Clinical Report on Pneumonia, based on an analysis of one hundred and thirty-three Cases
On Uræmic Intoxication
On the Cerebellum, as the Centre of Co-ordination of the Voluntary Movements
Notes on “Euphorbia Prostrata” as an Antidote to the Poison of the Rattlesnake
On Loss of Sight from Effusions under the Retina
Report of Two Cases of Fracture of the Thigh, with an account of a new apparatus
Hydrocele of the Neck, and its Treatment by Excision, with Two Cases
Rupture of the Uterus and Death from Hemorrhage in the Sixth Month of Pregnancy
Intra-Uterine Hydrocephalus, and delivery accomplished by Craniotomy
Fungus Hæmatodes involving the Ovaries and Uterus at the age of twelve years
Feigned Mutisme detected by a Strong and Prolonged Shock of Electricity
Local Paralysis, with Softening of the Brain, supervening on Hypertrophy of the Heart
Continued Success of Case of Imperforate Rectum operated on Nine Months previously
Union of the Lid to the Ball of the Eye successfully treated by a New Method
Anemia from Prolonged Lactation, Softening of the Brain
Maggots in the Meatus Auditorius removed by means of Tannic Acid in Glycerin
Peritonitis with Disease of the Solitary and Agminated Glands in an Infant
Suspected Fracture of the Base of the Skull, attended with peculiar pathological phenomena
Medical Note on the more familiar Flies; from Entomological Sources
Case of Fracture of the Thigh successfully treated by New Apparatus
Employment of the Colpeurynter for Dilating the Os Uteri during Labour
Separation of the first from the second Bone of the Sternum, with Rupture of the Costal Cartilages
Anæmia from prolonged Lactation, causing Softening of the Brain, and Death
Medullary Sarcoma of the Uterus
Cancer of the Liver
Abscess of the Liver opening into the Right Lung
Gangrene of the Lungs
Severe Burn
Empyema with Consecutive Pneumothorax without Perforation of the Pleura
Rupture of the Aorta communicating with the Œsophagus
Epidemic Pleuro-Pneumonia
Fibro-Plastic Tumours of the Ear-Lobes
Method of Replacing the Skullcap after Post-mortem Examination so as to prevent Disfigurement
Diphtheria; its Nature and Treatment, with an Account of the History of its Prevalence in various Countries
On Diseases peculiar to Women, including Displacements of the Uterus
An Elementary Treatise on Human Anatomy
A Clinical and Microscopical Study of the Nature and Treatment of Croup and of Pseudo-Membranous Angina, showing: 1. That the concretions, the source of all the symptoms, are products of parasitic or vegetable origin. 2. The basis of treatment consists in the application of topical parasiticides, a medication as rational as it is happy in practice
Transactions of State Medical Societies
Reports of American Institutions for the Insane
The Life of John Collins Warren, M. D., compiled chiefly from his Autobiography and Journals
Memoranda Medica, or Note Book of Medical Principles. Being a Concise Syllabus of Etiology, Semeiology, General Pathology, Nosology, and General Therapeutics; with a Glossary for the Use of Students
A Treatise on Medical Jurisprudence
On Hœmoptysis as a Symptom
A Practical Treatise on the Etiology, Pathology, and Treatment of the Congenital Malformation of the Rectum and Anus
Annual Address delivered before the Philadelphia Medical Society, at its Meeting held on the 26th of March, 1860
Bed Case: its History and Treatment
An Essay on the Treatment of Phthisis by the Chlorate of Potash, with observations on Oxygen as a Therapeutic Agent, and the Exposition of a New Theory of the Formation of Ozone
On the Reparative Process in Human Tendons after Subcutaneous Division for the Cure of Deformities; with an account of the appearances presented in fifteen post-mortem examinations in the human subject; also a series of experiments on rabbits, and a resumé of the English and foreign literature of the subject
Journal de la Physiologie de l'Homme et des Animaux
Advice to a Mother on the Management of her Offspring
A Manual of An[U00E6]sthetics: Theoretical and Practical
An Epitome of Braithwaite's Retrospect of Practical Medicine and Surgery
Saccharine Function of the Liver
Amyloid Bodies
On the Conversion of Cysticercus Cellulos[U00E6] into T[U00E6]nia Solium
Bodies resembling Spermatozoa from the Urine, of a Woman
On the Physiological and Therapeutical Properties of the Peroxide of Hydrogen
On the Sulphate of Cinchonine in the Treatment of Intermittent Fevers in the French Army
Mode of Action of Perchloride of Iron
Thermo-Therapeia, or Heat Cure
Thapsia Plaster
Treatment of Delirium Tremens by Large Doses of Digitalis
Treatment of Epilepsy—Belladonna—the Ligature—the Actual Cautery
Diabetes treated by Hot-Air Baths
Enemata of Sulphuric Ether for Ascarides
Action of Hydrochloric Acid upon Phthisis
On Ur[U00E6]mia
On the Resorption of Pleuritic Exudations
Pathology of Milky Serum
Period of Incubation of Vaccination One Year
Dislocation of the Ulna forwards at the Elbow, without fracture of the Olecranon Process
Treatment of Fractures in the Royal Infirmary
Fractures of the Base of the Skull
Excision of the Knee-Joint
Employment of Plaster of Paris Bandages for Dressing Stumps after Amputation
The Alcoholic Treatment of Wounds
Rodent Ulcer
Rupture of the Rectus Abdominis
Cure of the Deaf and Dumb
Conical Cornea treated by Operation
Extraction of a Portion of Coal which had been in the Eye Ten Years, with Recovery of Perfect Sight
Cases of Sudden Birth with Dropping of the Child
On the Doctrine of William Hunter in regard to Retroversion or Retroflexion of the Gravid Uterus
New Sign of Post-partum Detachment of the Placenta
Cases of Inversion of the Uterus
Puerperal Epidemic at Scanzoni's Midwifery Institution at Würzburg, during February, March, and April, 1859
Case of Periodical Hydruria
Intra-Uterine Smallpox
Influence of Tobacco-Smoking on Public Health
Poisoning by Atropia—Indications of the Alkaloid in the Urine
Tannin as an Antidote to Strychnia
On the Danger of Green Paint in Artificial Leaves and Flowers
Medical Report of a Case of Poisoning Arsenical Paper Hangings
Strangulated Inguinal Hernia, successfully treated by Large Doses of Opium
On Pelvic Measurements
Additional Instances of Anomalous Conformation of the Human Lung
Morphia Salts
Quinine, a Prophylactic of Intermittent and Remittent Fevers
Persulphate of Iron in Post-Partum Hemorrhage
Sulphate of Quinia and Ferrocyanuret of Iron in Rheumatic Dysmenorrhœa
Excision of the Clavicle
Compound Dislocation of the Ankle-Joint; Complete Recovery after Reduction, without Anchylosis
Frequency of Accidents or Irregularities during first Labours
Spina Bifida treated by Injections of Iodine
Tartro-Citric Lemonade
Diphtheria; its Nature and Treatment, with an Account of the History of its Prevalence in various Countries