Clinical Report on the Treatment of Phthisis by the Chlorate of Potassa
Gunshot Wound of Arm; Amputation at the Shoulder-Joint. Severe Effects to Operator from Inoculation with Matter from Wound
Experimental Researches on Points connected with the Action of the Heart and with Respiration
On the Formation of Knots on the Umbilical Cord
On Veratrum Viride as an Arterial Sedative
On the Detection of Strychnia as a Poison, and the Influence of Morphia in disguising the usual Colour-test
Successful Operation for Inguinal Hernia with the Testicle and Sac both above Poupart's Ligament
Case of Internal Necrosis after severe Injury of the Thigh, with extensive Chronic Sub-periosteal Abscess; Operation; Cure
Microscopic Structure of Diphtheritic Membrane
Note from Dr. G. B. Wood in relation to the Calabar Poison Vine, and on the Mode of Gathering the Resin of the Indian Hemp
Fatal Parturition from Inertia of the Uterus; Fœtus not delivered
Fatty Degeneration of the Placenta, resulting in Abortion. Fœtus retained Two Months after its Death
Case of Cold-stroke
A New Elastic Pessary
Perineal Fistula, with Abscess of the Testicle
Pseudencephalous Fœtus
Anencephalous Monster, with Spina Bifida, and Failure of Development of the Anterior Abdominal Walls
Calcareous Degeneration of the Ovary
Cancer(?) of Œsophagus
Hypertrophy of the Pyloric Extremity of the Stomach
Varicocele of the Leg
A Remarkable Case of Congenital Aneurismal Varix of the Leg and Foot
Spina Bifida, with Cyanosis
Abscess in the Head of the Tibia
Secondary Carcinoma
Cancerous Tumour of Cerebrum
The Pathology and Treatment of Venereal Diseases; including the Results of Recent Investigations on the Subject
A Course of Lectures on the Physiology and Pathology of the Central Nervous System
A Medico-Chirurgical Account of the Crimean War, from the first arrival of the troops at Gallipoli, to their departure from the Crimea
A Treatise on Diseases of the Joints
Transactions of State Medical Societies
Report on the Influence of Alcoholic Drinks on the Development and Progress of Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Proceedings of the American Pharmaceutical Association, at the Ninth Annual Meeting, held in the city of New York, September, 1860, with the Constitution and Roll of Members
Transactions of the Obstetrical Society of London
On Scrofulous Diseases of the External Lymphatic Glands; their Nature, Variety, and Treatment; with Remarks on the Management of Scrofulous Ulcerations, Scars, and Cicatrices
Medical Jurisprudence
A Knowledge of Living Things, with the Laws of their Existence
Operative Surgery, adapted to the Living and Dead Subject
On the Molecular Theory of Organization
Pulmonary Osmosis
Death by Submersion
Modes of Death from Chloroform
Rules for the Administration of Chloroform
Internal Administration of Chloroform
On the Operation of Aniline upon the Animal Body
On the Physiological Action of Santonine and of the Seeds of Artemisia Contra
Therapeutical Employment of the Sulphate of Alumina and of the Sulphate of Alumina and Zinc
Employment of Cajeput Oil
Preparation of a Stearate of Iron in the Treatment of Phagedenic Chancres
Remedies for Tape-worm in Abyssinia
Ergot of Wheat
Ferri Carbonas Effervescens
Sinapisms made with Glycerine
Treatment of the Fever in the Zambesi
Process of Resuscitation after apparent Death
Treatment of Delirium Tremens by large Doses of Tincture of Digitalis
Treatment of Acute Dysentery by Ipecacuanha
Ipecacuanha in Diarrhœa and Dysentery
Action of Phosphorus on Phthisis
Opium in Large Doses, and Inhalation of Chloroform in Idiopathic Tetanus
Perchloride of Iron in some Cutaneous Affections
Pathology of Cholera, with an Exposition of the Causes that necessarily render all Medicine inoperative in that Disease
Period of Incubation in Smallpox
Cases illustrating the Causes and Effects of Obstructions in the Arteries, both of the Brain and of other Organs
Case of Traumatic Emphysema of the Liver
Statistics of Amputation
Complete Cure of a Congenital Total Cleft of the Hard and Soft Palate by a New Operative Proceeding
Partial Amputation of the Foot
Statistics of Operations for the extraction of False Cartilages in or about the Knee-joint
Radical Cure of Inguinal Hernia
Venous Hemorrhage
Treatment of Bubo by Injection
Gunshot Wound of the Heart
Congenital Phymosis considered as a frequent Cause of Irritation of the Urinary Organs of Young Children, and the Importance of its early Recognition and Removal
Treatment of Acute Glaucoma by Iridectomy
Encysted Abscess in the Vitreous Humour
On Superfecundation and Superfœtation
Modes of Termination of Extra-Uterine Pregnancy
Labour Twice Prematurely Induced on a Dwarf with Distorted Pelvis
A Practical Inquiry whether the Ergot of Rye, when administered to the Mother during Labour, is Dangerous or not to the Life of the Child?
Numerous Cæsarean Operations by one Practitioner
Simple Treatment of Lacerated Perinæum
Poisoning by Strychnia applied to the Punctum Lachrymalia
Influence of Lead Poisoning on the Fœtus
Overdose of Croton Oil—Recovery
Recurrent Fracture of the Patella; successful employment, for the second time, of Malgaigne's Hooks
Case of Coccyodynia cured
Case of Triplets
Vesico-Vaginal Fistula; Spontaneous Relief. “The American Operation.”
Affection of Vision from Spinal Irritation
Action of Chloroform on the Blood—Probable Causes of its Fatal Effects when inhaled as an Anæsthetic
Inversion of the Uterus
New Suture
Desquamation of the Cuticle in a Living New-born Child
Removal of Five Inches of the Lower End of the Fibula, from a Boy two years and seven months old; Reproduction of Bone; Cure