Art. I.—On Dislocations of the Shoulder-Joint, with a Description of a Novel and Efficient Method of Seduction
Art. II.—Statistical Inquiry as to the Expediency of Excision of the Head of the Femur
Art. III.—Notes of Surgical Cases
Art. IV.—Experiments to determine the Effect on the System of the Asclepias Syriaca
Art. V.—On the Antagonistic Effects of Opium and Sulphate of Quinia
Art. VI.—Three Gases of Vesico-Vaginal Fistula, successfully treated by Sims' Method
Art. VII.—Spina Bifida, treated by Iodine; Cure by one Injection
Art. VIII.—Summary of the Transactions of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia
Art. IX.—On “The Morbid Effects of the Retention in the Blood of the Elements of the Urinary Secretion.”
Art. X.—A Practical Treatise on Phthisis Pulmonalis; embracing its Pathology, Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment
Art. XI.—Sanitary Science. 1. Proceedings and Debates of the Fourth National Quarantine and Sanitary Convention, held in the city of Boston, June 14, 15, and 16, 1860. Reported for the City Council of Boston
Art. XII.—A Treatise on Fever
Art. XIII.—Manual of Human Microscopic Anatomy
Art. XIV.—Hand-book for the Military Surgeon
A Manual of Military Surgery; or Hints on the Emergencies of Field, Camp, and Hospital Practice. Illustrated with Wood Cuts
Art. XV.—Another Letter to a Young Physician
Art. XVI.—Reports of American Institutions for the Insane
Art. XVII.—Microscopic Anatomy of the Lumbar Enlargement of the Spinal Cord
Art. XIX.—A Treatise on the Practice of Medicine
Art. XX.—Report of Professor Valentine Mott's Surgical Cliniques in the University of New York, Session 1859–60
Art. XXI.—Guy's Hospital Reports
Art. XXII.—Gours Théorique et Clinique de Pathologie Interne et de Thérapie Médicate
Art. XXIII.—Infant Feeding and its Influence on Life; or the Causes and Prevention of Infant Mortality
Art. XXIV.—In the Signs and Diseases of Pregnancy
Art. XXV.—Relatorio do Gabinete Estatistico Medico-Chirurgico do Hospital Geral da Santa Gasa da Misericordia e Enfermarias publicas
1. On the Physiology of the Values of the Heart
2. Physiology of the Thymus Gland
3. Administration Of Medicines
4. Use Of Glycerine In The Internal Employement Of Chloroform
5. Action of Chloroform
6. Celandine as a Vulnerary
7. Method of Mankind Endermic Application
8. Distilled Water of Copaiba
9. Chlorate of Potash and Glycirine as a Topical Disinfictant
10. Hypophosphites in the Treatment of Phthisis
11. Action of Liquor Potasœs upon Phthisis
12. Influence of Ozonized Cod-liver Oil on the Pulse
13. Acetate of Lead for Pneumonia
14. Arseniate of Soda in Scrofula
15. The Grape Cure
16. Typhoid Fever and its Treatment
17. Researches on Asphyxia; with Observations on the Effects produced by the Hot Bath in Asphyxiated Animals, and its Use in Restoring Suspended Animation
18. Cerebral Circulation in Asphyxia
19. Diabetes resulting from Disease of the Floor of the Fourth Ventricle
20. Quinine in Scarlatinal Dropsy
21. Two Ounces of the Wine of the Seeds of Colchicum accidentally taken by a Gouty Subject -with Relief
22. Statistics of Amputation
23. Excision of the Tendons in Amputation of the Forearm at the Lower Third
24. Extirpation of the Shaft of the Tibia. Complete Recovery
25. On the Growth of Long Bones and of Stumps
26. Mode of Union of Fractures
27. Removal of a Ball by means of the Trephine Twenty-two Months after its Penetration into the Cranium
28. Gunshot Wounds produced during the Loading of Artillery
29. Traumatic Tetanus
30. Radical Cure of Reducible Hernia
31. Abdominal or Pelvic Abscess
32. Pulsating Bronchocele
33. Communication of Secondary Syphilis
34. On Affection of the Mucous Follicles of the Urethra in Gonorrhœa
35. Impairments of Vision caused by Lactation
36. Hypertrophy of the Connective Tissue of the Optic Nerve in Relation to Albuminuric Amaurosis
37. Treatment of Cases of Abortion in which the Membranes and Placenta are retained
38. On the Length and Weight of New-born Infants
39. Placenta Prœvia, Podalic Version
40. Placenta Prœvia
41. On Serous Discharges during Pregnancy
42. Ascites Complicating Pregnancy
43. Glycerine and Tannin in the Treatment of Vaginitis and Leucorrhœa
Peritonitis from Perforation of the Appendix Vermiformis, resulting in Gangrene
Case of Gunshot Wound, in which a Leaden Bullet remained twenty years in the Walls of the Heart
Diagnosis of Traumatic Tetanus
Case of Poisoning by Corrosive Sublimate
Remarkable Case of Trance
Note to a Report of a Case of Destruction of a Solid Ovarian Tumour by Incision followed by Suppuration
Sequel to the Case of Extirpation of the Parotid Gland
New Method of Treating Fractures of the Femur
Complete Osseous Anchylosis of the Knee-joint, Successfully Operated on by Barton's Method
Surgical Treatment of Epilepsy
Castration for Epilepsy
Ligature of the Primitive Carotid Artery, for Wound of the Internal Maxillary Artery; Recovery
Coffee as a Remedy for Hooping-Cough
Confluent Smallpox in a Pregnant Woman—Child Marked
Absence of the Uterus in Three Sisters in a Family of Five