ART. I.— Observations on the Causes, Effects, and Treatment of Perforation of the Membrana Tympani
ART. II.— Clinical Report on Pulmonary Tuberculous; giving an abridged account of Twenty-Four Cases of Arrested Tuberculosis, with Remarks on the Management, of the Disease
ART. III.— The Vital Statistics of War, as shown by the Official Returns of the British Army During the War with Russia, and by those of the United States Army During the War with Mexico
ART. IV.—Experiments with Bibron's Antidote to the Poison of the Rattle-make
ART. V.—National Hotel Endemic. Autopsy; with Remarks
ART. VI.—Adhesive Plaster the best Counter-extending Means in Fractures of the Thigh
ART. VII.— Case of Osteoid Growth connected with the Capsular Ligament of the Right Hip-Joint
ART. VIII.—Cupping the Interior of the Uterus
ART. IX.—Rupture of the Trachea, from a fall
ART. X.—Case of Fallopian Pregnancy resulting in Rupture of the Cyst and terminating in Death
ART. XI.—A New Uterine Elevator
ART. XII.—Exsection of the Trunk of the Second Branch of the Fifth Pair of Nerves, beyond the Ganglion of Meckel, for Severe Neuralgia of the Face
ART. XIII.—A Singular Case of Catalepsy successfully treated with the Nitrate of Silver
ART. XIV.—Elements of Pathological Anatomy. By SAMUEL D. GROSS, M. D., Professor of Surgery in Jefferson Medical College, &c. Third edition, modified and thoroughly revised. Illustrated by 342 engravings on wood. Blanohard & Lea
ART. XV.—Human Histology, in its Relations to Descriptive Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology. With 434 Illustrations on Wood. By E. E. PEASLEE, A. M., M. D., Prof, of Physiology and Pathology in the New York Medical College, of Anatomy in Dartmouth College, and of Surgery in the Medical School of Maine, &c. &c. Philadelphia
ART. XVI.— The Principles and Practice of Obstetrics
ART. XVII.— Transactions of American State Medical Societies.
ART. XVIII.—Reports of American Institutions for the Insane
ART. XIX.—American Surgical Tracts
ART. XX.—A Collection of Remarkable Cases in Surgery
ART. XXI.—Medical Lexicon—A Dictionary of Medical Science, containing a Concise Explanation of the Various Subjects and Terms of Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Hygiene, Therapeutics, Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Surgery, Obstetrics, Medical Jurisprudence, Dentistry, etc.; Notices of Climate, and of Mineral Waters; Formulœ for Officinal, Empirical, and Dietetic Preparations, etc., with French and other Synonymes
ART. XXII.—Ore the Nature and Treatment of Club-foot and Analogous Distortions, involving the Tibio-tarsal Articulation
ART. XXIII.—Pathological and Surgical Observations
ART. XXIV.—The Practice of Surgery
1. Researches on the Histology of the Nervous System
2. On the Structure of the Nervous Centres
3. On the Nerves of the Intestinal Walls
4. On the Function of the Thyroid Body
5. Method of Clinically Determining the Amount of Sugar in Diabetic Urine
6. Mode of Detecting Sugarin the Urine, and on the Different Nature of certain Forms of Diabetes
7. On the Presence of Sugar in the Urine of Pregnant, Parturient, and Puerperal Women
8. On the Elimination of Sulphuretted Hydrogen by the Lungs
9. Starch from the Animal Kingdom
10. On the Immediate Principles of Human Excrements in the Healthy State
11. Permanganate of Potash, as a Caustic, Deodorant, and Stimulant
12. On the Oriental Bath
13. On the Preparation of Valerianate of Ammonia of Definite Composition
14. Formula for a Liquor Cinchonce to replace the Wine of Bark
15. Formula for the Gelatinization of Cod-liver Oil
16. Caustic Glycerine in Lupus
17. On a Mode of Improving Cow's Milk and rendering it more easy of Digestion for Healthy and Diseased Children
18. Mode of Preparing the Bran Loaf for the Use of Diabetic Patients
The Chemical Properties of the Potato, and its Uses as a general article of commerce, if properly manipulated
20. Case of Marshall Hall, with the Post-mortem Appearances
21. Uœmophilia
22. On some of the Prevalent Errors in relation to the Predisposition to Hysteria
23. Asphyxia of Submersion
24. Asiatic Cholera and its Prevention
25. Nature, Causes, Statistics, and Treatment of Erysipelas
26. Action of Cod-liver Oil in Chest Diseases
27. Injections of the Bronchi in Pulmonary Diseases
28. Treatment of Phthisical Vomiting by Local Ancesthesia
29. Chloroform in Intermittent Fever
30. Belladonna in Incontinence of Urine
31. Embolic Apoplexy from Detachment of Fibrinous Coagula in an Aneurism of the Carotid
32. Case of Arterio-Venous Aneurism, which was treated by Ligature of both the Artery and the Vein
33. Revision of the Doctrine of Dislocation
34. Luxation of the Os Coccygis
35. On the Prevention of the Ill-consequences of Operations
36. Amputation at the Knee-joint, leaving the Articular Surface entire
37. Results of the Operation of Tracheotomy performed, for Croup at the Children's Hospital, Parts, during the Year 1856
38. Treatment of Hemorrhoids
39. The Present State of Surgical Science in reference to Cancer and its Treatment
40. Escharotic Treatment of Cancer
41. Epithelial Cancer
42. Foreign Bodies introduced into the Bladder
43. Spasms of the Eye after Extraction of Cataract
44. Diphtheritic Ophthalmia
45. Two Cases of Strabismus and very Imperfect Vision—Operation and Cure
46. Quadruplet Births
47. A New Symptom of Rupture of the Uterus
48. Two Cases of Hernia of the Ovaries, in one of which there was a Periodical Enlargement of one or other of these Organs
49. Suicide and Intoxication by Chloroform
50. Death from Chloroform
51. Poisoning by Twelve Drachms of Laudanum; Recovery
52. Acute Poisoning by Phosphorus
Encephaloid Tumour weighing ten pounds involving the Right Kidney of a Boy four years old
Case of Compound Fracture of the Skull, with Laceration and Loss of a Portion of Brain. Recovery
Confection of Cinchona as an Antiperiodic
Case of Monstrosity
Fracture of the Neck of the Femur; Bony Union
Disarticulalion and Removal of nearly the Lateral Half of the Lower Jaw
Simultaneous Dislocation of both Shoulder-Joints
Anomalous Situation of the Left Kidney
Gun-shot Wound of Bladder; Recovery
Chlorate of Potash in Stomatitis Materna
Iodide of Potassium in Leucorrhœa
Application to Sore Nipples
Statistical Table exhibiting the Mean Height of American Recruits