a Caustic
15. Sulphate of Zinc as a Caustic
16. Effects produced on the Blood by Mental Labour
17. Tache Meningitique
18. Pathology and Treatment of Bronchial Affections in Infancy and Childhood
19. On the Determining Causes of Vesicular Emphysema of the Luna
20. On the Secondary Eruptions following Vaccination
21. Inoculation of Man with the Matter of “Grease.”
22. Treatment of Asphyxia
23. The “Ready Method” in Cases of Narcotic Poisoning
24. The Ready Method in Cases of Choking
25. On the Treatment of Neuralgia by Valerianate of Ammonia
26. Sulphur Externally in the Cure of Rheumatism
27. Treatment of Itch
28. Rottlera Tinetoria as a Remedy for Tapeworm
29. Medicinal use of Mora Excelsa and Eryngium Fœlidum
30. On the Medicinal Effects of Ammonia and its Preparations
31. Salt in Intermittent Fevers
32. Cod-liver in Dropsy
33. Remedial Power of Cod-liver Oil in Rachitis, Tuberculosis, and Scrofula
34. Employment of Tannin for Cure of Chilblains and Discharges from Mucous Membranes
35. Local Application of Carbonic Acid Gas in Carcinoma and Uterine Neuralgia
36. On the Suckling and Feedina of Infants
37. Compression in the Treatment of Aneurism
38. Seventy-eight Cases of Surgical Aneurism
39. Deligation of the Abdominal Aorta for Aneurism of the External and Common Iliac Arteries
40. Ovariotomy
41. Is Ovariotomy Justifiable?
42. Iodine Injections in the Treatment of Ovarian Dropsy
44. Tracheotomy in Group
45. Gunshot wound of the Femur
46. On the most eligible spot for the performance of Amputation of the Leg
47. Chloride of Zinc in the Treatment of Cancer
48. Landolfi's Method of treating Cancer
49. Treatment of Bubo
50. Orchitis
51. Valves of Abscesses and Fistulœ
52. Anatomy and Pathology of the adult Prostate
53. The Ophthalmoscope in Diagnosis
54. Inutility of Depletion in the Cure of Syphilitic Iritis
55. Entropium, or Inversion of the Eyelid; its Pathology and Treatment
56. The Abuse of Irritating Applications in certain forms of Ophthalmia
57. Labour postponed for Sixty-eight days after the Rupture of the Membranes
58. On a Cause of Vomiting in Pregnancy
59. Death following the Inhalation of Chloroform in Surgical Operations
60. Slow Poisoning by Chloroform
61. Experiments on the Poisonous Properties of Nicotine and Strychnine
62. Effects of Tartar Emetic upon the Muscular System whilst under the influence of Strychnia
63. Infarction of Renal Tubuli with Urates in an Infant
64. Influence of Temperature on Mortality
Urine in Faelal Life
Ascites successfully Treated by the establishment of a Fistulous Opening
Complete Inversion of the Uterus of thirty-one hours' standing restored under the influence of Chloroform. Recovery
Remarkable Case of Mental Influence of the Mother upon a Foetus in Utero
Chloroform in Delirium Tremens
Case of Cyanosis
Supra-Renal Capsules
Successful Employment of the “Ready Method in Asphyxia,” in a case of Poisoning by Laudanum
Dislocation of the Head of the Tibia Forward upon the Thigh Bone
Extirpation of the Uterus and its Appendages
Phytolacca Decandra in Granular Conjunctiva
Amputation at the Hip-joint
Montgomery on the Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy