A Brief Account of the Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane, at Philadelphia; with a Description of its New Buildings
History, Medical Topography, Climatology, Hygiegne, Diseases, of Fort Bridger, Utah Territory
Contributions to Pathological Histology. I. Remarks on Errors in the Anatomical Diagnosis of Cancer. II. Remarks on a Secondary Cancer of the Axilla
The Silver Wire in Ununited Fracture, with a Case
Case of Ununited Fracture of the Humerus. Failure of Brainard's Operation, and of the Scton
Exsection of the Right Superior Maxilla, and a portion of the Left, for Disease of Long Standing
Exsection of the Superior Maxillary, together with the Malar and Palate Bones of the Right Side. Recovery
Animal Chemistry, and its Relation to Therapeutics
On Possible Ultimate Causes of Disease
Plica Polonica, an Endemic Disease at the Island of “Anno Bom.”
Gunshol Wound of Leg; Ampulation and Recovery
Case of Face Presentation; Mento-sacral Position; Delivery without change of Position
Of the Transverse of Occipito-Iliac Positions of the Vertex Presentation
Summary of the Transactions of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia
Tubercle—its Pathology, and especially its Relation to Inflammation
A Practical Treatise on Fractures and Dislocations
Reports of American Institutions for the Insane
On Criminal Abortion in America
Report on the Smallpox, in the City of Providence, R. I., from January to June, 1859
Report of a Select Committee of the New York Chamber of Commerce on Quarantine
Remarks upon Chylous or Milky Urine, with an Account of Two Cases of that Disease
Contributions to Operative Surgery and Surgical Pathology
Monograph on the Pathology of the Pituitary Body
Medico-Chirurgical Transactions
On Different Forms of Primary Syphilitic Inoculation
The Anatomy of the Human Lung; an essay, for which was awarded the Fothergillian gold medal of the Medical Society of London
A System of Dental Surgery
Retrograde Course of the Emulgent Veins
On the Chemical Compsition and the Medical Employment of the Oils form the Liver of the Cod, the Skate, and the Dog Fish
Epidemic of Diphtheria
Acupressure-A New Mehtod of Arresting Surgical Hemorrhage
Antiphlogistic Poucers of Morphia
Difficulty of Delivery in Rupture of the Uterus
Cases of Sudden Delivery
University of London. New regulations creating two degrees
Singular Anomaly of Conformation in a Lung