Statistical Researches relative to the Seal, Symptoms, Pathological Anatomy, Prognosis, Treatment, &c., of Intussusception in Children
Remarks on Chorea, with Notices of some Allied Disorders
On the Antagonistic Effects of Opium and the Mydriatics, Illustrated by Cases of Poisoning in the Human Subject
Cases of Penetrating Wounds of the Chest and Throat, illustrating some important Practical Points
Brief Account of Dysentery as it occurred at Fort Jefferson, Tortugas, Florida
On the “Æsthetics of Suicide”
On the Nature of Phthisis Pulmonalis, and especially of its First or Pre-Tubercular Stage
Case of Wound of the Abdominal Walls, with Protruded Omentum
Brief Account of a form of Skin Disease occurring in Manufacturers of Kerosene Oil, and believed to be undescribed
The Transactions of the American Medical Association
A System of Surgery, Theoretical and Practical, in Treatises by Various Authors
On Food and its Digestion: being an Introduction to Dietetics
The History of Medicine; Comprising a Narrative of its Progress from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time, and of the Delusions incidental to its advance from Empiricism to the dignity of a Science
Transactions of State Medical Societies
Reports of American Institutions for the Insane
The Principles and Practice of Obstetrics
Placenta Prævia; its History and Treatment
Guy's Hospital Reports
Annuaire de Thérapeutique, de Matière Médicale, de Pharmacie et de Toxicologie, pour 1861
Notes on the Despatch of Troops by Sea
The Causes and Treatment of Imperfect Digestion
On the Parasitic Affections of the Skin
Epileptic and other Convulsive Affections of the Nervous System; their Pathology and Treatment
Lectures on the Diseases of Women
The Diseases of the Prostate, their Pathology and Treatment
The Placenta, the Organic Nervous System, the Blood, the Oxygen, and the Animal Nervous System, Physiologically Examined
The True Physician
An Effort to shorten the Duration and diminish the Pain of the First Stage of Labour; with a Record of One Hundred and Forty-seven Cases
On the Relation of Respiration to Muscular Action, and on the General Significance of Respiration
Influence of Water on the Metamorphosis of Matter
Influence of Salts of Lime on Nutrition of Bone
Researches on the Changes undergone by Cane Sugar in the Intestinal Canal
On the Formation of Sugar and Amyloid Substance in the Animal Economy
Sucking Apparatus of Infants
Physiological Action of Aniline
Physiological Effects of Opium
Triticum Repens in Irritable Conditions of the Bladder
The Uses of Phenic Acid
Administration of Cod-Liver Oil and Iron
Medicinal Extracts
Treatment of Delirium Tremens by Large Doses of Tincture of Digitalis
Treatment of Intermittent Fevers by Disulphate of Cinchonia
Arsenic in Ague
Arsenious Acid in Large Doses as a Substitute for Quinia in Intermittent and Remittent Fevers
Utility of Alcoholic Liquids in the Treatment of Intermittent Fever
Chloroform in Intermittent Fever
Therapeutic Action of Sesquicarbonate of Ammonia in Scarlet Fever
Iodide of Potassium in Tuberculous Meningitis
Treatment of Chorea by Sulphate of Aniline
Chlorate of Potassa in the Treatment of Consumption and Scrofula
Chlorate of Potash for Fetid Breath
Treatment of Erysipelas by Perchloride of Iron
Prevention of Pitting in Smallpox
Methods of Preventing Pitting of the Face in Confluent Smallpox
Actea Racemosa in Acute Rheumatism
Arsenical Baths in Chronic Rheumatism
Internal Use of Chloroform in Cases of Biliary Calculi and Hepatic Colic
Treatment of Earache
Researches on Resuscitation
A Peculiar Form of Obstinate Vomiting in Children
Serous Collections in the Female Pelvis
Obstruction of the Abdominal Aorta by a Clot (detached from the Left Ventricle); Gangrene of the Foot; Death
Sempstresses' Palsy
Syphilis conveyed by Vaccine Lymph to Forty-six Children
Rabies Canina
Acute Atrophy of the Liver
Treatment of Pyæmia and Hospital Gangrene
Traumatic Tetanus successfully treated by Tincture of Aconite
Abortive Treatment of Gonorrhœa and its Consequences
Injections of Liquor Hydrargyri Pernitratis in Gonorrhœa
Incontinence of Urine in consequence of a Burn
Shortening after Fractures of the Thigh
Dislocation of the Femur downwards and forwards, or under the Arch of the Pubes
Dislocation of the Head of the Femur into the Obturator Foramen, with Preservation of the Movements of the Bone
Lumbar Hernia
Cancer in Muscular Tissue
Is Inherited Syphilis Protective against Subsequent Contagion?
On Double Amputations, performed simultaneously or immediately following each other
A Modification of the Rhinoplastic Operation
Observations on the Division of the Gustatory Nerve, and on the Ligature of the Lingual Artery, in the treatment of Cancer of the Tongue
Perforation of the Mastoid Process
Operative Treatment of Peritonitis
On Certain Grave Evils Attending Tenotomy, and on a New Method of Curing Deformities of the Feet
Osteo-Plastic Resection of the Upper Jaw
Diabetic Cataract
Cases of Reflex(?) Amaurosis with Coloured Vision
Early Maternity
Sneezing during Pregnancy
Induction of Premature Labour; New Indication for it; Modes of Production
Anæsthesia in Midwifery
Inversion of the Womb of Long Standing Reduced by Permanent Pressure
Puerperal Fever
The Pathogeny of Retro-uterine Hæmatocele
Antagonism of Aconite and Strychnia
Experiments on Slow or Chronic Poisoning
Poisoning of Watchmakers by Copper
Chronic Poisoning by Arsenic and Copper, consequent on prolonged habitation in rooms painted: with Scheele's Green
Impregnation of Snuff with Lead
A New Instrument for Craniotomy
Luxation of the Femur of fifteen days' standing reduced by Manipulation
Case of Ruptured Uterus
Treatment of Fractures by Plaster of Paris Splints
Poisoning by Aconite—Successful Use of Nux Vomica as an Antidote
Hydrargyrum Cum Cretâ
Solution of Persulphate of Iron in Bright's Disease
A New Hæmostatic; the Pengawar-Djambe (Palea Cibotii)
Gross's System of Surgery