On the Constitution and Physiology of the Bile
Compound Dislocation of the Long Bones; considered with Especial Reference to the Value of Resection
Clinical Remarks on the Natural Range of the Heart's Sounds
Description of a New Splint for Dressing Diseases and Injuries of the Elbow-Joint
Successful Employment of Marshall Hall's Ready Method in the Case of an Infant born Asphyxiated
Extirpation of the Entire Clavicle
Smallpox and its Varieties
Case of Successful Ovariotomy
Two Cases of Recovery from Fracture of the Spine, with Remarks on this Fracture
Poisoning by Chloroform
What are the Causes and Nature of that Disease incident to Pregnancy and Lactation, characterized by Inflammation and Ulceration of the Mouth and Fauces, usually accompanied by Anorexia, Emaciation, and Diarrhœa; and what is the best mode of treatment?
The Treatment of Vaginal Fistula
Adulterations Detected; or Plain Instructions given for the Discovery of Frauds in Food and Medicine
Of Nature and Art in the Cure of Disease
Cours Thérique et Clinique de Pathologie Interne, et de Thérapie Médicale
Diseases of the Skin
Transactions of State Medical Societies
Catalogue Raisonné of the Medical Library of the Pennsylvania Hospital
Reports of American Institutions for the Insane
Indigenous Races of the Earth; or, New Chapters of Ethnological Inquiry, including Monographs on Special Departments of Philology, Iconography, Cranioscopy, Pal[U00E6]ontology, Pathology, Arch[U00E6]ology, Comparative Geography, and Natural History
Annual Report of the Physician-in-Chief of the Marine Hospital at Quarantine
Report on the Origin of the Yellow Fever in Norfolk during the Summer of 1855, made to the City Councils by a Committee of Physicians
Principles of Medicine. An Elementary View of the Causes, Nature, Treatment, Diagnosis and Prognosis of Disease, with Brief Remarks on Hygienics or the Preservation of Health
Report of the Recent Yellow Fever Epidemic of British Guiana
On some points in the Anatomy of the Liver of Man and Vertebrate Animals, with Directions for injecting the Hepatic Ducts, and making Preparations
General Therapeutics and Materia Medica: adapted for a Medical Text Book
Researches into the Structure and Physiology of the Kidney
On the Extent of the Pleura above the Clavicle
Anatomy of the Supra-Renal Capsules
Fibrin, its Nature and the Cause of its Coagulation
Assimilation of different Oleaginous Substances
On certain Physiological Phenomena connected with Parturition and Lactation in Bitches that have not been Fecundated when in Heat
Erectile Apparatus of the Eye
Employment of Amylene
An[U00E6]sthetic Action of Carbonic Oxide
On the Effect produced on the Circulation by the Long-continued Action of Cold Water Externally
The Bittera Febrifuga as an Antiperiodic
Therapeutic Employment of Cocoa-Nut Oil
Physiological Action of the Disulphate of Quinia
Pyrophosphate of Iron and Soda in An[U00E6]mia
On the Preparation and Therapeutical Employment of Subcarbonate of Bismuth
A New Principle of Colchicum autumnale
Ether and Chloroform Gelatinized
Manganese cum Potassa
Corrosive Sublimate and Collodion as an Escharotic
Etiology of Diabetes
Diabetes; Concretion on Nervus Vagus
On the Mortality from Eruptive Fevers at Different Periods of the Year
Illustrations of Aguish Disorder prevailing in London during the last two or three Years
On Span[U00E6]mia, Chlorosis, and Analogous Conditions, as the Predominant Characteristic of the Present Age
Redness of the Cheeks as a Symptom of Pneumonia
New Premonitory Symptom of Cholera
On the Application of the Microscope to the Diagnosis of Pulmonary Consumption
On Movable Kidneys
Open Foramen Ovale in the Adult
Combined Constitutional and Local Treatment of Hooping-Cough
On Bloodletting in Pneumonia
Glycerine in Consumption
Electricity in the Suppression of the Lacteal Secretion
Hereditary Transmission of Tendencies to Cancerous and other Tumours
Fracture of the Thigh for the fourth time at the same part
Spontaneous Fracture of both Thigh-Bones
Fracture of the Humerus from Muscular Action
Excision of the Head of the Thigh-bone
Mr. Fergusson's Case of Excision of an Enlarged Third Lobe of the Prostate
Treatment of Hydrarthrosis of the Knee-joint by puncture and injection of Iodine
Tracheotomy in Croup
Treatment of Hydrocele in Children
Enucleation Treatment of Uterine Fibrous Tumours
Concretions of the Prostate
Gonorrhœa of the Nose
New Crimean Tourniquet
Rectangular Catheter Staff for Lithotomy
Amaurosis with Bright's Disease of the Kidney
Diphtheritic Ophthalmia
Photophobia and Blepharospasm relieved by Chloroform
Hemorrhage from the Eyeball after the Extraction of Cataract
Ultimate Ill Results of the Depression of Cataract
Symblepharon treated successfully by Blandin's Method
Use of the Speculum
Statistics of Coiling of the Funis
Statistics of Placenta Prævia
Sudden Death after Parturition, with Air in the Veins
Partial Paralysis of the Extremities, caused by the continued Use of Snuff containing Lead
Death from Amylene
Trial of Miss Madeleine Smith
On Starch as a Product of the Liver, and on the Amyloid Degeneration of the Liver in Yellow Fever
Vaccine given Inwardly for the Cure of Smallpox
Case of Fracture connecting with Frontal Sinus and Exposure of Frontal Nerve
Extrusion of an Ovum at the Fifth Month of Utero Gestation with the Membranes entire
Indian Corn in Intermittent Fever
Account of a Case in which both Ovaries were extirpated by Dr. H. A. Potter
Case of Herpes Preputialis
Dislocation of the Processes of the Cervical Vertebræ
Change of Colour in a Negro
Case of Death by Syncope from Plugging the Pulmonary Artery
Delirium Tremens following an attack of Pneumonia
Poisoning from an overdose of the Tincture of Cantharides
Extraordinary Obesity
Exsection of the Head of the Humerus
Gelseminum Sempervirens in Gonorrhœa
Preservation of Vaccine Matter by Solution in Glycerine
Woman with four Mammæ
Philadelphia Hospital, Blockley