ART. I.—Veratrum Viride as an Arterial Sedative
ART. II.—Account of the Yellow Fever, as it occurred on board the U. S. Frigate “Susquehanna,” in March and April, 1858
ART. III.—Report of an Epidemic of Typhoid Pneumonia, which prevailed in Caswell Co., N. C., in the Winter of 1857–8, and Spring of 1858
ART. IV.—Histological Remarks upon a Secondary Cancer of the Pleura
ART. V.—Remarkable Oases in Midwifery
ART. VI.—“Meddlesome Midwifery is bad”
ART. VII.—Midwifery Cases
ART. VIII.—Exsection of the Entire Fibula for Fibro-Cartilaginous Degeneration of the Bone
ART. IX.—Dynamoscopy
ART. X.—Two Successful Cases of Ovariotomy by the Large Abdominal Section
ART. XI.—A Homely Substitute for Cod-Liver Oil
ART. XII.—Case of Poisoning by Gases of a Privy Sink, and Recovery
ART. XIII.—Summary of the Transactions of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia. 1858, June 2. Some Facts in Relation to me Nocturnal Incontinence of Urine in Children
Inability to Distinguish Colours
New Apparatus for Fracture of the Thigh
Cancer of the Clitoris
Cancer of the Neck
Typhoid Fever without Tympanites
Exhaustion from Heat (Sun-stroke)
Foreign Body in the Ear
Uterus taken from a Patient who had died, of Acute Disease of the Brain, whilst Menstruating
Cancer and Abscess of the Liver
ART. XIV.—A Manual of Psychological Medicine, containing the History, Nosology, Description, Statistics, Diagnosis, Pathology and Treatment of Insanity
ART. XV.—Clinical Lectures on the Principles and Practice of Medicine
ART. XVI.—Observations on Naval Hygiene and Scurvy, more particularly as the latter appeared during a Polar Voyage
ART. XVII.—The Ganglionic Nervous System; its Structure, Functions, and Diseases
ART. XVIII.—Transactions of American Medical Societies
ART. XIX.—Reports of American Institutions for the Insane
ART. XXI.—Guy's Hospital Reports
ART. XXII.—Researches on Epilepsy
ART. XXIII.—A Report on Diseases of the Cervix Uteri; read before the Medical Society of the State of Georgia, at the Annual Meeting in Augusta, April, 1857
ART. XXIV.—Observations on Malarial Fever
ART. XXV.—Pathology and Treatment of the Paralysis of Motion
ART. XXVI.—A Report upon some of the more Important Points connected with the Treatment of Syphilis
ART. XXVII.—Journal de la Physiologie de l'Homme et des Animaux
1. New Structure in the Spermatic Cord
2. Normal Existence of Urea in Healthy Perspiration
3. Accommodation of the Eye
4. Physiology of the Nervous System
5. Investigations respecting the Development of Teeth
6. Absence of the Left Kidney
7. Influence of Liquor Potassæ and other fixed Caustic Alkalies upon the Therapeutic Properties of Henbane, Belladonna, and Stramonium
8. Action of Solutions of Chlorate of Soda and Chlorate of Potash on False Membranes extracted from the Air-passages
9. Value of Iodide of Iron
10. Therapeutical Uses of Strychnia,
11. Saoria as a Remedy for Tapeworm
12. Iodide of Calcium
13. New Local Application in Erysipelas
14. Diphtheritic Affections.
15. Epidemic Diphtheritic Angina at Lima
16. Diphtheria, or Diphtherite
17. Effect of Local Influences on Spasmodic Asthma
18. The Diagnosis of Pulmonary Consumption at its Commencement
19. Diet in Phthisis
20. Diabetes from Cerebral Diseases
21. Rationale of the Saccharine Treatment of Diabetes
22. Researches on Gout
23. Abdominal Typhus
24. Incubation of Measles
25. Inversion of the Body for the Relief of the Symptoms produced by the Passage of a Renal Calculus along the Ureter
26. The Diagnosis of Deafness
27. Tetanus successfully treated with Extract of Indian Hemp
28. Affections of the Joints following Operations on the Genito- Urinary Organs
29. Medical Treatment and Diagnosis of Stone in the Bladder
30. Fracture through the Trochanters of the Thigh-Bone
31. Ovarian Dropsy cured by Simple Puncture
32. Carcinomatous Growth removed by a Pen and Escharotics
33. Treatment of Ulcers by Caustic Lint
34. Metallic Sutures and Metallic Ligatures
35. Size of Male and of Female Larynx
36. On the Influence of the Cervical Portions of the Sympathetic Nerve and Spinal Cord upon the Eye and its Appendages
37. Sympathetic Inflammation of the Eyeball
38. Amaurosis
39. Secale Cornutum in Asthenopia
40. Malposition of the Lachrymal Canaliculi
41, Six Cases of Cataract in the same Family
42. Chloride of Zinc and Glycerine in Ophthalmia of New born Children
43. Menstruation in Austria
44. How Many Children can a Woman Bear?
45. Beneficial Effects of Pepsine in the Obstinate Vomiting of Pregnancy
46. On the Condition of the Cervix Uteri during the latter half of Pregnancy
47. Shortening the Duration of Labour
48. Uva Ursi as an Obstetrical Aqent
49. Laudanum in Painful Affections of the Uterus
50. Anœsthetic Powers of Carbonic Acid in Diseases of the Female Bladder
51. Iodide of Potassium for Dispersion of the Milk
52. Death from Swallowing Oil of Turpentine
53. Rupture of the Spleen
54. Poisoning by Conium, Maculatum
Additional Remarks on Dynamoscopy
Muriatic Acid in Scarlet Fever; Caution in regard to the Use of Calomel
Experiments with Bibroris Antidote to the Poison of Reptiles
Convulsions after Delivery—Constipation—Capsicum given in Enema—Recovery
Case of Poisoning by Seidlitz Powders
Successful Case of Ovariotomy performed by Dr. Hazard A. Potter
Trephining the Lower Jaw for Neuralgia
Experiments with Bibron's Antidote
Veratrum Viride
Veratrum Viride as an Arterial Sedative
Sulphate of Cinchonia an economical Substitute for Quinia
Remedy for Dysmenorrhœa and consequent Sterility
Results of Twenty-eiqht Operations for Stone in the Bladder
Extirpation of the Parotid Gland
Removal of the Scapula
Method of Preserving Specimens of Diseased Membranes
Persulphate of Iron as an Hœmostatic
Ovariotomy—the Pedicle severed by the Ecraseur
Five Cases of Cataract in One Family
New Publications